Friday, November 1, 2019

October Wrap-Up

Books I Read

I only read one book this month that wasn't a play, and of the plays I read, three of them were Shakespeare. Gee, can you tell what I'm majoring in? 😂


Not my favorite Shakespeare play. It was really hard for me to understand, but maybe that was because it was the first one I read that I wasn't already familiar with? I did enjoy doing character studies in this play, because the motivations of each character were really interesting.


This was long and dull. The only parts I liked about it were the snarky and sarcastic quips between the family members at the beginning of the play. Other than that, I glazed over. It wasn't hard to get through, though, in terms of the dialogue being natural to read.


This was fun in the sense that Midsummer Night's Dream was fun; it was a little ridiculous and formulaic, but that's what made it entertaining. The ending was unexpectedly horrifying, though. 😳


I didn't follow this story much at all and didn't really care for what I did understand. It was short and all takes place in pretty much one room, which is always interesting to me, but it wasn't my cup of tea. Also, massive trigger warning for any animal lovers out there . . .


This was the first play for my theatre class that I genuinely enjoyed reading and was super excited to talk about. It was wild and not at all what I expected, but hard to put down. It even made me tear up a little at the end.


Descartes is the king of run-on sentences. I barely took in anything I read. I've decided reading philosophy is not my thing, but talking about it is pretty fun!


I forgot just how long Hamlet is in comparison to other Shakespeare plays. It has some gorgeous writing, but it's definitely better to watch it versus reading it. The parts that aren't too long are really exciting though. What a whirlwind of a final scene

Movies I Watched


Cheesy, predictable, and really not all that scary. 😂 But it was a lot of fun to make fun of. And it did a good job of making you feel claustrophobic whenever one of the babysitters was pretty much trapped in the house.


Having read the book, the book is definitely better. But the acting in this was really good and it was pretty creepy for how old it is. I liked the backstory and the portrayal of the characters better in the book, as well as the ending. The ending in this was a lot different, so that added some extra suspense, but it also wasn't as good.


This was pretty good! It reminded me a lot of the classic "find what's keeping the ghost tied to this world and put it to rest" "Supernatural" episodes. It wasn't the best horror movie I've ever seen, but it was solid. And the classic scene with the girl climbing out of the TV was very creepy.


I had to watch this for Spanish class and I thought I would like it a lot more than I did. It had that artsy, indie movie feel to it, but it was mostly weird. For a short movie, it sure felt long. I can't even remember how many unnecessary extended shots there were of the main character just eating food. Each shot was seriously like thirty seconds long, and all it was was the girl eating chips or a sandwich or something in silence. It was nice that the Spanish was pretty slow, though, so I could practice listening to the words and matching them up with the subtitles.

Quotes I Wrote

I didn't write anything creative this month, but I did write thousands of words in essays. 😂

Obsessions I Acquired

None this month.

Pictures of the Month

I had so much fun in my first college show! It was extra special getting to be a part of this piece of Ursinus History as a freshman. I loved getting to perform in my first true comedy too. It was a very different experience from a musical or even a regular play, but in the best way possible.

Thank you to Lexie, Ashlyn, and my parents for coming to see it and for taking me to milkshakes afterwards!
And thank you to Josh for coming to see it *twice* (and all dressed up too!).

With my director, Dr. Scudera.
And with my theatre professor, Dr. Brodie, who was a guest actress one night. Her adorable dog made his stage debut too!
Freshmen friends at opening night!
Celebratory ice cream!
A sweet gift bag from my parents 💓

I made it to the home page!
Loved seeing Max in "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" (not once, but three times)! It was by far the best performance I'd ever seen from him.
Coming home for fall break!

"What's the time? Well it's gotta be close to midnight . . ."
Which of my theatre friends can guess what our Halloween costumes are? ;)

Home for another weekend!

Sooo proud of Josh in his "Godspell" performance! He was hilarious and engaging the entire time and I could always pick out his gorgeous voice in every number.  💓

Usher selfie at "Jekyll and Hyde!"

A fun Halloween goodie bag from friends back home!
Milkshake Monday!

Audition time for "Peter/Wendy!"

The gang at a boba tea event
Snuck this screenshot while I was video chatting Josh
I decorated my dorm wall with autumn leaves to make it a little more seasonal

I love the Polaroids I have with Josh!
Our official scripts!
Josh read to me one night as I was falling asleep 

Got a little spooky for the English major Halloween party 🎃

Kathryn and I saw "Rumors" and it was so good!
And now for everyone's favorite part: Scout pictures!

She didn't like her Halloween costume. xD

Video chatting, even though she is not at all aware that I'm on the phone. xD

She got a haircut!

She got tucked in! 😂

How was your October?