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I welcome questions and comments of all kinds, or even a message just to say hi. :) Feel free to contact me if you ever want to to chat. I also always welcome guest posts related to books and writing. Don't be shy!


Rae Elliott said...

Hello Kate! I found your blog via "the Write Practice". I think it's amazing that you're only 15 and have a well-rounded blog page! That's just awesome in my opinion. I had a look around your blog page and am impressed by what you have going on, especially the "I Crawl Through It" reviews you do for books. I'd love to feature an interview with you on my blog page which gives writing tips for aspiring authors. I'm starting up a new feature where once a month I interview one "voracious" reader of a certain genre. This interview aims to help my fellow writers understand what their audience is looking for in a great (insert specific genre here) book. Since you seem to love fantasy, I'd love to interview you on the fantasy genre. If you're interested, please email me at or visit my website: Meanwhile, happy reading (and blogging!) :D Hope to hear from you soon!

Sasha Zatz said...

Hi!I was wondering if you have any tips for getting views on your blog?

The Magic Violinist said...


Comment on other blogs! :) It takes a while to build up a following, but if you show people you're willing to share in their interests, they'll usually do the same for you.