Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A Simple List of Comforting Things

I love lists. Lists are one of the things that comfort me, especially when I'm stressed out and overwhelmed and don't know where to start when I have a thousand things to do. Since I'm sad more often than not given the current state of our world (I think I'm going on week 10 of self-isolation soon?), I figured I'd share a list of various comforting things that help me find cozy vibes when I'm stressed/sad/anxious/upset. Not only does it help me remember the kinds of things I should turn to when I'm too overwhelmed to come up with anything, but maybe there will be some good reminders for you here too.

-Homemade baked goods (cookies, coffee cake, scones, etc. Basically anything that goes well with tea)
-Mac 'n' cheese
-Ramen (Yeah, I know, I'm a stereotypical college student. You can make the ramen fancier by adding a soft boiled egg)
-Reese's cups
-Kettle corn
-Egg rolls/spring rolls

I think just based off how long this section is, the solution to making me happy is giving me food.

-Rereading a favorite book (Usually Harry Potter or some fluffy contemporary)
-Fan-fiction (writing or reading)
-Drawing (only if it's something simple that I feel like I'm pretty good at or else it stresses me out LOL)
-Latch hook kit
-Writing poetry
-Making graphics (like the ones I use for my blog)
-Getting totally lost in my WIP
-Making Pinterest aesthetic boards for my novels
-Starting a brand new books (writing or reading)
-Walking through bookstores and libraries

-My "happy" playlist
-The playlist Josh made for me
-Making new playlists for my novels
-Listening to my favorite Broadway soundtracks
-Taylor Swift
-Going to see a musical
-Rehearsing for/performing a show

-Wii games (like Mario Kart or Lego Harry Potter)
-Cards Against Humanity
-Jackbox games (I think freshman year got me addicted to Quiplash)

-Harry Potter movies (including Fantastic Beasts)
-Love, Simon
-Wonder Woman
-Doctor Who
-Gilmore Girls
-Bingewatching a new show

-Texting old friends
-Video chatting
-Dancing (if I'm not too drained to get up and move LOL)

-Cleaning my room
-Reorganizing my desk
-Getting a big homework assignment done (the trick is actually starting it . . .)

-Sending letters
-Baking someone something
-Buying someone their favorite candy
-Coming up with creative gifts

-Dogs, dogs, and dogs
-Cute/funny animal videos
-Fuzzy socks
-Flannel shirts
-The color yellow
-Cartoon heart icons (I love fun designs on things)
-The beach
-Cozy blankets
-Getting packages or letters in the mail
-"Themed" packages

What comforts you? Leave a comment!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

April Wrap-Up

Books I Read


I wasn't expecting this book to break my heart, so imagine my surprise when I picked up a "fluffy contemporary" and ended up absolutely devastated, but it was a pretty good book! Not my favorite, there were definitely some flaws--Matt was kind of a dick a lot of the time, which made it really hard to sympathize with him for parts of the book--but it packed a big punch in a short amount of time. I had trouble getting into it at first because of all the basketball references I didn't understand (and frankly didn't care that much about), but it picks up quickly.


This was super cute! I loved the whole concept and the characters. It's a great middle-grade read if you like cute/spooky vibes and young romance. It got a little confusing toward the end when the nitty-gritty paranormal details came into play, but other than that, I was into the story the whole time.

In addition to these books, I also reread Fangirl (one of my favorite comfort reads) and I finished reading The Sorcerer's Stone to my boyfriend (which he really enjoyed). We already got started on Chamber of Secrets!

Movies I Watched


I had to watch this documentary for my Spanish class and I think I would've enjoyed it more if I'd understood the historical context better. There was a ton of background information I was missing because we only got a brief overview of the cultural issues, so it was hard to follow. The style didn't hold my attention that well either, so all around, it was just an okay movie for me.


I was expecting to like this more than I did. I enjoyed it okay, but I didn't ever feel like there was a ton of tension or a big climax or showstopping numbers or anything a musical is supposed to have. I'm sure it's better live, but the movie adaptation is the only version I've seen now. It just felt like the story was commentating on what it's like to be a dancer in the ensemble, but it didn't do it in an exciting way. None of the characters really stood out to me or made me feel connected to them (everyone was trying to hard to be liked, so it just came off as annoying). And big dance numbers that are included in movies lose a ton of their energy since they aren't live. It could be a cool show to see in person, but it's not at the top of my list.


Like with other Tarantino movies, this was extremely well done: funny in the right places, action-packed in others, and all around a great movie with a satisfying ending. My only complaint is minor (as with the other movies) since I'd say that it could've been shorter. I was never bored, there were just some parts that were stretched out longer than they needed to be.

Quotes I Wrote

April is National Poetry Month and Camp NaNoWriMo, so I decided to take up the same challenge I did last year and write a poem every day for those 30 days. So here is one of the poems I wrote:

She Ignites

She was
baptized in
Bathed in
Birthed by
flickering forces
beyond our control.
Her blood
bubbles and
boils beneath the surface,
where no one can see,
no one can sense that
she is
seething with
simmering storm.
Smoke unfurls from her
she is
the flame,
and we are
the spark.
When the branches
she ignites.

I've also been working on rewriting Angel of the Underworld for third time (it will definitely need a fourth too before I send it to beta readers). I've made a lot of progress, but school picking up definitely slowed that down. I did have enough time to write this paragraph though, which I'm particularly proud of even if the other 30,000 words are garbage (it needs sooooo much work).

In the split second before it happened, she expected it to be floating, flying, walking on air, everything romance novels described. This kiss was more than that; it was raw. Unfinished. To be continued. They couldn’t see three feet ahead of them, but that was okay. Lila didn’t need to see ahead, didn’t need the future. She could see Melody’s face below hers, lips parted and uncertain, and that was enough.
-Angel of the Underworld

Obsessions I Acquired

"Scandal" - I was going through some serious "How to Get Away With Murder" withdrawals while waiting for new episodes to come out, so I started this on a whim and it's very addictive. I don't love it as much as HTGAWM (I tend to prefer crime shows having to do with everyday people and murders and such rather than rich/important people and their sex scandals), but it's still good enough that I'll keep devouring it at a steady pace.

Pictures of the Month

Thank goodness for video chatting during social isolation.

The English department at Ursinus wanted students to send pictures of them holding signs about some of the perks of being an English major, so this was mine

Just my boyfriend and his dog being cute πŸ’“

Double date! We watched an adorable new musical called "Calling All Kates."

Evil Apples is a great way to play games with college friends.
More video chatting fun!

Quarantine has given me more time to experiment with eyeshadow
Friends made us these awesome quarantine-themed "Friends" t-shirts!

I've done a lot more since I took this picture, but I needed a new activity to keep my mind off things, so I broke out our latch hook kit. It's been a lot of fun and it's relaxing to do while watching TV!

Josh comes by sometimes to see me through my bedroom window, which is super sweet and a great way to see each other's faces in person without risking spreading anything. It's all very Romeo and Juliet.

See? Romeo and Juliet.

And he and his parents made me an awesome llama-themed gift for my birthday πŸ’“
And he baked a cake for me, including from-scratch icing. It was gorgeous and delicious!
Hot Topic gave me birthday rewards, so what did I do? Bought a new dress for my birthday. Plaid, of course.

We had a meeting scheduled with our vocal teacher that day, so they all sang happy birthday to me. It was the most off-key, off-tempo rendition I've ever heard thanks to Zoom's not-so-great audio quality, but it was also the sweetest πŸ˜‚πŸ’“

Homeschool friends drove by to shout happy birthday from the car window!

I wanted to go to an escape room for my birthday, so we did the next best thing: virtual escape rooms!

My mom got so many people to send it surprise birthday video messages for me, which my brother edited all together. It was super sweet and made me laugh and cry. πŸ’“

Delicious Portuguese cod fritters πŸ˜‹
We shared with Josh and his family
My vocal teacher dropped off delicious homemade cupcakes her daughter made.
S'mores for dessert!
Scout wanted my marshmallows

Since we couldn't get sushi like we usually do, we make poke bowls instead. They were sooooo good and I ate entirely way too much. #WorthIt
Homemade strawberry lemonade!

The fanciest-looking breakfast I've made in a long time
I missed these girls so much!! πŸ’“ We played Cards Against Humanity and Jackbox games and did our usual shenanigans. (Kenzie was there, she just had many technical difficulties lol)
Virtual pancake breakfast triple date!

Messing around on Zoom while we waited for midnight to hit to register for classes.
My family decided to host a virtual spirit week, so for five days we dressed up in various costumes and shared pictures on Facebook.
Katniss Everdeen
Fancy day!
Jessica Jones

Throwback to my favorite summer musical!
 A beanie for hat day
It's hard to see over pictures since I didn't bleach my hair, but I dyed it purple! This is a rare moment in time when I'm not in shows LOL, so I decided to check an item off my bucket list.
Mr. and Mrs. Abele sent all the Abele scholars surprise packages full of popcorn, which was super sweet πŸ’“

I love this goofball πŸ’“
I couldn't pass up this perfect opportunity for an aesthetic picture involving both books and food
Went by Josh's house to drop off homemade cookies and talk through the window
Quarantine has also given me time to experiment with new hairstyles

And now the real star of the show: Scout!

How was your April?