Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

This is a blog meme. The only rules are to write ten things people may not know about you, tag at least five friends, and have fun! :D

1. I tend to overuse things like tape and shampoo.
2. I have a strange obsession with my characters running through the woods at some point in my story.
3. I often feel the need to do things in twos and fours.
4. I don't like odd numbers.
5. I have a hard time getting rid of stuff that I really should just get rid of.
6. The only plain foods I really don't like are celery and raisins.
7. I often end up playing the role of "Peacemaker/Organizer" among my friends.
8. Sometimes I wish other people would play that role.
9. My least favorite song is "Happy Birthday." (I mean really, that was all anyone could come up with)?
10. I love making lists and often end up losing them (which drives me insane).

I will now tag Mommy at Sushi and Pizza, Daddy at Sushi and Pizza, Maxim at I Don't Eat My Drumsticks, Cici at Meredith and Callixta, and nevillegirl at Musing's From Neville's Navel. Have fun! :D

And be sure to check out Day 15 of my 30-Day Blogging Challenge! :D I'm halfway through!


Rich said...

Heh heh, about number 5, i would never do that! WAIT MOM!!! DONT THROUGH OUT THAT ROCK! I NEED IT!!

The Magic Violinist said...

LOL! XD I have a rock that I won't throw out because it's my pet rock. ;) I even drew a face on it with a permanent marker.

Rich said...

I keep rocks because there shiny, i even admit, its pretty sad that i do that. :P But from me doing that, I have a couple of Real cristles. I would love my job to be finding cristals when I'm older...

The Magic Violinist said...

Crystals are awesome! :D That would be a cool job!

Dr. Mark said...

Tagged again! I think I'll comment on your list and then share my own right here in the comments.

1. I've noticed
2. Someone should analyze that sometime.
3. How OCD of you.
4. I should only comment on the odd numbers here.
5. Yep. You and many in this family.
6. The first snack I remember from my kindergarten class is ants on a log--celery with peanut butter and raisins.
7. Knowing you for as long as I have, I'm not surprised one bit.
8. Also not surprised about this.
9. What about "Feliz Navidad"?
10. I remain silent on this one.

OK, 10 about me.

1. This often surprises people, but I don't like eggs.
2. I also don't like mayonnaise, so egg salad is a definite "um, yeah, no."
3. I once bought a book to learn Irish Gaelic. I didn't do much with it.
4. I do a lot of things in patterns, but don't worry, I don't feel compelled to do so.
5. I love baseball, and when I Tivo a game, I don't mind watching it back at a faster speed, especially since I don't want someone to ruin the result.
6. I played football as a kid and teenager (and mostly enjoyed it), but wouldn't want my kids to play.
7. Clowns really creep me out. Like, seriously creep me out.
8. I don't like feeling like my feet are confined. Even socks feel funny sometimes. That's why I prefer sandals or being barefoot.
9. I really like playing a lot of games that take a long time to play, which is one big reason I don't play them a lot.
10. My least favorite Christmas song? "Feliz Navidad." I think you may have known that already.

The Magic Violinist said...

"Feliz Navidad" isn't as bad because it's so happy, where as "Happy Birthday" is monotone, off-key, boring, and sounds like a funeral song.

I didn't know some of the later facts about you. That's interesting about your feet.

Boquinha said...

I love your list!! You picked such odd, obscure stuff - how cool is that?!? I love number 7 and how it's followed by number 8. :P

So what should we sing to you when you turn 13?

Love Daddy's list, too.

And love your point about how it sounds like a funeral march. Hilarious!

1. I often struggle with these kinds of lists.
2. You see, I feel like people know me really well.
3. It's because I'm open to a fault.
4. I am a slow reader.
5. I have a love-hate relationship with technology.
6. I am easily overstimulated by sounds and noises.
7. I love having things organized, but I think I kind of suck at organizing.
8. I like pizza with no sauce.
9. I do not like having appointments of any kind - they make me feel confined, kind of like Daddy's socks, I guess.
10. I like tracking weather.

I think you know all those things about me, don't you. :P

The Magic Violinist said...

Yes I do know all of those things about you. ;) Except I disagree with #7, because you're better at organizing things then I am. ;P

Boquinha said...

Thanks. That's sweet. It's funny. People often tell me that I'm organized, but I don't feel like I am. I wonder why I come across that way.