Tuesday, September 10, 2019

July Wrap-Up

Books I Read


I was a little apprehensive about this because I wasn't sure if it was going to be a book that became a bestseller just because the author was related to a famous author, but Hank Green is a really good writer. He definitely wrote this on his own merits. It wasn't my favorite story or anything, but I was never bored. His main character is super flawed and not very likable, but I found the plot compelling enough to be invested in it. It was less like wanting to root for the heroine and more like wanting to watch just how much of a train wreck this whole thing was going to be. There were a couple plot holes and the ending could have been handled a lot better, but overall, not bad.

Movies I Watched


This was so unnerving and, toward the end, gross for so many reasons. There were parts of it that were predictable and some of the dialogue was straight up poorly written, but that just made it fun to laugh at at those parts. The premise was cool and the ending was insane, so that made up for the rest of it.


This was a lot of fun, very similar to "The Emperor's New Groove" or "Tangled." It was laugh-out-loud funny at parts and thoroughly entertaining the whole way through. It grabs you right at the beginning too. Not super deep or emotional or anything like that, but fun!


Tom Holland is 100% my favorite Marvel actor right now. His version of Spider-Man is just so relatable and endearing. This was just as good as "Homecoming," if not better. It was hilarious, action-packed, and has surprising twists and turns. I loved all of it.


This was excellent and very simply carried out, which is how it needed to be in order to have the effect that it did. I loved the small cast, the super unnerving energy, and the fact that they didn't give backstory on the world at all; it just was what it was and no time was wasted unnecessarily trying to give a detailed explanation. It was a little disappointing that the big moment at the beginning of the movie was given away in the trailer, because it didn't have quite as great of an impact as it could've.  But the rest was great, and it was perfect watching it with my brother while I was house sitting in a big, empty house late at night. 😜


This was hilarious and super quirky. It definitely gave me an "Ocean's 11" vibe. It was bizarre, surprising, and totally enjoyable. I especially appreciated the dry humor.

Quotes I Wrote

This is my life right now, so no quotes to share.

Obsessions I Acquired

No new obsessions to report, either.

Pictures of the Month

All sweaty from dance rehearsal.
A quick break from rehearsal to get snacks and milkshakes! As you can see in this picture, Max is very pleased with a joke he just made that caused Josh and Ashley to laugh and close their eyes while we were taking the selfie.
Out to lunch!
Josh and his family took me on my very first camping trip! I had way more fun than I was expecting. It was miserably hot, but we got to be in the water for most of the time.


I skipped a rock like seven times, and there's no way I could ever do it again, but I was so proud 😂

After many failed attempts, I hit an airborne target!
Experimented with my eye shadow to do a rainbow eyelid look. I was pretty happy with the outcome!

Saw friends in "The Secret Garden!"

At an outdoor "Beauty and the Beast" event for kids with two of my fellow Silly Girls!
Lefou came to the tavern to hang out. 😉
Late night diner outing with castmates!

Our car was also packed to bursting before and after "Beauty and the Beast" rehearsals with teens from the show.
I created and ran a musical theatre workshop for kids and had some theatrically talented friends come onboard to help teach. It was such a blast, for both the kids and the teen instructors!

With our students!
Since I never went to prom, Josh took me out on what we called a "fancy date." We got all dressed up, prom style, and went out to dinner, bowling, and dancing in his living room. One of the Silly Girls, Ashley, did my hair and makeup for me!

Josh surprised me with the twinkle lights that decorated the living room where we danced.
Post-rehearsal Friendly's outing!
"Big Brain Academy" with friends in the basement.
Josh tried sushi for the first time and he loved it!
Milkshakes at the farm show.
I dog/house sat and this old man snatched a whole ass tomato from the garden when my back was turned. 😂
Show t-shirts!
Lots of dress rehearsal/behind-the-scenes pictures coming your way! There will be many more from the show in August's wrap-up.

Sammie won the prize again for making the longest drive out to see us in a show! We love having her in the audience. 💓

Eating guacamole before a dress rehearsal.

These pictures with the Silly Girls, Gaston, and Lefou are some of my favorites from the show.

This one is probably my top favorite.
Time for Scout pictures! 💓

She loves cuddling with Sammie.

How was your July?