Monday, February 11, 2013

The 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 8 A Thank You Letter to Someone Who Has Changed Your Life

Gosh, I'm only supposed to pick one person?!?! I can think of authors, friends, relatives, all sorts of people! Hmm. I'm going to get creative with this:

Dear Scout,

Thank you for being the dog you are today. I'm so glad we picked YOU at the pet store. Those other dogs have nothing on you. But I guess I should say, I'm glad you picked US at the pet store. It's like wands in Harry Potter. The dog chooses the owner. The owner never chooses the dog.

Thank you for being happy, playful, crazy, sweet, snuggly, odd, and the best dog you can be. You make us laugh, even if we're sad, you can tell when we're in a bad mood because you jump up near us to cheer us up. You distract our family from their writing, especially around NaNoWriMo time, but I think that's because you can tell when we need a break, even if we don't see it ourselves (although I find it extremely annoying when other people interrupt my writing). Thank you for being an excellent watchdog. If some guy tries to rob us, I think they'll go deaf just from your barking. Of course, that might not be a good idea because the police couldn't question him. Thank you for being bizarre. You're so much more interesting that way. Other dogs just sit around all day and let their tongue hang out of their mouths.

Some of your bizarre qualities include wanting to murder the mailman every time he comes by (which isn't as bizarre as it is cliche), still needing a treat after you go potty even though you've been potty trained for three years, greeting us with energy that reaches the ecstatic level after we've left the house for fifteen minutes (or after we've gone to the bathroom), and dismembering your squeaky toys within the first two minutes you get them so you can reach the squeaker. But once you reach the squeaker and destroy it, you not only rip out the stuffing, you chew off its eyeballs.

As I type this you're whining because there is a squirrel on our car. But for some reason you think that because you saw it, it will automatically be in the backyard for you to chase. 

Thank you for being our happy, playful, crazy, sweet, snuggly odd, dog.


I invite you now to write a thank you letter to your childhood pet. It can be imaginary or real, a dog or a pet rock, it doesn't even have to be a childhood pet. It can be a pet you have now. Whatever you choose, celebrate your pet! :D


Anonymous said...

That was very sweet and funny! :D

dani said...

this is so cute gahh dogs are the best


Dr. Mark said...

What a very nice letter for a wonderful little dog. I'll try not to take it too personally that you didn't choose one of your parents. ;)

Boquinha said...

What Dr. Mark said . . . :P

The Magic Violinist said...

Ha ha! Mommy and Daddy, you were my first picks, but I couldn't pick just one of you, so I thought I would choose Scout. ;)

Thanks for the comments! :D