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The Write Practice

"5 Reasons Why You Should Write Short Stories"
"What Kind of Writer Do You Want to Be this Year? (Let’s Find Out)"
"Start Your New Year Right With These 5 Tips for Creativity"
"How to Set Your Writing Goals for the New Year"
"How to Fix Your Plot and Pacing With the Four Act Novel Structure"
"4 Speedy Strategies to Boost Your NaNoWriMo Word Count"
"Flash-Fiction: Mastering the Art of the Shortest Short Stories"
"Why Genre Mashups Are Not Just for Music"
"How to Sell Books in Your Local Community"
"How to Write a Book When You Don't Have Ideas"
"How to Write a Young Adult Novel"
"Ramp Up the Conflict in Your Story With This One Technique"
"5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Writing Habits"
"How to Use Foreshadowing Like a Master Storyteller"
"3 Types of Conflict and Why You Need to Use Them"
"How to Achieve Goals: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated and Actually Accomplish Your Goals"
"Character Voice: 5 Revealing Questions to Discover Your Character’s Unique Voice"
"How to End a Story"
"How to Write With Emotion and Make Your Readers Feel"
"Good Writers Borrow; Great Writers Steal (Politely)"
"6 Writing Tips to Learn From Theater"
"5 Inspiring Writing Quotes From African American Authors"
"4 Strategies to Make it Through the Dreaded Middle of Your Story"
"Why It's Okay to Fail"
"4 Ways to Create Empathy in Your Writing"
"5 Types of NaNoWriMo Participants and the Tools You Need"
"3 Writing Goals You Should Set"
"12 Writing Lessons From Hamilton"
"6 Characters Your Protagonist Needs to Have Around"
"3 Reasons All Writers Should Write Flash Fiction"
"3 Tips When Using Imagery in Your Writing"
"3 Quick Tips to Find Writing Inspiration"
"3 Ways to Find Writing Inspiration in Images"
"Five Tips For Reaching Your NaNoWriMo Goal"
"3 Inspiring Quotes to Get You Writing"
3 Reasons to Break Free From Your Writing Comfort Zone
Why You Should Write What You DON'T Know
What Writers Do When We Have to Wait
3 Writing Exercises to Change How You See the World
4 Keys to Beautiful Writing
Why You Need to Recharge Your Creative Batteries
4 Ways I Deal With Nasty Critiques on My Writing
5 Rules of Writing From Pixar
4 Reasons NaNoWriMo Rocks
The Magic of Free Writing
Three Guidlines For Writing Villains
The Pros and Cons of Plotters and Pantsers
Weasel Words You Should Always Watch Out For
Bring Your Setting to Life
Make the Most of Your Writing Time
Three Ways to Bust Writing Boredom
Three Tips For Realistic Dialogue
Readying Yourself For NaNoWriMo
How To Find Your Writing Workspace
What Clothes Say About Your Characters
The Five-Draft Plan
How To Stop Procrastinating Before It's Too Late
Three Ways to Make Your Protagonist More Realistic (and More Lovable)
Yum! Why You Should Use Food in Your Stories
How To Name Your Characters
How to Get In Touch With Your Characters (Especially When You Have Writer's Block)
How to Create a New Word
Six Effective Ways to Inspire Yourself
How to Use Six-Word Stories As Writing Prompts
Four Ways to Control Your Inner Editor
Six Ways to Make Your Readers Hate You
Just Write

Positive Writer

"The Contradictory Nature of Writing Advice: What to Do When You Get Conflicting Information"
"Finding Your Audience: How to Get More Attention for Your Work"
"Five New Habits to Keep During the New Year for Writers"
"3 Reasons Why Writing in a Journal is a Great Habit to Fight For!"
"17 Writing Lessons to Remember"
"7 Responses to Your Inner Editor (to Get Back to Writing)"
"The Three Hardest Things About Writing (and the Solutions)"
"Three Ways to Enjoy a Good Writing Challenge"
Four People You Positively Need In Your Writing Life
Why Failure IS an Option For Writers (and Everyone Else!)
Conquering Writing Ruts
How To Stay Focused On Writing
How To Motivate Yourself Even When You Don't Feel Like Writing
Writing For YOU

The Book Chewers

Group Post: "The Catcher In the Rye Discussion," Part 1
Books For the Late Night Reader
Reading Nooks
Group Post: Hale No
Novels Written During NaNoWriMo
My Towering TBR Pile
Group Post: Characters We Could So Totally Be BFFs With
5 Reasons to Read the Contaminated Series
Over-Hyped Books
The Creatures of Harry Potter
Monthly Linkup: Harry Potter by the Numbers
Beach Reads
Most Anticipated Summer Releases of 2014
Group Post: Should You Try Books In Genres You Don't Usually Read?
Underdog Books
My Favorite Book Dedications
"I'm Reading a Book"
Good Writing or Good Story?
Your Favorite Characters In Six Words
Group Post: Bookish Resolutions For 2014
Fan Art
Big News!!!
Group Post: Authors We Discovered (and Loved) in 2013
"Am I Done Yet?"
My Favorite Holiday Reads
Group Post: Should authors' personal views/standards affect YOUR view of their book?
Survey Time!
The Post Where "Catching Fire" Throws Up On Your Computer Screen
Red-Haired Heroes
Book Stack Saturday
Group Post: Anne of Green Gables
September Favorites
In Defense of Harry Potter
My Favorite Side Characters
I Can Predict the Outcome of Any Dystopian Trilogy
A Tribute to Iko
4 Magical Items I'd Love To Own
Book Stack Saturday
I Eat Books
How to Recover From a Book Hangover
Luna Lovegood's 5 Best Qualities

As A Teen Writer

"The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet" Review by Kate
How To Excite Yourself About Writing
Judging a Book By Its Cover . . . and Its Title
Top Ten Summer Reads

Guest Posts

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