Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Hundred Dresses

The Hundred Dresses, by Eleanor Estes, is a book about a girl named Wanda who is poor and two other girls named Peggie and Maddie. She wears the same old, faded, blue dress, but she tells everybody that she has a hundred dresses all lined up in her closet and she only wears them for parties. Nobody really believes her. Here is part of the story:

"Hey Wanda!" Peggie would say. "How many Dresses did you say you had?"
"A hundred all lined up." said Wanda then her thin lips drew together in silence.
"What are they like? All silk I bet."
"Yeah. All silk all colors."
"Velvet too?"
"Yeah. A hundred dresses. All lined up in my closet.

I am not going to tell you if she does have a hundred dresses or not, but if you want to find out look it up in the library. It's only 78 pages long. Here is another part from the story.

Peggie would ask, "How many shoes did you say you had?"
"Sixty shoes, or, sixty pairs of shoes?"
"Sixty pairs all lined up in my closet."
"Yesterday you said you had fifty!"
"Yeah. Now I have sixty."

It is a really great story about being yourself, and not worrying about what other people think. Enjoy reading it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Possession Would You Choose?

If I could choose only one possession to keep forever I would choose my stuffed, very loved (not very clean), have-had-for-over-5-years cat Menedy. I would choose her because I love her more than any other toy in the whole world! I've slept with her ever since I got her and take her everywhere that is possible. I take her to restaurants, stores (where I like to push her in the carts), in the car, on long road trips, to people's houses, and a LOT more! Here is the story of how I got her. (I can't remember the whole thing. I'll put a BLANK where I can't remember stuff.)

Mommy, Daddy, Maxim, and I were shopping at the mall, when I saw a little section of stuffed animals. Mommy and Daddy were looking at something, and there was this cat that was white, had rounded ears with pink in the middle, black and blue eyes, a pink triangle nose, and a striped blue bow tie. I started to play with her. Mommy told me that we were leaving now. I said something. I think it was this: "Bye, kitty! I'll come and visit you."

Mommy told me that when Vavo was visiting and we were shopping mommy told her the story and Vavo said "Why didn't you get that for her?" And she bought it.


In the car I was thinking about what was soon to be called Menedy when I think she said, "Kate, I've got a surprise for you!"

I turned around in my seat and I saw Menedy. I said, "I'll call her Menedy!" I was so happy and surprised!

BLANK for a couple of years.

I am so glad that I have Menedy. When you post your comments, write what your only possession would be and why.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blog Vacation

I am on 'blog vacation' for the next 2 weeks since we have relatives in town.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stuff To Do

Instead of journaling I'm going to do creative writing.

I wrote this story a long time ago, in the beginning of October or the end of September. If you have ever read The Dangerous Book for Boys or The Daring Book for Girls, it's kind of like those books.

It tells you things you can make or do, how to do stuff like people years ago, and regular every day things to do. Here it is.

Stuff To Do
By Kate


Make a Dress

All you need to do is measure your height, shoulders, and width. Then cut fabric that has flowers on it, sew it by hand or sewing machine, and then put it on!

How to make a blanket.

All you need to do is measure fabric that has stripes on it, length and width, cut, sew by hand or sewing machine and put it over yourself.

Stuff You Can Make to Trade and Sell!

This is stuff you can trade!
1. Blankets
2. Dresses
3. Ribbons
4. Flowers
5. Scarves
6. Rag dolls
7. Buttons
8. Jewelry
9. Books
10. Rugs
11. Painted Rocks
12. Chinese Fans
13. Bloomers
14. Finger knitting

This is stuff you can sell!
It’s the same list as above, only there are 2 different things!

1. Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches
2. Paper Airplanes

In case of anything happening like the great depression these are some ways you can save money!

1. Try putting dandelion greens in your salad!
2. Make bloomers out of a sack!
3. Sew old socks instead of getting new ones
4. Instead of buying new shoes trace a shoe over cardboard, cut out, and put inside the shoe!
5. Make flower necklaces
6. Take care of your garden! Water it, pull weeds, and be patient.

These are some free games for children!

1. Roller skating
2. Wood or tin can stilts
3. Make and fly a kite

This stuff you can do is called pampering

1. Look in your mirror
2. Put in combs or clips
3. Put water in a bowl, dip your fingers in it, and put it in your eye. This is called an eye bath. It’s for cleaning out your eye.
4. Put on perfume

Here is a different type of pampering.

1. Brush your hair into hairdos
2. Check mirror
3. Wash your hands and face
4. Put on perfume
5. Keep your hair in place with hair combs and clips

Here are some everyday things

1. Give your family or yourself a foot massage
2. Dress up
3. Put clips and combs in your hair
4. Put on fancy hats and purses
5. Wear pins
6. If it’s a hot day get an umbrella for shade
7. Wear fancy stuff
8. Wear Jewelry
9. Get your own sewing kit and box
10. Do crafts
11. Jump rope
12. Play marbles
13. Help your mom and dad cut your little sister or brother’s hair
14. Tie ribbons around your hats
15. Make a cloth holder for things called a reticule
16. Make clothes for dolls
17. Make quilts
18. Do more sewing
19. Make a tote by hand or sewing machine
20. Make a hand bag by hand or sewing machine
21. Get an old backpack and sew on bits of different kinds of fabric
22. Make a cloth Journal

Design your room

1. Put books on a bookshelf
2. Put photos of your BFF’s in a picture frame then put it somewhere in your room
3. Put some cute and comfy chairs in your room
4. Put some Pillows near the windows. Cushions also work
5. Put a telephone in your room if your mom and dad let you
6. Put some nail polish at the head of your bed

Here are some things you can do to make yourself look prettier

1. Paint your nails bubble-gum pink
2. Make your hair curve out in the back
3. Put on Jewelry
4. Put on sunglasses (Optional)

Make up languages and songs!
Here are some made up songs you can sing!


Maxim, Maxim come here! Here’s a song for you to hear! Maxim, Maxim come and here this song! All you got to say is ding-dong! Maxim, Maxim sit right there. In the green chair!!!!!!!!!!
Want to hear a pretend word! Halliacabooba! Want to hear a pretend word that’s now a real wooooooord! Halliacabooba! Want to know what it means but I’m not going to tell you! First you got to guess! If you think it means bye or good-bye then you’re right! So Halliacabooba! BA!

I’m Swimming at the Pool

I’m swimming at the pool! I’m swimming at the pool! I’m swimming at the pool it is really cool! Why don’t you see a kangarooooooo! OO! OO! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Pool, cool, kangaroo! BA!

The Seasons

In the spring you can fly a kite! Watch it as it goes in flight! In the summer! You can go to the pool it’s really coooooooooooooooooooool! In the fall you can jump in leaves! Hear the breeze! In the winter you can play in the snow! Watch it before it gooooooooooooooooooooooes! All these seasons are very nice but none of them are my Fav-or-ite! All these seasons are very nice! What’s yoooooooooooooooooooours?!

Have you ever trained a Seeing Eye dog? Or a service dog? If not give it a try!
Try practicing with these commands and a stuffed animal dog!


Sit, stay, down, wait, here, watch me, okay, jump, leave it, ignore it, drop it, no (name), pick it up, lie down, roll, and roll stay.

Here are more everyday things

1. Wear a watch
2. Pretend to be a reporter and have your own newspaper!
3. Have your own lucky ring!
4. Have a make up table
5. Dress up
6. Work on your clubs
7. Write in your journal
8. Finger knit
9. Make friendship bracelets
10. Play basketball
11. Play 4 square
12. Play hopscotch
13. Here are some Karate moves: Front kick, Back kick, punch and pull, Flat hands, And the lunge punge
14. Ride roller coasters
15. Watch scary movies
16. Wear high heels
17. Stand up for your friends and for yourself
18. Play bowling
19. Make a cushion
20. Make daisy chains and ivy crowns
21. Write letters
22. Make lemonade for yourself and to sell
23. Make shortbread for yourself or to sell
24. Make fudge for yourself or to sell
25. Do yoga
26. Do tricks and silly pranks
27. Tell ghost stories
28. Go hiking
29. Make fortune tellers
30. Make badges for clubs
31. Sketch
32. Play soccer
33. Pick out Jewelry
34. Pick out clothes
35. Use yo-yo’s
36. Design clothes

These are some things from the older days that you can do now! People still do some of this stuff today!

1. Embroider pillows and handkerchiefs
2. Embroider a shoe or soft slipper
3. Dance
4. Bake things
5. Make bouquets for friends
6. Try collecting feathers for your embroidered pillows
7. Cook with stuff from your garden
8. Make bead necklaces
9. Play with Chinese fans
10. Back then people put hay in their shoes on January 15th in the evening. Then, the next morning there were sweets and sometimes a cone of sugar! Try it!
11. Make rag dolls
12. Make bark boats for your rag dolls
13. Try colcha embroidering
14. Jump in leaves
15. Do sewing by a fireplace, a heater, a furnace, or anything you can think of that’s warm

I hope you enjoyed my book.
Those made up songs I made up when I was 6, 7, and 8.

The End

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Day!

Instead of creative writing, I am going to write about election day!

We helped volunteer with my mom and dad's friend Laura. We were putting voting reminders on doors of people that supported Obama. We had to pick up instructions so we all went inside Laura's house and were greeted by friendly barking. There was a cute half-Yorkie and half-poodle puppy. It was really cute! It let me pet it and give it a tummy rub, and when I tried to pet it again it ran all over the place! Laura said it thought I was playing tag. My mom said she's never seen a dog play tag before! It was really funny. After we did that we went to the voting places and welcomed people going in and thanked people coming out. Finally, we got to see who was elected!

We went to our friends', the Gooden's, house! We watched the election there and some of our other friends, the Brights and the Salefskis, joined us. We played while we waited to see who the winner was! Almost everybody wanted Obama except the father of the Goodens. Also, while we were waiting, my friend Sarah and I went down to see her grandma's kittens. When my mom said "He won!" I didn't know who but then Sarah asked, "Obama won!?" My mom said yes! Then we watched the speeches and they were really good! It is really exciting to have the first black president! I was really happy! Then we went home. It was a really fun day.

Monday, October 27, 2008

This is a really cool map!

We were learning about the electoral college. We even made a lapbook about it! And we used this really cool website that has a really cool map! We saw what would happen if Barack Obama won all the states or if he won some states and not the others and we did the same thing with John McCain.
Click on this link if you want to check it out! Have fun!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K.Rowling
In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling, Harry, Ron, and Hermione go to Hogwarts for their 3rd year. In this book, the third in Rowling's absolutely amazing series, we learn more secrets about Harry's adventures.
People believe there was a break out in the wizarding prison Azkaban! The person who broke out is known by the name Sirius Black! Azkaban is guarded by horrible creatures called dementors, and they're guarding Hogwarts! Also, 3rd years have permission slips that have to be signed by parents or guardians to go to a fun place called Hogsmeade. Harry didn't get his signed, because his guardians refused. Harry was determined to find a way to not miss out on the fun. And then a great adventure began!
I really like this book, and the whole series. I read these books all the time, and I think everyone will love the next ones, too.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Barbecue from 3:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M.!

We had a big barbecue with our friends, the Goodens. We had hot dogs, salad with homemade dressing, chicken legs and thighs, and chourico (pronounced SHOULD-EES). We played 2 games of croquet and played Ticket to Ride. My friend Sarah, who is 9, helped me put on a magic show and played with my dolls and stuffed animals. Maxim and his friends, Jacob and Matthew, watched 2 Star Wars movies while Sarah and I played on Webkinz and Barbie on the computer. Then Sarah and I played upstairs with a Bo Peep doll and a Barbie doll. Then Sarah and I took a bunch of goofy pictures.

Training My Webkinz

I was reading an American Girl book called Nicki. It's about a girl named Nicki. Her mother is expecting twins, she helps with the horses and pigs on her farm, and she has homework from 4th grade, but she has a big problem. She can't say the word "no," so she says "yes" to almost everything. So when her mom asks her if she wants to help train a service dog, Nicki asks, "Won't I get attached and then I have to let it go?" But she says "yes" anyway. Then she agrees to help out with the school gala with the 2 most rich and popular girls in the school. When the service dog arrives he is a mixed breed, and he is called Sprocket. At first it's a lot of work but then he turns out to be lovable and cute. When she goes to plan the gala at Heather's house (one of the girls), she brings Sprocket along to see if he will act calm and quiet. Nicki tries to get along with the other girls. One of the girls, Kris, turns out to be kind of nice!

So when I finished the book I wrote down commands and anything else I could think of, and trained my stuffed animal dog, Cutie Pie (also a Webkinz). I put on some ribbon for a leash and pretended to train him. Then I read the next book and wrote down more commands. I had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How the Giraffe Got Its Neck

Once upon a time, there was a giraffe. Then it had a baby giraffe. The Baby explored anywhere she could, but later it got put in the zoo. When she was there she saw a flower. The flower was a purplish-pink color and had tons of petals that were smooth, furry, and soft. It was short and the stem was like soggy celery! The poor hungry baby wanted to eat the flower, but she couldn't reach it! So she stretched and STRETCHED, and STRETCHED! Until . . . she had a HUGE neck! She went from 2 feet tall to 18 feet tall! She told all of the giraffes to stretch! Now it's the tallest mammal in the world! And that's how the giraffe got its neck.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Helping people register to vote

Today we went to the local coffee house.

Mommy was doing a stand so if people were not registered to vote they could sign up!

We held up a sign that said "Final Week! Register to vote!" Since it was a busy street, we held it up for all the cars to see. Maxim and I yelled, "Register to vote! Final week! Don't miss it! If I were 18 I'd vote!" at all the passing cars and motorcycles. Mommy is going to do it again tonight.

Kate's Paper Airplane Commercial

Here is a paper airplane commercial that I made for my very own buisness!

Monday, September 22, 2008

About Kate DiCamillo

Kate DiCamillo is a famous, award-winning author who has written such books as The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The Tale of Despereaux, and Because of Winn-Dixie.

These are some facts about Kate DiCamillo:

1. She is single.
2. She is an aunt to Luke, Roxanne, and Max.
3. She thinks she's lucky because she can tell stories for a living.
4. She won a Newbery Honor for Because of Winn-Dixie and a Newbery Medal for The Tale of Despereaux.
5. She gets ideas from everywhere. She listens, eavesdrops, and imagines.

Here are some writing tips from Kate DiCamillo:

1. Write
2. Rewrite
3. Read
4. Look at the world around you
5. Listen
6. Believe in yourself

We've recently read two books by Kate DiCamillo as a family. We've read The Tale of Despereaux and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. The Tale of Despereaux is about a little mouse who loves a princess and tries to protect her. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is about a china rabbit doll who has a journey to many different places. Even though these books are different in many ways, they both tell beautiful stories about characters who learn to love.

These two books are alike in many ways. They both have lots of adventure and excitement. They both have two people that love each other. The main characters are both animals, one is real and one is not. Both main characters learn something from their adventures. In both books, as you're reading, you're not sure how the book will end or what will happen to the characters. The writing was amazing in both books.

These books also have some differences. One book is about a real mouse and one is about a china doll. Most of Despereaux's story takes place in a castle, but Edward's story happens in many different places. Despereaux is very lovable the whole time, whereas Edward grows on the reader over time. The author's writing was very different in each book. In The Tale of Despereaux, she presented her book in parts, yet in Edward Tulane she did not. Also, in the former book, she often breaks from the writing and talks to the reader, introducing words and ideas.

I like both of these books very much because it has lots of love. Mommy and Daddy cried when we read the end of Edward Tulane, because it was so sweet. Daddy likes the writing better in The Tale of Despereaux. Mommy likes the writing better, too, but likes the story of Edward Tulane better. Maxim likes both books. I like Edward Tulane best.

To learn more about these great books, click here. Also, The Tale of Despereaux is being made into a movie that comes out this winter! Some of the people doing voices for the movie include Emma Watson, the girl who plays Hermione in Harry Potter and Robbie Coltrane, the man who plays Hagrid. Another website that is really good that will make you want to read the book, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, is this one.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K.Rowling. In this book Harry has adventures in his second year at Hogwarts, his school.

In this book Harry meets a house elf, goes to a Death Day party, and tons of other stuff, but then something strange is going on! Everyone is being found petrified, even one of Harry's friends! Then something outstandingly weird happens to Harry because of his crazy Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Gilderoy Lockhart!

I really like this book because of all the adventure and mystery. If you like mystery I also recommend the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Apple picking and Applesauce

We went apple picking with our friends the Brummetts. We went to an orchard. An orchard is a field or a farm where fruit grows on bushes or trees. It was huge! We climbed lots of trees to get high apples. I like to climb trees a lot! But they weren't pruned. So I got lots of scratches.

The next day we went to their house to make applesauce! They have a huge farm. We were there the WHOLE DAY! I love going to their house! I enjoy playing with the cats, playing with their baby girl, and talking with Lisa (she's the mom).

Our friend Brielle came over to their house since she lives next door! We had a squirt gun fight, we watched a movie, we fed the chickens, we played with the cats, and we played school. I like it when Brielle comes over to play when we're there.

I started a feather collection. I found lots of feathers on the ground since they own 16 chickens! We had another squirt gun fight and waded in the pool. The four of us (me, my brother, Brielle and Conner) kept switching being the bad guys and the good guys. We used the back of the truck for the base.

We made a TON of applesauce. When I came in, I smelled it from the living room. We had picked four bushels of apples with our friends. We used 2 different kinds of apples. They were called Ginger Gold and Smokehouse. First you wash all the apples. Then you core and cut them. Then the apple pieces soak in some water and lemon juice. It helps them not turn brown. Then you heat the apples. We did some of this work inside and some of the work outside. Lisa and Mommy did most of the cutting and Daddy and Rob did a lot of the cooking and canning outside. Then, you press all the apples through a food mill. It's a machine that takes the peel out and turns the rest into applesauce. The food mill looks like a big sewing machine with a small bathtub at the bottom. Daddy did that the most because he is the tallest. And it was up high. Then when the guys did this, Mommy and Lisa got the jars ready and heated. They set up a work station with all their tools to fill the jars. You keep the applesauce warm on the stove and we don't add sugar because we all like the natural taste. Then you fill the jars and put them in a warm water bath canner outside to seal the lids. We made about 60 quarts of applesauce! We got 30 and they got 30. I'm glad we have all this applesauce because it's very yummy.

After spending the whole day there, it was night time and we had to leave. My brother tried to sneak Conner inside our car to try to take him home. They are always doing that. :) Those 2 are best friends! And then we left. We were so tired that I almost fell asleep in the car which I don't usually do that much. It was a great day! I'm going to go eat some applesauce right now!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sick Day

The Magic Violinist is sick today. She, however, is excited to post something later this week.

Her Secretary :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Karate Kate

I didn't post last week because it was my Daddy's birthday.
I'm doing a superhero story based on me.

Karate Kate
Dr. Soccer Head

Chapter 1

Introducing Dr. Soccer Head

In Dr. Soccer Head's secret lair, Dr. Soccer Head was making an evil plan. "I am going to steal the golden trophy at tonight's game thanks to my special whistle! When I blow this whistle everyone will go crazy, even Karate Kate!"

Back at normal Kate's house, Kate and Menedy were in their room checking the superhero radar. Suddenly it started beeping! "Oh no! Dr. Soccer Head is going to be at tonight's soccer game!" said Kate.

"It's a good thing we are going!" said Menedy.

"We can pretend we are buying popcorn!" said Kate. And off they went to the game.

Chapter 2

At the Game

Dr. Soccer Head, Kate, Menedy, Kate's little brother Maxim, and Kate's Mommy and Daddy arrived at the game. Everybody picked their seats while the coach finished cleaning the golden trophy. The whistle blew and the game began!

Then another whistle blew and everybody started juggling, acting like ducks, and the children sang the ABCs. It was Dr. Soccer Head, but the whistle wasn't working on Menedy. So Menedy helped Kate transform since she was saying the Pledge of Allegiance very quickly. Then it started wearing off. The whistle had lost power, but the battle had begun!

Chapter 3

The Battle Begins

Dr. Soccer Head started throwing soccer balls at Karate Kate making her kick and punch them back. Then when Dr. Soccer Head wasn't looking Kate kicked him and Menedy tied him up and gave the trophy to Kate. Then she went home safe and sound.


Monday, August 18, 2008

My Week with my Grandparents!

My Grandma and Papa have been here so I skipped last week to have some time with them. I was really sad when my Grandma left. I was crying the whole afternoon.

I'm going to write about the week I had with my Grandparents!

My Week!


1. They get here.
2. We show them the house.


1. We stay at home.
2. We have a big farm breakfast!
3. We show them our toys.
4. We have a picnic in our backyard. (Corn on the cob, chicken, squash, garden salad, na'an (bread), and home-made ice cream! Mm-mm!)


1. We went to New York City!
2. We saw the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the United Nations Building, and Times Square!
3.We ate a lot of great foods! We went to the Magnolia Bakery. They had the best cupcakes in the world! We went to John's Pizza! They had really good pizza. And we went to Hard Rock Cafe.
4. We also went to a souvenir store to get T-shirts and pencils!


1. Another hang around at home day.
2. We went to a Japanese steakhouse! They have really good sushi! It's my favorite restaurant!


1. We went to our homeschool group.
2. We went shopping at 2 discount grocery stores. They have stuff really cheap there!


1. Vavo and Jim came!
2. We went out for an Irish breakfast.
3. My Baptism
4. We had a Luncheon afterwards.
5. We took a picture in our New York T-shirts.


1. We went to church
2. We went to the Japanese restaurant again
3. Grandma, Papa, and Jim leave

Monday, August 4, 2008

Susan and the Woods


Susan Will raced home on her bike from school. She couldn't wait! Tomorrow she was going to the woods with her mom, dad, and her baby brother Michael who just learned how to walk! She zipped down the sidewalk, wind in her face, her hair flying back! She went faster because she remembered her sleepover for her birthday was at eight when Michael fell asleep. She checked her watch. It was seven! She was turning eleven so she could use the stove to make soup. She honked her horn.

When she got home her mom had food, decorations, cake, music, and pillows! She put tomatoes, broccoli, corn, chicken, celery, and hot water into the pot. She ate quickly. She heard the doorbell ring. Maria, Madaline, Josaphina, and Julia came in. They were followed by Hannah, Hellen, Sophia and Page. Then Kate, Katie, Kathren, Kelly and Anna arrived. Everybody followed Susan to her room. And they partied until they fell asleep.

The next day Susan got into the car. Finally they got to the woods. But when Susan followed a butterfly she got lost.

She walked onto the bridge and looked into the pond. She saw fish, tadpoles, and turtles. She heard wet bushes dripping into the pond with a plink! But she heard something else. Her mom! And she went home safe and happy!


Monday, July 28, 2008

J.K. Rowling

15 Facts About J.K. Rowling

  1. J.K. Rowling's parents got married when they were 19 years old.
  2. J.K. Rowling got the idea of a scar because she threw a battery at her sister Di when she was younger and it left a scar on her forehead.
  3. Her friend's surname was Potter.
  4. Her last name (first syllable) is pronounced 'row' as in a boat.
  5. Kathleen (her middle name) is the same name as her favorite dead grandparent.
  6. She has been writing since she was 6. (Like me!)
  7. The idea of Harry Potter fell into her head on a train ride.
  8. Her mother died at the age of 45.
  9. It took over a year to find a publisher.
  10. She is allergic to cats. (Also like me!)
  11. Hermione Granger is like her. (Which means she is probably like me!)
  12. She likes Hermyone better than Hermione's real name.
  13. Hermione's birthday is 9/19.
  14. Fred and George's birthday is April Fools day.
  15. Her favorite book is the Deathly Hallows.
Here is a link to her website.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Book Report--Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

I really like the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling. It is about an ordinary boy named Harry Potter who goes to a school for witches and wizards.

In this book Harry is raised by his aunt and uncle and his cousin Dudley. He learns his parents could do magic and he was going to learn, too. Some of his enemies were a student Harry's age, Draco Malfoy, and the potions teacher Severus Snape. He also met some friends, Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger.

I think this book teaches you good guys always beat bad guys.

I really love this book. I think everybody would like it and the next one: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. You can also get it on audio read by Jim Dale.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Day!

Hello everybody!

I hope you are excited to read my blog because today is journaling! I am going to write about my day today.

Today Mommy and Daddy were doing a fast where you could only drink juice. But Mommy ate dinner.

We went to get prizes from the summer reading program. We got bug collectors--jars you can collect bugs with!

Afterwards we had to go to our friend Carl's house to get a hat Maxim left there. (Long story.)

Then we went to see a movie that recently came to the movies. Wall-e! It was very good! It was about a little robot who is in charge of cleaning up earth. He also likes to collect interesting things.

Did I mention I belong to a writers group at Carl's house?

After that we washed the car! I love using the hose! (Mostly because when Maxim is not looking I like to spray him!)

Afterwards we went to violin lessons. I am almost at the end of Book 1!

I hope you are enjoying reading my blog!


Monday, July 7, 2008

The Scared Dog

Hello everybody!

This is my first time doing a creative writing post! I'm so excited! Daddy gave me a silly story starter that said write a story about a pet who is afraid of kids.

The Scared Dog

One beautiful spring day, the Armadillo family decided they wanted a pet. The youngest child (Milly) wanted a dog. Joan, the oldest, wanted a dog also.The second oldest, Harry, didn't care what they got as long as it wasn't a snake. The third oldest (Jason) wanted 2 dogs but they could only have 1.

Everybody got into the car to go to the pet store. When they got there, they went over to the dogs. They saw a yellow dog. Joan put her hand to the cage and the dog backed away.

"I like this one!" said Millie. She pointed at the dog. So they told the manager they wanted that dog. He said he was afraid of kids, but he would warm up to them. They took him home and named him Joey.

Joey warmed up to Joan right away. It only took 2 days! It took Harry a week, Jason nine days, and Millie 2 weeks. And they were happy he warmed up to everybody.

The End

My blog schedule

Hi everybody!

I would like to tell you when I'm making a new post and what it's about!

On Mondays I write a post. On the first Monday of the month, I do creative writing. On the second Monday, I do journaling. On the third Monday, I do a book report. On the fourth Monday, I do research. Fifth Mondays are free. That means I can do whatever I want.

I'm really excited about creative writing, but I like everything!



Hi everybody!

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to have a blog! I hope you enjoy reading it!

I was trying to think of names for the blog and my friend Ronald thought of "The Magic Violonist." I thought it was a good name so we tried it. And it was open!

Enjoy reading it!