Wednesday, June 30, 2021

June Wrap-Up

Me?? Doing a wrap-up on time??? Unthinkable.


Didn't finish any pleasure books this month, but I read a couple for my internship with Ki Book Club.


Three words to describe it: Psychological, therapeutic, simple


Three eighteen words to describe it: Pretentious white man complains that nothing original has been created since the stories of other older white men.



Ironically, the monkey that was added specifically for the movie adaptation was one of the few redeeming qualities. The music was good, but some of the casting choices were odd, to say the least, the the changes to the plot were completely unnecessary; if anything, it made the story worse. Both the stage and film adaptations are cheesy, but what makes the stage version so charming is the metahumor, Lonny acting as a narrator/puppeteer, the complete destruction of the fourth wall, and the fact that it doesn't take itself too seriously. The movie has none of these aspects, so it's just . . . cheesy.


Sleeping At Last's Enneagram-themed music - I've always loved Sleeping At Last: their poetic lyrics, their dreamy music, their concepts, all of it. But I recently rediscovered their songs based on the different Enneagram personality types and they're even better than I remembered. They fit each type so perfectly! I'm a 2w3 and I love both "2" and "3." Such gorgeous lyrics.

Starkid musicals - I've been bingewatching the Starkid musicals with a friend of mine and they're all fantastic. I never knew how many there were beyond "A Very Potter Musical!" "Twisted" is one of my favorites so far; I love a good fairytale retelling. It's like if "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" retold "Aladdin."


I am deep into my last round of Once Upon a Stage revisions, which means I actually have a few quotes to share this time!

I gasped. “You’ve never seen ‘Heathers’ the musical?”

Eleanor shook her head and I gasped again.

“We have to fix that, oh my god.” I grabbed her hand and tugged her out of the store. Her fingers were damp and cold from the condensation on her cup, but I didn’t mind. “We can watch it back at your place. There’s a bootleg on YouTube.”

“I think someone’s trying to get out of work again . . .”

I shrugged, taking a huge slurp of slushie. “Maybe. But it’s worth it for ‘Dead Girl Walking.’ That is a jam.”

“Everything’s your jam.”

“I’m a woman of many jams .”

Making up with Erin feels like an overture. A fresh start. The swell of instruments drifting from one melody to the next, signaling all of the ups and downs that are yet to come, and the actors giddy with nervous excitement to perform through it all.

Holding Erin’s hand as she drove me to school was like opening night.

“Um—I forgot . . . something.”

When I didn’t move after several seconds, Eleanor said, “Did you forget what you forgot?”

“Okay, fine, I’m avoiding Erin.” 

When Kyle called it quits—by saying, “Get out of my sight before I punch something. And for the love of what little of my sanity remains, learn your harmonies.”—we gratefully rushed toward the exit.

Despite Kyle’s recently implemented “if I catch you on your phone in the wings instead of listening for your cue, I swear to god, I’ll recast you with myself, even if it turns into a one-man show” rule, I snuck a peek at my screen.


Happy Pride from your friendly neighborhood bisexual!

Penny being "helpful": a series

Vocal review for "Rock of Ages" . . . Penny would like to know why she wasn't cast in the show.

"Assisting" with my internship reading . . .

"Running lines" with me for the Consent Event at Ursinus this fall . . .

"Proofreading" my internship notes . . .

"Brainstorming" Once Upon a Stage revisions . . .

Selfie photo dump time because I checked off one of my 2021 goals ("get bangs") and I really, really like how it turned out!

Pic spam of Scout and Penny being absolutely adorable, as usual. These two went in for a grooming!

Can you spot the fluffy mutt who found a pillow on the floor?

This weirdo just plops herself on the ground wherever she is to sleep.

How is this comfortable???

Penny discovered she could also go into Scout's crate . . . while Scout was still in there.

Scout was unamused

She sort of figured out how her bed works?

Scout definitely figured out how Penny's bed works

Max finally got to perform in their dream role as the Genie from "Aladdin" and they did fantastic!

My first "write-in" since the pandemic started: outdoor seating at Starbucks on a beautiful day was exactly what I needed to kickstart these revisions!

And my first live performance since the start of the pandemic! To advertise "Rock of Ages," the cast performed a few numbers at an outdoor market. So thankful to be in a cast of other fully vaccinated adults.

How was your June? What Enneagram type are you? Leave a comment!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

April/May Wrap-Up


Books I Read


Three words to describe it: Dense, historical, disease


Three words to describe it: Surreal, HIV/AIDS, psychological


Three words to describe it: Historical, groundbreaking, lesbians


Three words to describe it: Smart, biographical, trans


Three words to describe it: Timely, fascinating, COVID-19


Three words to describe it: Funny, creative, vignettes

Movies I Watched


Three words to describe it: Funny, family, wrestling


Three words to describe it: Funny, animated, unique

Pictures of the Month

Penny was entirely unhelpful as a homework buddy (this is me trying to write a paper), but she sure is cute.

Pfizer dose #1!

21st birthday!

I was virtual this semester, so my friends printed a picture of me so I could join them during their study sessions "Flat Stanley" style.

A fancy, "adult" charcuterie board with wine for virtual movie night with friends.

Once again . . . Penny is an adorable but distracting homework buddy.

See what I mean?

My final day of homework included dogs, iced coffee made by Mom, and BOOK MAIL!


Books I Read


Three words to describe it: Theatre, fun, heartwarming


Three words to describe it: Queer, politics, sexy


Three words to describe it: Funny, feminist, parody


Three words to describe it: Boring assigned reading

Movies I Watched


Three words to describe it: Simply, family, funny

Pictures of the Month

Pfizer dose #2!

Kate in Waiting is too pretty not to use for bookstagram

Penny is also an unhelpful revision buddy

Got to perform in a completely virtual cabaret!

Penny didn't appreciate me studying for my stats final

Homemade iced latte and revisions!

Got some twinkle lights for my room 💖

Already reached over 100 followers on my author Instagram! If you're not following me there, you should: @kateifoley

So thankful for vaccinated friends!

Practicing my bi eyeshadow for Pride

My new favorite coffee mug

Had a New Zealand "staycation," so we pulled out all the stops for a charcuterie board and marmite on toast!

I think Penny may like Scout a little more than Scout likes Penny . . .

This weirdo falls asleep while sitting up

How was your spring? Leave a comment!