Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tacos, Dolphins, and Friends and Greenhorse101

Hi Everyone!
Two of my friends recently got blogs! Here are the links:
Tacos, Dolphins, and Friends (This is my best friend's blog). :D
Greenhorse101 (This is my best friend's sister's blog).
Have fun! :D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Funny Videos

My brother and I have been making funny videos on my camera. Using a tripod, we've acted out action adventures, a talk show, and two "Space Wars"! :D They're hilarious. Here they are!

This first one isn't perfect, but it's still pretty funny! It's called "The Swamp King". (Our heads get cut off in the video).

This is our second attempt at "The Swamp King". It's a lot better.

And finally, our last attempt at "The Swamp King". This one is the best in my opinion!

"Kate's Talk Show" starring Steve McCool, the main actor in the new adventure movie "Action Overload".

"Space Wars: An Old Hope". (A spoof on Star Wars).

"Space Wars: Dart Trooper vs. Luke Piewalker".

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Have you ever wondered what your name or another person's name means and looked it up? My name means pure hearted, which is very true. These are some of my favorite girl names that have cool meanings. I plan to use them in my books.

Audrey-Noble Strength
Bella, Arabella-Beautiful
Bridget-Strength or "The High One"
Callixta-Most Beautiful
Calliope-Lovely Voice
Catherine, Katherine, Kathryn, Catharine, Kathleen, Caitlyn, Cait, Katrina, Katie, Kate, etc.-Pure Hearted
Clara-Bright, Shining
Edna-Enjoyment, Pleasure
Electra-Beaming Sun
Grace-Grace (That's one's kind of obvious). ;)
Joyce, Joy-Joy (That one's also very obvious).
Lily-Lily (Same with this one).
Morgan-Great, Bright
Narsissa-Daffodil (This seems strange to me. Narcissa Malfoy isn't a very pleasant woman). :/
Phoebe-Bright, Shining
Shirley-Bright, Clearing
Winifred-Blessed, Peacemaking

I also have a list (that is still growing) of names for horses. I write lots of books with horses in it (they're my second favorite animal) so I need to have a list handy. (My first favorite animal is a dog).

Chocolate-Girl-Brown Horse
Cocoa-Girl-Brown Horse
Misty-Girl-Gray Horse
Dream-Girl-Brown Horse (Just a little fun fact, Bay is another word for brown when talking about horses).
Storm-Boy-Gray Horse
Wonder-Girl-Bay Horse
Pride-Boy-Bay Horse (Another fun fact, Bays are my favorite color on horses. They're so pretty)! :D
Glory-Boy-Gray Horse
Sterling-Boy-Gray Horse
Pirate-Boy-Black Horse
Tribulation (or Trib for short)-Boy-Gray Horse
Perfection-Boy-Bay Horse
Stone-Boy-Gray Horse
Bella-Girl-White Horse
Sweet Daisy-Girl-Bay Horse
Jewel-Girl-White Horse
Shining-Girl-Bay Horse
Cinnamon (or Cinny for short)-Girl-Bay Horse
Buckshot-Boy-Bay Horse
Nizzy-Boy-Gray Horse
Peanut-Girl-Brown and White Horse
Sea Breeze-Girl-Gray Horse
Milky Way-Girl-Black and White Horse
Thunder-Boy-Black Horse
Lightning-Boy-White Horse
Faith-Girl-Bay Horse Horse
Hope-Girl-Bay Horse
Star-Girl-Bay Horse with a Diamond or Star Shape on her Head
Spindleberry (or Spindle for short)-Boy-Gray Horse
Sundance-Girl-White Horse
Butterball-Boy-Chestnut Horse (Chestnut is almost a skin color on horses).
Liberty-Girl-Gray Horse
Snow White (or Snow for short)-Girl-White Horse (Of course). ;)
Beauty-Girl-Bay Horse
Blackie-Girl-Black Horse (Again. Obvious).
Summer-Girl-Chestnut Horse
Autumn-Girl-Bay Horse
Winter-Girl-White Horse
Spring-Girl-White Horse
Merrylegs-Boy-Gray Horse
Ginger-Girl-White Horse
Blackbird-Boy-Black Horse
Pegasus-Girl-White Horse
Flora-Girl-Bay Horse
Frisky-Boy-Black Horse
Celia-Girl-White Horse
Rose-Girl-Bay Horse
Ruby-Girl-Bay Horse
Diamond-Girl-White Horse
Jade-Girl-Gray Horse
Sapphire-Girl-White Horse
Jet-Boy-Black Horse
Magic-Girl-Bay Horse

Like I told you, the list is still growing. :D I've also started reading Black Beauty. I can't believe I've never read it with how obsessed with horses I am. Anyway, that's it. Bye! :D

Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Thoughts and an Ode to Sandals

I have some random thoughts. Here they are!

-I just had a bowl of Cookies and Cream ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles! Yum!
-Scout just threw up. :( Poor puppy.
-I found this awesome new blog that belongs to a girl in Australia! :D She's really cool, nerdy, funny, likes Harry Potter, and believes in fairies. It's called Redpunzel. (She has red hair).
-I have a bunch of cute pictures I want to post on here soon. A few of them are pictures of Scout when she got a haircut. (Her second haircut ever. It looked a LOT better than the first one).
-I want sushi . . .
-We're going to start school tomorrow! :D I'm so excited!
-Our school room looks really neat. We've spent the entire week cleaning it. (With some Modern Family episode, Catchphrase, and Taboo breaks). ;)
-I found this old writing notebook I wrote in last year in March. There are some pretty funny poems and other things in it. Here's one I wrote using my first name: Kate's A Tiger Eating.
-Here's a song I wrote (It's to the tune of Happy Birthday To You) called Eenky Tinky Tee Chee: Eenky Tinky Tee Chee! Eenky Tinky Tee Chee! Eenky Tinky Tee Cheeeeeeeeeee! Eenky Tinky Tee Chee!
-Our family watched some of the 9/11 memorials yesterday. It was so sad. :( I cried after finishing one of them.
-How can someone be so full of hate?
-The I.N.C.H planning meeting was yesterday. Park days are almost over. But the plan for this year looks like a lot of fun! :D
-I love to roller skate and ice skate.
-Lazer tag is also a lot of fun! :D
-Especially unlimited lazer tag.
-I like to make up my own smiley faces. Here are a couple: =) :D ;D :O) (That one is a clown). :oP (That one is a dog).
-I'm going to test for my high blue belt in Tae Kwon Do. Wish me luck! :D

Ok, that's enough random thoughts.

In that old writing notebook I was telling you about, my mom found something titled "An Ode to Sandals." I wrote about my sandals that didn't fit me anymore. Here it is:

Farewell, dear sandals,
You were a good friend to me. You got wet in the morning dew with me. We went to the pool together. We ran through sprinklers and got hit by water balloons. But soon you got too small. My feet got sweaty and my toes cramped. Now as my dog chews you, I bid adieu.
You will always be in my heart. Good bye, dear sandals. I will miss you.
Love, your dear friend forever,
Kate:) xoxo

I'll be sure to post those cute pictures I was telling you about. Bye! :D

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I recently discovered this new website called Quizilla. It's a site where you can get an account and make your own quizzes for the world to check out. So far I've made five quizzes and two tests. Have fun! :D

What Color Are You? (I'm yellow).

How Well Do You Know Harry Potter? (A Test) (I've gotten 100% on most of the Harry Potter quizzes I've taken).

Which Winx Club Fairy Are You? (Girls Only!) (Winx Club is a cartoon I watch. I'm Bloom).

What Animal Are You? (Girls Only!) (I know it says girls only, but boys can do it, too. It's just geared towards girls. I'm a puppy).

What is my Birth Date? (A Test) (This one will be pretty easy for most of you).

Fantasya A Giant Problem What Character Are You? (Fantasya is a book I wrote). (I'm Cassandra but I have some Cecilia in me).

What Scout Mood Are You In Right Now?
(This one is great to take once a day to figure out what mood you're in each day. So far, I've been in the begging mood and the leave me alone mood).

Please comment your results for each quiz. Thanks! :)

Prologue of a Story I'm Working On (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Give Criticism)

Hello Everyone!
I'm working on a story called "Archers of the Sky". Here is the prologue. (PLEASE give criticism).


Tarice was sitting cross-legged, hovering ever so slightly above the ground, eyes closed in deep thought.
Suddenly, an image burst clear into her head; A tall, skinny girl, with waist-length black hair running through the woods, panting.
Tarice opened her eyes and gasped. She fell over backwards, knocking over a chair. For a moment, she was so shocked, she couldn’t breathe.
Hurried footsteps sounded outside the door. Someone knocked.
“Tarice? Tarice! Are you ok?” the voice called.
Tarice sat up slowly and finally caught her breath. The door opened as she stood up and placed the chair back where it belonged.
“Tarice?” The girl walked in with a worried expression. “Are you ok?”
“I’m fine, Lydia,” Tarice said. “Just a little stunned, that’s all.”
“What is it?” She asked. She seemed curious.
“I haven’t sensed anything for some time. But now, I have.”
Lydia gasped and clapped her hand to her mouth.
“Are you sure?” She asked excitedly. “We haven’t had a trainee for ages. So many humans have lost the will to believe.”
Tarice nodded. “I’m sure. I was meditating when the image flashed in my mind. There is a girl in Virginia who deep down believes.”
Tarice looked straight into Lydia’s eyes.
“Lydia, I need you to alert the Queen right away. We can’t let the Storm Archers find this girl. Her power seems much stronger than other trainees in the past. Go.”
“Right away, Tarice.” Lydia hurried out of the room.
Tarice looked out the window into the stormy sky.
“She may be our only hope.”