Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Wrap-Up

Books I Read

Not a super great month for reading, overall. I started several books, but I barely finished any. I read three more Death Note books, but they're all starting to blend together into one giant story in my mind, so reviewing them would be a near impossible task. I am enjoying how the story is progressing for the most part, though. Maybe I'll finish all the books I started in August . . .

Movies I Watched

"Incredibles 2"


The sequel was definitely worth the wait! It had a similar feel as the first "Incredibles" movie except this time we got to focus on Elastigirl more. The family dynamics were hilarious, as always, and we got a closer look at Jack-Jack's powers. I did predict one of the major plot twists, but it really didn't take a detective to figure that one out. If you're familiar with superhero or espionage movies at all, you'll probably guess it, too. I didn't think it took away from the story, though. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

"Speech and Debate"


This movie had so much potential. It had a quirky cast of characters and a compelling story about censorship in schools and art remaining in its true form. But the plot meandered. I wasn't sure what the movie was about, in general. There was no climax, no satisfying conclusion, and no clear-cut message. There were funny moments (like the entire audition-from-hell sequence) and parts I liked about the characters, but I didn't really know who anyone was or what I should feel about what was going on. The script could have benefited from some copious editing.

Quotes I Wrote

Camp NaNo was a bit of a bust when it came to my word-count goal. I managed 10,000 out of the 20,000-words I'd challenged myself to write. Honestly, though, I should be happy I wrote even that much with tech week and performances for "Once Upon a Mattress" taking up most of my time this month.

"What kind of a bloody codename is 'Vacuum?'" Neville complained as he inspected the name glowing on the screen of his laser gun. He stood by the door, starting the line to go out.
"Maybe it's like janitor-by-day, crime-fighter-by-night sort of situation," I offered as I joined him, continuing to form the line.
"It's still an awful codename," he grumbled. "What's yours?"
Neville groaned. "See? Even if yours is cliché, at least it's a cool kind of cliché."
-All the World's Afraid

“She’s not even that good,” Zach protested. “She's never done theatre before now. Why did Kyle cast her, anyways?”
“Because Kyle has a thing for girls who can cry on command,” I said, glaring at Ashley’s turned back as she giggled and flirted with Joshua shamelessly. He caught my eye and gave a “help me” expression, but I got distracted by Eleanor’s, “Um, what?” and Abby’s look of horror.
“Oh, gross, no!” I said, realizing my mistake. “Not in a pervy way. I just meant if I were to sniffle a little in an audition, he’d get sucked into the melodrama and give me a big role.”
-All the World's Afraid

Obsessions I Acquired

"The Walking Dead" - I'm only two seasons in, but it's super intriguing already. It took me a little bit to get into it, because even though it's a high-stakes kind of show with a survivalist/dystopian feel, not a whole lot happens each episode. It's simple and slow moving, but now that I've gotten to know the characters and their relationships with each other, it's a lot more interesting.

Pictures of the Month

I got my senior photos this month and they are magical! I love how the photographer (from Inspired & Enchanted Photography) was able to completely incorporate the Harry Potter theme I was going for.
Took some sibling and family photos as well.
I'm so excited for this upcoming year and all of the opportunities I have lined up already!
My mom and I accidentally wore the same dress on the same day, but we each totally wore it differently.
"Once Upon a Mattress" was such a fun show to be a part of! I loved every single person in the cast and crew. Here's one of me with all the knights.
A fellow lady-in-waiting.
Winnifred "Fred" the Woebegone.
Prince Dauntless (the Drab)
My family after preview night.
My director.
The whole cast!
One of my castmates did my hair for me every night and threaded gold beading through it. It looked so pretty!
My awesome stage manager from "A Christmas Carol" is also the chairwoman at the Hershey Area Playhouse.
King Sextimus.
Another lady-in-waiting (she's the one who did my hair for me).
Lady Larken.
The Minstrel, the Jester, and I!
A castmate from "A Christmas Carol" came to see the show.
Another "Christmas Carol" castmate.
Our Pumbaa from "Lion King Jr." came out to see the show, as well!
A bunch of the kids from the Theatre Academy class we were all in together came to see it.
Even more "Christmas Carol" castmates!
Thoughtful gifts from castmates, my director, and the stage managers.
Here are some awesome action shots from one of our dress rehearsals. (Photo credit to Michael Feldser.)
"Opening for a Princess"
Listening to Winnifred talk about the "Swamps of Home."
Winnifred hitting another very high-pitched note.
"Listen to the voice of the swamp . . . gluggle-uggle-uggle."
"Spanish Panic"
This song was my favorite to dance to every night.
"Song of Love"
"I'm in love with a girl named Fred. She's musical to boot. She will set your feet a-tapping when she plays upon her lute!"
"He's in love with a girl named F-R-E-D Fred!"
Worried for Lady Larken after the queen catches her sneaking out of the castle.
"Now we can all get married!"
"It wasn't the pea at all!"
Cast photo.
Scout enjoyed her doggie dish of vanilla ice cream.
Someone got a haircut!

How was your July?