Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Happy July 31st! A.K.A., HARRY POTTER'S BIRTHDAY!!! :D

So today is Harry Potter's Birthday and I decided that our family should celebrate it. I started off the morning by baking a delicious-looking (and tasting) cake with the words, "Happy Birthday, Harry!" written on it in green icing. I tried to make a cake like the one Harry received from Hagrid in the first Harry Potter book. Hagrid had accidentally squashed the cake so I did the same.

Before Hagrid Sat On It

After Hagrid Sat On It

My brother and I are going to watch "The Prisoner of Azkaban" soon but I wanted to write this blog post first.

By the way, Harry's birthday is also J.K. Rowling's birthday. Happy Birthday, Jo!

Happy Birthday, Harry!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Encyclopedia of Me - W

The Write Practice- The Write Practice is the BEST writing blog EVER. The guy who writes it is Joe Bunting and each post is about writing. At the end of each post, he has a "practice," a writing prompt that you can do and post in the comments. Everyone else who posts their practice can comment on other people's practices and give them tips and ideas. The idea is that each person will comment and help everyone out in their writing. I just got an internship with the website and I am SO excited! It's especially exciting because it's the first time they've hired a kid. Each month I'll write a column and post it on the website. I haven't figured out the details yet but when I do know exactly what's going on, I'll post about it! :D

Webkinz- In my opinion, Webkinz is the best website ever. You buy a stuffed animal that comes with a code, go online, enter the code, and get the animated pet version of the stuffed animal! You choose if it's a boy or a girl, name it, make a room for it in your house, buy it clothes, and go around Webkinz world, playing different games and winning prizes. I have close to 30 pets now and my house is HUGE. My house probably has somewhere between forty and fifty rooms. :D

Wii- Besides the computer, this is my favorite electronic gaming system. We got it for Christmas one year and have lots of games. My favorite games are Super Smash Bros., Horse Life Adventures, Mario Kart, Just Dance, Band Hero, Order Up!, and Harry Potter Legos. I also have Harry Potter Legos for the DS and I much prefer that to the Wii version, but both are fun! :D Whenever friends come over, we usually play one or two games on there.

Winx Club- Winx Club is one of my favorite TV shows. Sadly, the series was discontinued and finding the episodes online is EXTREMELY hard. Most of my favorite shows get discontinued. Winx Club is about a girl named Bloom who discovers she is a fairy. She goes to a school called Alfea and meets four fairy friends: Flora, Techna, Musa, and Stella. Later on, she meets other fairies. The five friends go on adventures and defeat evil, discovering secrets about others and themselves along the way. There are many epic, magical battles and lots of cute, fuzzy animals. My favorite character is Flora, who uses mostly nature magic and is the peacemaker in the group. She's calm and easygoing and loves animals. The best animal is Bloom's pet bunny, Kiko who is ADORABLE. :D

Wizard 101- Another great website. You create a wizard, start at level 1, get different quests, and battle enemies, gaining experience and prizes. You get training points as you level up and gain new spells. There are six different schools from which to choose when you make your wizard: Life, Storm, Fire, Death, Ice, Balance, and Myth. My favorite to least favorite is in that order. I think Life is the best because the teacher is super nice and it is mostly a healing school, so when you are in battles, you are the main healer when you take damage. The Life spells are pretty awesome, too. Storm is my second favorite because the spells do the most damage. Unfortunately, Storm spells are more likely to fizzle than any other kind of spell. When a spell fizzles, it doesn't work and you have to wait until your next turn to use another spell. Myth is my least favorite because the teacher is mean. I don't really have any other reason. XD

Writing- I love to write. It's fun, creative, and I love creating something entirely new. My favorite part about writing is getting to create characters and different worlds. You make your own rules, your own creatures, your own characters. You give the characters any personality you want. You can make them your best friend or your worst enemy. Sometimes I take someone I really like or really dislike, change the name, and make a character based on them. I write mostly fantasy because I love magic. I get most of my ideas from different books or from observing strangers. Today I was playing Dungeons and Dragons with my little brother. He was the DM (Dungeon Master) and I was in this Thieves' Guild when I met up with a bunch of stupid, evil ogres. One of the ogres was talking to me and it fell asleep in the middle of its sentence, which gave me an idea to create a new character, an old guy who falls asleep in the middle of his sentences. For example, my main character could meet this old wizard who was going to give her a quest . . .
Old Wizard: "Your quest is to defeat the golden dragon and bring back one of his teeth. But be careful. Once you take the tooth you must . . ."
He would be so annoying, but so funny. :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Encyclopedia of Me - A


A Cherry Pie, an Iguana, a Silver Dollar, and a Spitball Fight: It is the third NaNoWriMo book I have written. This is the description written on the back of my bound proof copy:

Stephanie Finkle and Ivy Smith have perfectly normal lives and perfectly normal families . . . until they find out that Ivy's mom is a wizard. A series of events lead to the breaking of a treasured silver dollar that leads to an evil wizard getting his powers back. The world is in peril and it's up to Stephanie and Ivy to save it. Can they keep the world from disaster?

Join Stephanie and Ivy in a terrific, dangerous, and very random adventure to destroy Wizatar and save the world.

I'd be happy to e-mail a copy to anyone who wants one! :D (It isn't edited yet, though, but I will still send a copy)! :D

Alanna: Alanna is the main character in The Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce. It is one of my favorite series and I love Alanna's personality! :D Alanna has to disguise herself as a boy in order to train to be a knight. She has to keep her true identity a secret since girls can't be knights. I recommend this book to anyone. I also recommend any books by Tamora Pierce to everybody, but especially people who like strong female characters.

Annville: We live in Annville and I love our town! :D The picture above is a picture of our little ice cream shop. We know the owner and it's always fun to go there! :D

Adams Literary Agency: The Adams Literary Agency was the first literary agency I sent one of my books to. I sent Fantasya: A Giant Problem to them. They wouldn't publish it, but it was a good start. :D

Apple Pie: Apple pie is my favorite pie. I love eating the sweet apple chunks. I made an apple pie with my grandma for Thanksgiving from scratch. It was sooooo good. My other favorite pies are pumpkin, Toll House, and pink lemonade pie. :D

The Adventure that Started with Nuts: It was my first NaNoWriMo story. It's about a squirrel named Nutty and a chipmunk named Chippy who go on adventures together. I am writing the sequel (The Adventure that Ended with Nuts) right now! :D