Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fill in the Blank

I want a magic wand.

I can't get enough of Harry Potter.

I think batteries are expensive.

I think it's annoying that cigarettes and alcohol are not against the law.

I’m not sure I like the smell of germ killer.

I’m hungry when I see a good food commercial.

For cinco de mayo I went out for Mexican food.

I’m mad that the detectives got kicked off Amazing Race.

I’m glad that I have good cards for my brother's upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament.

I’m nervous about losing in my brother's tournament.

I have a LOT of books.

I need help to make a new blog.

I wish that I could get published.

I’m excited that it's getting closer to the American Idol finale!

I’m happy that we bought Scout.

This is my brother's.
I want v tiger jet and vw tiger catapult. (A Yu-Gi-Oh! card.)

I can't get enough Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

I think batteries are stupid.

I think it's annoying that there are a lot of banks.

I’m not sure I like ?????????

I’m hungry when my stomach tells me.

For cinco de mayo I went out for Mexican food.

I’m mad ????????????

I’m glad that my tournament is in one day.

I’m nervous about losing the tournament.

I have a tournament in one day.

I need cooperation.

I wish upon a star.

I’m excited for the tournament.

I’m happy that my tournament is in one day.

Now you fill in the blank.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scout Pictures #2.

Here are more pictures of Scout to vote on!

# 1.

# 2.

# 3.

# 4.

# 5.

# 6.

# 7.

Please vote! I'm getting closer and closer to being in the world record books!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hey everyone!
You've probably heard stuff about Scout on my mom's blog. But I thought I might show you some pictures.
I'm going to try to get the world record for cutest dog! But I'll need your help. I'll number the pictures and in your comment give me your votes for the ones you like best!
Ready? Here goes!

# 1.

# 2.

# 3.
(I think she blinked in this one, but maybe it just looks like that because of the hair in front of her eyes.




# 7.

That's all of them! Please, please, PLEASE vote! I just can't decide which one to use!

Pictures of Crochet Items

Hi everyone!

Here are the pictures I promised. I cannot put all the colors on, but at least this gives you the general idea. Now the yellow might look white. But I'll tell you what colors they are.

These are necklaces (that are yellow) that can also be used as a stuffed animal scarf.

These are purple, short, lucky charms.

These are yellow bracelets.

This is a yellow lucky charm.

This is a yellow book mark.

This is a purple book mark.

Enjoy the pictures!

More Stuff About My Crochet Business

Hey everyone!
Thanks for the comments on "Crochet Business."
I have added two new colors for my crochet business.

Bracelet (Green): 55 cents
Necklace (Green): 75 cents
Scarf For Stuffed Animal (Green): 80 cents
Lucky Charm (Green): 25 cents

Bracelet (White): 15 cents
Necklace (White): 25 cents
Scarf For Stuffed Animal (White): 30 cents
Lucky Charm (White): 15 cents

I will be posting pictures as soon as my dad has a chance to upload them!

Again, comments, suggestion, orders, and questions should be posted in the comments section or e-mailed to me.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crochet Business

Hello everyone!
I've decided I'm going to start a new business. It's going to be called "Kate's Crochet Business."(Catchy name, huh?)
I'm going to sell crocheted necklaces, bracelets, lucky charms, and scarves for stuffed animals entirely by myself.

Here are the prices:

Necklaces (Yellow): 50 cents.
Bracelets (Yellow): 25 cents.
Lucky Charms (Yellow): 5 cents.
Scarves For Stuffed Animals (Yellow): 35 cents.

Necklaces (Purple): 60 cents.
Bracelets (Purple): 35 cents.
Lucky Charms (Purple): 10 cents.
Scarves For Stuffed Animals (Purple): 50 cents.

Suggestions, questions, orders, and just plain old comments can either be left in the comment section or e-mailed to me.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Grand Total

Thank you everyone for donating to the kids' blog-a-thon. Through their stories and illustrations they raised $479.30. We are so proud of them and the effort they put in that week to try and help the people of Haiti. Even the stomach flu couldn't stop them!

I enjoyed the stories and pictures a lot, and I kept thinking about how fortunate we are as parents to have two such wonderful children. I wish you could have seen their faces as the donations came in. They almost couldn't believe what they were accomplishing. Thank you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Total Word Count

Thing 1 wrote five stories totalling 3,483 words. Way to go! Thing 2 has his final drawing on the way. Check back and enjoy.

Thank you everyone who pledged to help the kids with their Write for Haiti project. They loved getting feedback and comments this past week.

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Illustrations

FYI: Thing 2 has completed his illustrations for "Alley Cat" and "Flightless Birds" (Days 3 and 4). Take a look and let him know what you think.

My Fifth Story

Hi everyone! This story is an abridged story but I will be making the regular one soon. I hope you enjoy my story!

Lucille Duck and the Award

Once upon a time, there was a duckling. Her name was Lucille. This particular duckling loved to watch her mom and dad, sisters and brothers, cousins and cousins twice removed--well, this list goes on for a while. Anyway, she loved to watch all of her older relatives fly. She was ALMOST old enough to go to The Academy Of Special Ducklings. This school was a special school for those who were related to the Ugly Duckling. The Ugly Duckling was Lucille's great-grandfather. Lucille was VERY close to her great-grandfather.

On Lucille's tenth birthday, her parents threw a surprise party. They invited Lucille's great-grandfather and her best friends who would be ten the next day, Kiley and Beth. At the party, everyone played Clip The Wings Of The Eagle because eagles hunt ducks and ducklings. After that game, everyone sang to music. One of the songs was "Li'l' Liza Duckling". Then everyone had cake. The cake said, "Happy Birthday Lucille!" The cake was chocolate and vanilla with strawberry frosting, Lucille's favorite. Finally, it was present time!

Lucille got four presents. Her parents got Lucille diving gear so she could sign up for swimming at the academy. All of Lucille's classes, except for getting food for yourself, she had to sign up for herself. Some of the classes you either needed to be related to certain people, or you needed the right material. Flying lessons, you need to have a LOT of money, or get permission from a famous or special duck. Lucille's family wasn't rich, but wasn't poor either. They had just enough to get a present or two for their kids for Christmas and birthdays, and still have enough for food, water, and bills. Lucille was beginning to lose hope of getting permission for flying. You weren't allowed to fly, (according to the academy) unless you got lessons. Kiley got Lucille leg warmers so she could be warm after she went swimming, and Beth got Lucille a towel. On the towel was Lucille and the Ugly Duckling. Lucille LOVED it.

Finally, it was time for the biggest present of all--her great-grandfather's present. That present was always the biggest. Lucille hugged her closest relative and opened the big box. She flapped her wings just a little so she wouldn't get in trouble with the academy and tore open the wrapping paper in excitement. Under the paper was . . . more wrapping paper on top of a smaller box. Lucille opened that paper. More paper was under it! It was like opening a Russian doll! Lucille opened it and opened it until all was left was a note. It said,

"I hereby declare, that Lucille Duck is eligible to sign up for flying lessons."

Lucille smiled and said,

"This is the best birthday ever!" Lucille hugged the Ugly Duckling again.


At the academy, after swimming, Lucille changed into her usual clothing and changed out of her diving and swimming gear. She walked off to the flying field with Kiley and Beth.

"Listen up everyone!" said the flying coach. "I don't want any misbehaving or else you will be expelled! Understand?"

Everyone gulped before saying,"Yes, coach!"

This coach was the strictest coach Lucille ever met, But her great-grandfather could fly so so could she!

"Now, flap your wings ten times straight into the air and let yourself drop until you get a yard or so away from the ground. Then flap a few more times slowly and land. On my horn. One, two, three!"

The horn was so loud, two ducklings flapped a little late. Lucille was the first to lift off. She flapped and flapped. Then dropped. She flapped more slowly and landed softly. Not too soft, but soft. Some people landed as lightly as a feather and tripped and fell. And some people landed like a fifty pound weight.

"Tut tut," said the coach. "Work on your landing!"

Lucille had a wonderful term and attended the award ceremony on the last day of term. She wasn't planning to get any awards but everyone was attending. She sat at the table closest to the ceremony stand. There were three stands. One for flying. First, second, third, and fourth place got awards. There were the same trophies for hunting and swimming. Fourth for everything overall got a certificate. Third and second got a bronze or silver medal. First got a golden trophy.

The principal stood up. The principal was the Ugly Duckling's dad.

"The four people for swimming that got awards are," Lucille heard some names that she never heard of except for second which was Kiley. This was the same for hunting. Second was Beth. Then the flying. Lucille listened real closely to this one.

"The four people for flying are, Ashley Webber in fourth!" Ashley proudly got her certificate. "Dilly Duckling in third!" Lucille's cousin received her medal. "Ivy Webber in second!" Ashley's twin sister also got her award. "And finally, Lucille Duckling in first! She wins the golden trophy! A true honor! Come on up Lucille!" Lucille was astonished. She walked up slowly expecting to wake up and find out this was all a dream. But no! Lucille truly had won the golden trophy! Every duckling clapped louder and louder until the sound grew deafening. Lucille smiled bigger than any other duckling that had won an award.

(Word Count: 896)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Fourth Story

Hello! Have fun reading my story.

Flightless Birds

Once upon a time, there was a penguin. Her name was Rachel. She wished she could fly, but unfortunately, she couldn't. That's just the way she was made. All of her friends wished THEY could fly too.

One day, Rachel was walking along the ice and swimming in the freezing water. Suddenly, she saw something sparkling. Something was on an iceburg, and it definitely wasn't fish. Rachel walked over to the iceburg. It was a stick-like shape. It had a star on the top that was yellow, and the stick was pink. It was a magic wand! She couldn't wait to show her friends!

"Guys! Guys! Look what I found!"

Everyone oohed and ahhed. The magic wand was beautiful.

"How do you use it?" one penguin asked.

Rachel turned the magic wand in her hand. "Gee. I don't know."

"Let's try to figure it out!" said another penguin.

So everyone walked over to a spot on the ice and sat down. Everyone passed the wand around, confused. No one could figure out what to do.

"Hello! Anyone in there?" yelled a penguin. Nothing happened, so she passed it to the next penguin.

"Hmm," said the penguin, scratching her head. "I bet we have to talk to it nicely!"

"I don't think that will work," said the penguin next to Rachel.

Rachel shrugged. "It's worth a shot."

So the penguin with the magic wand tried it.

"Umm. Mr. wand? Can you please help us fly?" The magic wand just laid there in the penguin's hand.

"Maybe it's a Mrs.," said Rachel.

"I'll try. Mrs. Wand? Can you PLEASE help us fly?" Nothing happened.

Just then, a big hawk came swooping down and grabbed the magic wand!

"Hey! Stop!" said Rachel. She ran after the hawk and flapped her wings. Suddenly, she started to fly!

"Oh my gosh! The wand works!" Rachel stared dumbfounded at her wings that now helped her to fly.

Then, everyone else flapped their wings and they too could fly.

"Wow! This is great!" yelled one penguin, over the wind.

"I know!" said Rachel.

"Hey!" yelled another penguin. "The hawk is getting away!"

Everyone kept on flapping. The Hawk flew higher and higher into the air.

"I . . . can't . . . go on . . . much further," Rachel said. She started to float to the ground. "I wish we could have gotten that magic wand back." said Rachel.

Everyone fell silent. Just then, Rachel heard an almost twinkling sound in the air. It started to rain little golden sparkles.

"Look!" said one of Rachel's friends. "The wand! It's back!"

Everyone rushed over to that particular iceburg.

"It IS back!" said Rachel. She cautiously walked over to the wand. There on the magic wand was a note. It said:

Dear Rachel,

I know you REALLY wanted to fly. Well now you got your wish. I hope you learned a lesson today. Don't let your curiosity get the better of you. That hawk could have really hurt you! And also, always be polite.


Rachel just stared at the note for a minute. "Anonymous. I wonder who that is."

One penguin with a bow in her hair shrugged. "I guess we'll never know." she said.

From that day on, Rachel never let her curiosity lead her into danger.

The End.

(Word Count: 557)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Third Story

I hope you like this story for all you cat lovers out there!

Alley Cat

Once upon a time, when cats and dogs didn't get along, there was a cat. A cat that lived in the alley. So, she became an alley cat.

One day, that cat was digging through trash cans when she heard a voice. It was a girl whistling while walking down the streets.

The cat meowed hoping she would hear her cries.

"Huh? Oh hello! You're a cute kitten! Where's your owner?"

The girl picked up the lonely kit and smiled.

"You should come to my house! I have a friend I think you'll like!"

The cat meowed. The girl looked at the kitten and said, "I'll call you Alley. Alley cat."

They walked on some more until they got to a white farm house with a destroyed fence.

"By the way, I'm Kaitlyn. My friend's name is Emma."

Alley mewed at the fence.

"That? Oh, Mom and Dad haven't had a chance to fix it. They already have a lot on their hands. With the dog and all I don't think they will like another pet to take care of."

They walked inside.

"Now, Alley, promise not to claw at anything. I'll get you a scratching post first thing Saturday. OK?"

Alley nodded.

"Come on now!" said Kaitlyn.

Emma set Alley down on the hard floor. There were two carpet staircases. Kaitlyn started walking up one of them. Alley was a little scared of the big house. And besides that, the whole place smelled like dog. Then Alley shook with fear. She followed Kaitlyn.

"I'll introduce you to your new friend! Meet Emma!"

Kaitlyn opened the door to her room to reveal a small poodle. Alley mewed in terror.

"It's OK, Alley! Emma's nice!"

Alley still wasn't sure about Emma. She was a dog! Cats and dogs don't usually get along. And dogs chase cats up trees. Then the firemen have to come and . . . well, Alley didn't want to think about that right now. Right now, she needed to escape.

"Let's go, Alley! I'll get you some food and water," said Kaitlyn, walking out of her room.

They walked down the stairs as Alley glanced at Emma following her.

"Sorry if I look scary." said Emma. "I know cats and dogs usually don't get along. But I'm nice! You'll see."

Alley walked faster and went to eat. She hadn't noticed how thirsty she was either. Living in an alleyway wasn't easy.


Alley climbed through the doggy door. She would miss Kaitlyn. But, it was for the best! Maybe she'd visit if Emma promised to chase her up a tree!

Alley walked down the very same alley way that Kaitlyn had found her in. After walking a few feet, Alley realized she was scared without someone there! She curled up in between two trash cans and meowed. Soon, she got very tired and fell asleep dreaming about Kaitlyn.

In Alley's dream, Kaitlyn was throwing a ball of yarn to Alley in a park. They were having a picnic there. But then, it started to rain and a bunch of poodles all named Emma ran and crashed into the blanket. Then they gobbled up all the food and got as fat as overweight pigs. Then they scooped up Alley and carried her away.

Then Alley woke up.

"Alley! Alley! I know you're here! It's Emma. Please come out."

Emma sounded scared and hurt. She was also getting farther away!

Alley ran out of the alley way and hid under Emma. She didn't care if she was a dog or not. Alley was scared.

"I'm sorry. I was really scared when you ran off! And Kaitlyn's crying. We need to go back home. Here. Climb on my back and hold on tight."

Alley got on Emma's back and pulled out her claws.

"Yipe! Sorry. Hold on!"

Alley held on and smiled while grooming Emma's back with her tiny pink tongue. Then Alley grimaced. Emma's fur was full of fleas. They tasted disgusting! Oh well. She kept on grooming.

Alley learned a valuable lesson that day. Never judge a dog by its fur.

The End.


"I'm so glad you decided to come back, Alley!" said Kaitlyn sitting on the picnic blanket. They were having a picnic in the park. Alley had that idea.

"Me, too!" Alley wasn't a baby anymore on that day. She had already learned to talk.

"It's a good thing you two made friends! If Emma hadn't gone looking for you, I don't think you would've been here Alley!" Kaitlyn smiled at them.

Alley snuggled up into Emma's fur. She fell asleep.

Thanks for reading!

(Word Count: 768)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Second Story

I hope you like this story! Please comment and tell me what your favorite parts were in "The Horse Who Won."

Puppy Love

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Annabeth. She REALLY wanted a puppy, but, her parents were allergic. They let her little brother, Max, get a Budgie though. Annabeth thought this was VERY unfair. She REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, wanted a puppy. Puppies were her favorite animal! After puppies her favorites were kittens and horses, penguins, dolphins, and swans and ducklings. Puppies were still her favorite though.

One day, Annabeth was going to the pet store with her best friend. Her best friend's name was Katharine. Katharine was super nice and generous. She loved puppies also, but her parents were allergic, too. Puppies were HER favorite animal just like Annabeth's favorite animal were puppies. They loved to go to Little Paws to play with the puppies even though they couldn't get one. Annabeth saw someone sneezing near the dogs. She thought she was allergic to dogs. But why would she be in a pet shop?

"Excuse me. Are you allergic to dogs?" she asked.

"Yes, but my daughter loves to play with them. There was one she played with I wasn't allergic to, though. "

"Which dog is that?" Kathrine asked very excitedly.

"It's a Shi-chon. Her name is Blurry. You HAVE to see her! She is SO cute! She could probably win the world record for cutest dog if you bought her!"

Annabeth and Katharine were thinking the same thing. Annabeth could probably get the dog!

"Thanks!" said Annabeth. They ran off to find Blurry.

"There she is, Annabeth!"

"She is such a cutie!" said Annabeth.

Blurry had a small, black, wet nose. She also had long, light brown fur. (Well, hair.) There were little bits of black mixed in the hair. And those ears! So small and furry! And those teeny paws. Annabeth was overjoyed at how cute she was! Blurry licked her hand through her crate.

They asked to play with Blurry. While they were playing, Annabeth and Katharine both noticed that she was very calm sometimes and snuggled up in their laps, and other times she was absolutely nuts! She grabbed toys and ran around with them and growled when they slipped from her reach. She was so funny and cute!

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Katharine said.

"Yes! Let's go tell my mom and dad!"

The store owner put Blurry back. As Blurry was getting put in her crate Blurry whimpered.


When Annabeth got home, she rushed up to her mom and dad's room. She was so excited to hear what they had to say! They just HAD to say yes, they just HAD to!

"Mom! Dad! I was at Little Paws with Katharine, and I found a dog that doesn't cause allergies!"

They smiled.

"Can I go show you? PLEASE!"

"Sure!" said her mom.

Annabeth grinned. She couldn't wait to have a pet of her own!

"Max!" her dad called. "We're going to Little Paws!"

They all climbed into the car and drove off.

Annabeth just couldn't stop thinking about Blurry. Those cute little ears that went up and down. And those teeny paws that she used to jump up on people's legs. She could just imagine it, coming home from school and Blurry jumping up on her, licking her, and just being so excited to see her home! Of course, she would have to clean up the pee and the poo. That didn't matter though.

"There she is!" said Annabeth when they got there. She was so relieved she hadn't been bought yet.

"Aww!" said her mom. "She's so cute! Don't you think Max?"

"Yeah! She's pretty cute." Max said with enthusiasm.

"Let's play with her." said Annabeth's dad.

They got her out and played with her. Immediately, they all fell in love with her. Blurry climbed into everyone's laps, played fetch with Max and Annabeth, and licked Annabeth's parent's faces and hands.

"So?" Annabeth asked. "Like her?"

"Like her?" said the dad. He was grinning.

"We LOVE her!" said the mom. She was grinning also.

"Yeah!" said Max.


At the check-out counter, everyone put squeaky toys, chew toys, a bed, dog treats, a litter box, dog food, a leash, a harness, and dog bowls onto the counter.

They took Blurry home and set everything up. Blurry jumped up and licked Annabeth's face like she had known her for years! Annabeth was grinning from ear to ear. She hadn't been so happy in YEARS!

This was the best day EVER for Annabeth.

The End.

Happy reading!

(Word Count: 748)

Monday, January 18, 2010

My First Story

Hello everyone!
Here is my first story. I hope you like it!

The Horse Who Won

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Abigail who LOVED horses. Her parents owned a horse farm, but Abigail didn't have a horse of her own. She really wanted one though. Then one day, her parents brought home the trailer. It had a horse in it! It was a beautiful bay colored horse.

"Whose horse is this?" I asked anxiously.

"Yours," her father said.

"Really? Thank you so much!"

Right then and there, Abigail decided to name her Hope. Abigail thought it was a beautiful name. She walked her into the empty stall that had held Shining. Shining was sold at an auction.

"Here you are, Hope!" She ate and drank. After she had gotten full, Abigail rode her around the pen. She was very fast, and a good jumper.

"I should enter you in a competition."

Abigail told her father and mother and they said they'd try to get a jockey for her, but it would require lots of training.

"OK! Thanks!" Abigail ran outside and told Hope the news.

She whinnied in excitement.

Abigail began the training right away. She set up old fence pieces and made Hope jump over them. Then they ran around and around the pen really fast.

Finally, Abigail heard news from her mother. "Abigail! We found a jockey. Her name's Katrina."


"You better get some rest. You have a big day tomorrow."

Abigail put Hope in her Stall and went to bed.

The next morning, Abigail woke up and smelled something delicious. "Yum! Fried eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, and orange juice!" Abigail said as she jumped out of bed. She ate breakfast with her parents.

After breakfast, Abigail got Hope out of her stall. Then she loaded her into the trailer. It was a long drive, but finally, they got there.

They met the jockey. She was very nice.

"Hi! You must be Abigail! I've heard so much about you. And this is?" she said looking at Hope.

"Hope. She's my horse."

"What a nice name for a horse!"

Abigail smiled. The race was about to begin.

"Better go!" said Katrina.

"Good luck!" said Abigail.

"Thanks!" She walked off with Hope.

Abigail got her seat and watched as they counted down. "On your marks, get set . . ." the shot of the gun filled the air. So did the running horses as their hooves hit the dirt. Hope was just barely in second. Someone was in front of her. It was . . . Shining!

"Mom! Dad!" yelled Abigail over the noise.

"What Abby?" said her mom.

"It's Shining! She's racing!"

"Oh my gosh!" said her dad. "She's right!"

They watched as Hope was gathering up speed. She pulled in front of Shining just in time! They had won!

"WE WON! WE WON!" said Abigail. Abigail rushed up to her horse to cool her out and collect the prize. It was a trophy filled with money. "You ran a good race!" Abigail said to Katrina.

Katrina, smiled and winked. This was the best day ever for Abigail.

The End.

I hope you liked my post!

(Word Count: 514)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Write For Haiti

This week my family has been talking about the earthquake in Haiti. It's really bad there. People are starving, thirsty, and people are dying on the streets and buried under rubble. Some people in Haiti may never know if their family and friends are alive. So many people in Haiti trying to help don't even have time to bury the dead. They just throw them in one big pit. In one place in Haiti people there have set up a "neighborhood" made out of sheets and sticks. There's also a "store" where people put stuff on a blanket and trade whatever they have to get supplies they need. There are also food drops where helicopters and planes drop boxes of food or bottled water. Every time there is a food drop, people are fighting over food and water, and who gets what.

Everybody is trying to help the people in Haiti. But some people think that they should take care of their problems themselves because we have our own problems to take care of. But that's not what our family thinks personally. We are really lucky to have what we do. We have a stable house, food, water, and we aren't starving or wondering if our family or friends are alive or not.

Our family donated money to help. We wanted to make sure it was going to an organization that gave all the money to Haiti. We did a lot of research and found an organization that President Obama set up. It is led by former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. One hundred percent of the money they raise is sent to Haiti to help everyone there. It is called The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

We also heard that George Clooney is doing a concert this Friday to raise money for Haiti. Famous people donate their time and talents by performing and helping people know what's happening in Haiti and encouraging people to give their money to help.

My brother and I were wishing we could do something like that, too. We tried to think of a way that we could share our talents as a way to help raise money for Haiti. We thought about our talents and what we could do quickly to help. One of my talents is writing and one of my brother's talents is drawing. My mom thought of a way to raise money quickly using these talents. A Blog-a-thon! Some people do walk-a-thons and jog-a-thons, but we are going to do a blog-a-thon called "Write For Haiti."

Starting tomorrow, on my blog right here, I will write an original short story every day this week and my brother will illustrate them with a picture or two. People are invited to pledge however much they would like to "Write For Haiti." Anyone who is willing to commit can either comment or email me (or my mom and dad) and let me know how much they will give per word, per every ten words, per sentence, or whatever they like. Then you can match the amount donated for my brother's pictures and that's how much you'll give.

On average, my short stories are around 1,000 words each and I promise to keep my daily stories to about that amount or no more than 2,000 words. So, for example, if someone promised one cent per word and I write a 1,000-word story every day, that would be $10/day, or $50. By matching your pledge for my brother's pictures, that would be $20/day, or $100. If that seems like too much, you may want to pledge one cent per 10 words, so that would be $1/day, or $5. By matching your pledge for my brother's illustrations, that would be $2/day, or $10.

On Saturday, we'll count up the totals and check our pledges and let you know the amount. ALL of the money we raise will be donated to The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

Just last night, I was reading a book called "Chicken Soup For The Preteen Soul." It had a bunch of stories about kids who raised money for a worthy cause and I thought how cool that must be to help raise money for something big. Now that I'm doing this, I have butterflies in my stomach. I am so excited to do this.

I'll be writing a story every day. So keep watching my blog.

By doing this, you could be saving a person's life. You could be even saving a family of four's life. We really appreciate the help.

Thank you so much for committing. Again, we really appreciate it.

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do