Friday, February 7, 2020

January Wrap-Up

Books I Read


This was the only book I finished this month because I keep starting books and not finishing them, which is a problem. xD I'm determined to finish a novel or two in February! My director from "9 to 5" (who was also my theatre history professor last semester) gave me a bunch of plays to borrow so I could look for monologues to keep in my audition repertoire, so this was the first one I read. It was pretty good! A unique concept, very artistic. I didn't connect with the characters as much as I wanted to, and the poor lab assistant didn't really get much of a story beyond her feelings for the protagonist, but overall it was enjoyable.

Movies I Watched


I really enjoyed this movie! It was a satisfying end to the trilogy and tied up a lot of loose ends (maybe too many loose ends . . .). But it was entertaining the whole way through and I didn't have a lot of complaints. There were a few unnecessary additions, but I didn't feel like it was annoyingly long or anything. It was pretty solid and I liked the way it ended.

Quotes I Wrote

Can't quote anything here (because spoilerssss), but I finished my final rewrites for All the World's Afraid, which I've decided to rename Once Upon a Stage, at least for now. Now I've sent out dozens of queries and I'm playing the waiting game!

Obsessions I Acquired

I'm so mad I didn't realize this was a book series until after I'd watched it, because I totally would've read it first! I bingewatched both seasons on a whim during my first week at college because I didn't have any homework to do yet. It was so addictive. The first season was far better than the second, but I still can't wait for the third. It's a super creepy/psychological story, but you can't look away because you need to know what happens next. Highly recommended.

Pictures of the Month

Making gyoza on New Year's Day

A trip to the butterfly house and a diner for lunch

Cozy reading date! Josh is reading my book in this picture LOL

Traditional milkshake selfie

We dressed up and made fancy French food (croque monsieurs) and watched "French Kiss" for a date night in
Got a job at Chipotle!
Caught up with some old homeschool friends. It was fun to see each other again!
Max's birthday lunch out
He had a "Stranger Things" themed party, so we had to dress Scout up too. She's a demodog!
Steve and Robin
Joyce and Alexei
Joyce and Hopper

My mom was very into her character 😂
"Kids on Bikes" adventure!
I had Josh be my model for a photoshoot so I could practice my photography skills. I got some of Scout too. It was really fun and they came out great!

Josh's photography skills aren't too shabby either. ;P

Surprised him after work with Starbucks for his first day of school

One of Carol's cabaret spectaculars! Max was Donkey, I was Fiona, and Josh was Shrek. We also did "It's a Musical" from "Something Rotten" and various songs from "Oklahoma." It was a ton of fun!

Playing "One Night Ultimate Werewolf"
First day of school! My roommate was leaving before I was ready to go, but I needed her to take the picture before she left, hence why I'm not wearing shoes yet LOL.
We were supposed to have a cast outing for frozen yogurt after rehearsal, but several people bailed, hence why they all flipped off the camera before I realized what they were doing. xD

21st century dating! 😂
My roommate and I stayed up way too late watching "Supernatural" and eating mac and cheese. xD
My friend Emma from the a capella group on campus brought her ADORABLE bichon puppy to my dorm for a visit. This is Muffy and she's a literal angel (!!!)

I don't remember what I did to make him laugh, but it's one of my favorite pictures now 😂💓
Scout pictures!

These were taken exactly one year apart. Nothing has changed 😂

I think Scout might love Josh the most 😂
Scout drank out of my mom's mug 😂

Our pretty girl got a haircut!
How was your January?