Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Hundred Dresses

The Hundred Dresses, by Eleanor Estes, is a book about a girl named Wanda who is poor and two other girls named Peggie and Maddie. She wears the same old, faded, blue dress, but she tells everybody that she has a hundred dresses all lined up in her closet and she only wears them for parties. Nobody really believes her. Here is part of the story:

"Hey Wanda!" Peggie would say. "How many Dresses did you say you had?"
"A hundred all lined up." said Wanda then her thin lips drew together in silence.
"What are they like? All silk I bet."
"Yeah. All silk all colors."
"Velvet too?"
"Yeah. A hundred dresses. All lined up in my closet.

I am not going to tell you if she does have a hundred dresses or not, but if you want to find out look it up in the library. It's only 78 pages long. Here is another part from the story.

Peggie would ask, "How many shoes did you say you had?"
"Sixty shoes, or, sixty pairs of shoes?"
"Sixty pairs all lined up in my closet."
"Yesterday you said you had fifty!"
"Yeah. Now I have sixty."

It is a really great story about being yourself, and not worrying about what other people think. Enjoy reading it!


Boquinha said...

Wonderful, honey! I love your report. It makes me want to read the book! I thought we were going to read this one together, but you read it in HALF AN HOUR as soon as it got home from the library. I remember Daddy and I were talking and you said, "I'm done!" And we looked up and looked at the clock and said something like, "Wha . . . how . . . we just . . . are you serious?!" And sure enough, you read it. Daddy even asked if you retained anything and you did! You're a super reader and we love it. :) Way to go.

Dr. Mark said...

Great report! I always love to go over them with you so I can learn what you think of books. You are a super reader!

Jill O said...

What a great book report! You really did make me excited about reading that book. I haven't read it and now I think I will.

emily said...

It sounds really interesting. I'll have to check it out from the library next time we go!

Kate, how should someone be before they start reading Harry Potter? I want to start reading it to Isaac at night but I wondered if you think four is too young?

The Magic Violinist said...

I think five or six is good to start reading.
But four is ok.
Thanks for the comments!

J Fo said...

I LOVED that book as a kid. I remember reading it with my mom! I loved how you included part of the story. It really helped me remember it!

Zelia said...

where are your blogs? I miss them.