Thursday, July 7, 2011

X Factor: Semi Finals

It really is time to face the music now. ;)

Marcus Canty: He sang a Boyz to Men song. L.A. signed them.

Eh. He's been very boring and blah lately. He was off the whole time and just BORING. He needs to do something different. There isn't much to say except that (as far as I can tell) Nicole didn't forget her pants this time. She didn't stand up, so I couldn't really tell.

Simon called the dancers "Zombie Dancers" just like I did WAY earlier in the competition! :D Maybe he's been reading my reviews . . . ;)

Chris Rene: His song was fun and up tempo, but he was a little off. I liked his song better than Marcus's, though. It was also a little forgettable. I wrote this post a day later than the competition and I already forget what he sang!

TOO MANY DANCERS!!! :O One was definitely a clown . . .

The crowd keeps booing at Nicole, no matter WHAT she says. Everyone's mad at her because she made it a deadlock last week and America sent Rachel home. :P I feel bad for her . . .

Melanie Amaro: She's very good, but it was so boring and predictable. She's AMAZING, but boring. Powerful, but predictable. I wish Drew were still on the show . . . At least Josh and Chris will make things interesting.

Josh Krajcik: He sang a Beatles song again! :D I love the raspy part of his voice. He and Chris are the most unique and different singers in the competition. I didn't like the flames that would appear every so often, though. Nicole and Paula were dancing the whole time. It was like they were at a concert. He's AWESOME! :D

Marcus Canty: I can tell he felt badly about Rachel going home. I could also tell that he really loves his mom. ;)

Another slow song with a dance beat. :P It was really cheesy. Strobe lights, female dancers, fireworks, MORE confetti, and a dance beat all rolled into onee big block of CHEESE. And he didn't even sing it well! You would've thought he had just won the finale with all of those extra effects.

Chris Rene: HE PLAYS PIANO, TOO?!?!?!

He looked really cool singing in his suit at the piano. That was WAY better than his first song. He was really good. There weren't as many dancers, which was good. It was REALLY, REALLY good.

Melanie Amaro: She did, "Feelling Good," which is really different for her. I love this song! :D And she did the Michael Bublé version, which I love even more! :D I'm glad she did something different. It was awesome. All the judges were on their feet.

Josh Krajcik: HALLELUJAH! :D I LOVE this song! Lee Dewyze (winner of American Idol) did an awesome version of this song, and Lee reminds me of Josh. Both underdogs, and both awesome. Josh is TOTALLY going to win. Paula was in tears. That was PHENOMENAL. Awesome close to the show.

Prediction: Marcus HAS to go home. He HAS to. He's stunk the past few weeks and he's been in the bottom two THREE times, already.

Comments: The Finale's next week! :D I'm SO excited! :D Josh is so going to win.

Even MORE comments: Marcus did go home. :D