Wednesday, August 26, 2015

You're Never Weird On the Internet (Almost) (a book review)

You're Never Weird On the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

Released: August 11, 2015
Publisher: Touchstone
Pages: 272

From online entertainment mogul, actress, and “queen of the geeks” Felicia Day, a funny, quirky, and inspiring memoir about her unusual upbringing, her rise to Internet-stardom, and embracing her individuality to find success in Hollywood.

The Internet isn’t all cat videos. There’s also Felicia Day—violinist, filmmaker, Internet entrepreneur, compulsive gamer, hoagie specialist, and former lonely homeschooled girl who overcame her isolated childhood to become the ruler of a new world…or at least semi-influential in the world of Internet Geeks and Goodreads book clubs.

After growing up in the south where she was "homeschooled for hippie reasons", Felicia moved to Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and was immediately typecast as a crazy cat-lady secretary. But Felicia’s misadventures in Hollywood led her to produce her own web series, own her own production company, and become an Internet star.

Felicia’s short-ish life and her rags-to-riches rise to Internet fame launched her career as one of the most influential creators in new media. Now, Felicia’s strange world is filled with thoughts on creativity, video games, and a dash of mild feminist activism—just like her memoir.

Hilarious and inspirational, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) is proof that everyone should embrace what makes them different and be brave enough to share it with the world, because anything is possible now—even for a digital misfit.


I can't shout this book from the rooftops enough. Felicia Day is so incredibly honest about her life and work while also being hysterical and making me laugh every few pages. I could relate to so much of it, and each chapter I read continued to inspire me.

I’m also a homeschooled, nerdy, fangirl of a teen who looks to the internet for a lot of her relationships when her real life friends don’t get all of her fandom quirks. (Not to say that my real life friendships aren't important, because both are incredible and extremely important, but there's something special about connecting with someone--even if that person is in Australia or across the country--over something you love deeply enough to fangirl about obsessively.) I write fan-fiction, some of my best and probably lifelong friends are through blogging and a “Supernatural” roleplay that’s been going for six months now (I play Dean Winchester as well as two original characters, a hunter named Isabel Walker and a librarian named Emma Sparks who got dragged into the whole mess by being Sam’s best friend), and I’ve been trying for what feels like forever to make it in the novel writing world.

Lately I’ve felt a little stuck and discouraged creatively, and I found myself nodding through the entire chapter of how Felicia struggled through writing the pilot of “The Guild” (one of the many things she's created that I absolutely adore). By the time I read the Acknowledgements, I was tearing up a little bit (I still am as I write this). Not only has this given me the push I need to keep going, but now I want to buy several copies of this book and shove it into the hands of everyone I know who's ever felt weird or wanted to create something and share it with the world but doesn't know how.

I guess I'll just leave you all with an emphatic "READ THIS BOOK" and hope that you pick it up someday. I'm sure everyone who flips through will find something with which they can connect.


Meet the author:

Felicia Day is a professional actress who has appeared in numerous mainstream television shows and films, currently recurring on the CW show "Supernatural", and recently completing a two-season arc on the SyFy series "Eureka".

However, Felicia is best known for her work in the web video world, behind and in front of the camera. She co-starred in Joss Whedon’s Internet musical “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” which was ranked in the “Top 10 Best TV of 2008” by Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine and won an Emmy in 2009. She also created and stars in the hit
web series “The Guild,” which is currently in its sixth season. “The Guild” has won numerous awards for web video excellence, most recently garnering a PGA nomination for best web series in 2011. She has expanded the brand into numerous merchandizing opportunities, including a hit comic book series with Dark Horse Comics.

Her production company Knights of Good produced the innovative web series “Dragon Age” in conjunction with EA/Bioware in 2011 and in 2012 she launched a funded YouTube channel called Geek & Sundry. Since launching in April 2012, the channel has garnered over one million subscribers and over 200 million views. In 2014, the company was sold to Legendary Entertainment. Felicia continues to work as creative chief officer with her company, as well as develop television and web projects for her to write, produce and star in.

Connect with Felicia Day:
Twitter: @feliciaday

What's something you're struggling to do creatively? What are your favorite parts about the internet?  Leave a comment!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Six Books I'd Love to See as Movies/TV Shows

Hey, there! I'm not dead or anything, I've just been insanely busy with this summer. Our family hosted foreign exchange students for three weeks (which was awesome and so much fun) and we went to California for a family reunion (also awesome and tons of fun). It has made blogging more difficult, but I'm back now. Let's jump right in to a blog meme, shall we?

I saw this meme floating around forever ago and saved it as a post to write sometime, so I'm finally getting around to it now. I love movie and TV show adaptations if they're done right, so the following are books I'd like to see adapted, but only by the right people with the right actors. Here is my list, in no particular order:

1. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Now this is a book I absolutely adore, so it'd have to be done perfectly. This means Rainbow writing the script (which is already happening, so yay!), being involved in casting (if they make Eleanor skinny I might throw things), and the ending remaining the same (which was perfect and shouldn't ever be changed). But can you imagine how great of an Indie film this would make?! I can already hear the awesome music they'd include. This needs to happen.

2. The Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce

This would make the best movie series. Maybe Peter Jackson could even get involved, it'd have some epic fight scenes, etc. Just as long as they don't split the last book into two movies, because that's getting really old. But I would totally go see this in the theaters.

3. All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

Two words: time travel. We need more movies with time travel, they're just too good. It's not super confusing, either, so it'd be even easier to follow than "Doctor Who." But there's plenty of action and the plot is fantastic. I'd go to the midnight release if they had one.

4. The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer

THIS NEEDS TO BE A TV SHOW. Seriously, how has no one picked it up yet?! It's perfect! There are so many characters with storylines that intertwine. This could easily be a four or five series show once Winter comes out. There are also times when I can imagine John Barrowman playing Thorne . . .

5. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

More sci-fi! I know this was picked up as a possible TV show a while back, but I actually think it'd make a better movie. As long as Tarver and Lilac have believable chemistry, because if they don't that's going to be an awkward two hours or so, considering they're pretty much the only characters involved . . . And Karen Gillan needs to play Lilac. I want to see that so badly.

6. The Darkness Rising series by Kelley Armstrong

I can see a TV series of this so clearly, especially if it were made by the people who did "Teen Wolf." I ate this trilogy up in three days and I loved every bit of it. It's got action, romance, and paranormal activity that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. What more could you ask for?