Friday, January 22, 2010

My Fifth Story

Hi everyone! This story is an abridged story but I will be making the regular one soon. I hope you enjoy my story!

Lucille Duck and the Award

Once upon a time, there was a duckling. Her name was Lucille. This particular duckling loved to watch her mom and dad, sisters and brothers, cousins and cousins twice removed--well, this list goes on for a while. Anyway, she loved to watch all of her older relatives fly. She was ALMOST old enough to go to The Academy Of Special Ducklings. This school was a special school for those who were related to the Ugly Duckling. The Ugly Duckling was Lucille's great-grandfather. Lucille was VERY close to her great-grandfather.

On Lucille's tenth birthday, her parents threw a surprise party. They invited Lucille's great-grandfather and her best friends who would be ten the next day, Kiley and Beth. At the party, everyone played Clip The Wings Of The Eagle because eagles hunt ducks and ducklings. After that game, everyone sang to music. One of the songs was "Li'l' Liza Duckling". Then everyone had cake. The cake said, "Happy Birthday Lucille!" The cake was chocolate and vanilla with strawberry frosting, Lucille's favorite. Finally, it was present time!

Lucille got four presents. Her parents got Lucille diving gear so she could sign up for swimming at the academy. All of Lucille's classes, except for getting food for yourself, she had to sign up for herself. Some of the classes you either needed to be related to certain people, or you needed the right material. Flying lessons, you need to have a LOT of money, or get permission from a famous or special duck. Lucille's family wasn't rich, but wasn't poor either. They had just enough to get a present or two for their kids for Christmas and birthdays, and still have enough for food, water, and bills. Lucille was beginning to lose hope of getting permission for flying. You weren't allowed to fly, (according to the academy) unless you got lessons. Kiley got Lucille leg warmers so she could be warm after she went swimming, and Beth got Lucille a towel. On the towel was Lucille and the Ugly Duckling. Lucille LOVED it.

Finally, it was time for the biggest present of all--her great-grandfather's present. That present was always the biggest. Lucille hugged her closest relative and opened the big box. She flapped her wings just a little so she wouldn't get in trouble with the academy and tore open the wrapping paper in excitement. Under the paper was . . . more wrapping paper on top of a smaller box. Lucille opened that paper. More paper was under it! It was like opening a Russian doll! Lucille opened it and opened it until all was left was a note. It said,

"I hereby declare, that Lucille Duck is eligible to sign up for flying lessons."

Lucille smiled and said,

"This is the best birthday ever!" Lucille hugged the Ugly Duckling again.


At the academy, after swimming, Lucille changed into her usual clothing and changed out of her diving and swimming gear. She walked off to the flying field with Kiley and Beth.

"Listen up everyone!" said the flying coach. "I don't want any misbehaving or else you will be expelled! Understand?"

Everyone gulped before saying,"Yes, coach!"

This coach was the strictest coach Lucille ever met, But her great-grandfather could fly so so could she!

"Now, flap your wings ten times straight into the air and let yourself drop until you get a yard or so away from the ground. Then flap a few more times slowly and land. On my horn. One, two, three!"

The horn was so loud, two ducklings flapped a little late. Lucille was the first to lift off. She flapped and flapped. Then dropped. She flapped more slowly and landed softly. Not too soft, but soft. Some people landed as lightly as a feather and tripped and fell. And some people landed like a fifty pound weight.

"Tut tut," said the coach. "Work on your landing!"

Lucille had a wonderful term and attended the award ceremony on the last day of term. She wasn't planning to get any awards but everyone was attending. She sat at the table closest to the ceremony stand. There were three stands. One for flying. First, second, third, and fourth place got awards. There were the same trophies for hunting and swimming. Fourth for everything overall got a certificate. Third and second got a bronze or silver medal. First got a golden trophy.

The principal stood up. The principal was the Ugly Duckling's dad.

"The four people for swimming that got awards are," Lucille heard some names that she never heard of except for second which was Kiley. This was the same for hunting. Second was Beth. Then the flying. Lucille listened real closely to this one.

"The four people for flying are, Ashley Webber in fourth!" Ashley proudly got her certificate. "Dilly Duckling in third!" Lucille's cousin received her medal. "Ivy Webber in second!" Ashley's twin sister also got her award. "And finally, Lucille Duckling in first! She wins the golden trophy! A true honor! Come on up Lucille!" Lucille was astonished. She walked up slowly expecting to wake up and find out this was all a dream. But no! Lucille truly had won the golden trophy! Every duckling clapped louder and louder until the sound grew deafening. Lucille smiled bigger than any other duckling that had won an award.

(Word Count: 896)


Boquinha said...

HOLY MOLY! Now, THIS is my favorite story yet! Honey, you are an amazing storyteller and writer! I love all the allusions to the ugly duckling story. I like to see how you incorporate your friends and relatives into these stories, too. You kept me guessing at parts and totally kept my interest. I love this story! Lucille reminds me of you -- very sweet and a great daughter and friend. What a cute story!

And I can hardly WAIT to see the illustration!!

I'm so proud of both of you for doing this service for the people of Haiti. With your talents, time, and love, you've been able to raise a lot of money to help people very much in need. I love that you have such kind hearts.

I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!! Wonderful job!

Jimmy said...

I like Lucille. She's a sweetheart. I wonder how you seem to understand her so well?

Great pictures to go with all of the stories, Thing 2! I love your interpretations.