Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Third Story

I hope you like this story for all you cat lovers out there!

Alley Cat

Once upon a time, when cats and dogs didn't get along, there was a cat. A cat that lived in the alley. So, she became an alley cat.

One day, that cat was digging through trash cans when she heard a voice. It was a girl whistling while walking down the streets.

The cat meowed hoping she would hear her cries.

"Huh? Oh hello! You're a cute kitten! Where's your owner?"

The girl picked up the lonely kit and smiled.

"You should come to my house! I have a friend I think you'll like!"

The cat meowed. The girl looked at the kitten and said, "I'll call you Alley. Alley cat."

They walked on some more until they got to a white farm house with a destroyed fence.

"By the way, I'm Kaitlyn. My friend's name is Emma."

Alley mewed at the fence.

"That? Oh, Mom and Dad haven't had a chance to fix it. They already have a lot on their hands. With the dog and all I don't think they will like another pet to take care of."

They walked inside.

"Now, Alley, promise not to claw at anything. I'll get you a scratching post first thing Saturday. OK?"

Alley nodded.

"Come on now!" said Kaitlyn.

Emma set Alley down on the hard floor. There were two carpet staircases. Kaitlyn started walking up one of them. Alley was a little scared of the big house. And besides that, the whole place smelled like dog. Then Alley shook with fear. She followed Kaitlyn.

"I'll introduce you to your new friend! Meet Emma!"

Kaitlyn opened the door to her room to reveal a small poodle. Alley mewed in terror.

"It's OK, Alley! Emma's nice!"

Alley still wasn't sure about Emma. She was a dog! Cats and dogs don't usually get along. And dogs chase cats up trees. Then the firemen have to come and . . . well, Alley didn't want to think about that right now. Right now, she needed to escape.

"Let's go, Alley! I'll get you some food and water," said Kaitlyn, walking out of her room.

They walked down the stairs as Alley glanced at Emma following her.

"Sorry if I look scary." said Emma. "I know cats and dogs usually don't get along. But I'm nice! You'll see."

Alley walked faster and went to eat. She hadn't noticed how thirsty she was either. Living in an alleyway wasn't easy.


Alley climbed through the doggy door. She would miss Kaitlyn. But, it was for the best! Maybe she'd visit if Emma promised to chase her up a tree!

Alley walked down the very same alley way that Kaitlyn had found her in. After walking a few feet, Alley realized she was scared without someone there! She curled up in between two trash cans and meowed. Soon, she got very tired and fell asleep dreaming about Kaitlyn.

In Alley's dream, Kaitlyn was throwing a ball of yarn to Alley in a park. They were having a picnic there. But then, it started to rain and a bunch of poodles all named Emma ran and crashed into the blanket. Then they gobbled up all the food and got as fat as overweight pigs. Then they scooped up Alley and carried her away.

Then Alley woke up.

"Alley! Alley! I know you're here! It's Emma. Please come out."

Emma sounded scared and hurt. She was also getting farther away!

Alley ran out of the alley way and hid under Emma. She didn't care if she was a dog or not. Alley was scared.

"I'm sorry. I was really scared when you ran off! And Kaitlyn's crying. We need to go back home. Here. Climb on my back and hold on tight."

Alley got on Emma's back and pulled out her claws.

"Yipe! Sorry. Hold on!"

Alley held on and smiled while grooming Emma's back with her tiny pink tongue. Then Alley grimaced. Emma's fur was full of fleas. They tasted disgusting! Oh well. She kept on grooming.

Alley learned a valuable lesson that day. Never judge a dog by its fur.

The End.


"I'm so glad you decided to come back, Alley!" said Kaitlyn sitting on the picnic blanket. They were having a picnic in the park. Alley had that idea.

"Me, too!" Alley wasn't a baby anymore on that day. She had already learned to talk.

"It's a good thing you two made friends! If Emma hadn't gone looking for you, I don't think you would've been here Alley!" Kaitlyn smiled at them.

Alley snuggled up into Emma's fur. She fell asleep.

Thanks for reading!

(Word Count: 768)


Jimmy said...

Love, love, love your simile: "Then they gobbled up all the food and got as fat as overweight pigs." You're a great writer!

J Fo said...

I love how you always have a great moral to your stories. You are such a descriptive and witty writer! I love how the colors in the picture reflect the mood of the story. You are both truly great artists!