Monday, September 5, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I recently discovered this new website called Quizilla. It's a site where you can get an account and make your own quizzes for the world to check out. So far I've made five quizzes and two tests. Have fun! :D

What Color Are You? (I'm yellow).

How Well Do You Know Harry Potter? (A Test) (I've gotten 100% on most of the Harry Potter quizzes I've taken).

Which Winx Club Fairy Are You? (Girls Only!) (Winx Club is a cartoon I watch. I'm Bloom).

What Animal Are You? (Girls Only!) (I know it says girls only, but boys can do it, too. It's just geared towards girls. I'm a puppy).

What is my Birth Date? (A Test) (This one will be pretty easy for most of you).

Fantasya A Giant Problem What Character Are You? (Fantasya is a book I wrote). (I'm Cassandra but I have some Cecilia in me).

What Scout Mood Are You In Right Now?
(This one is great to take once a day to figure out what mood you're in each day. So far, I've been in the begging mood and the leave me alone mood).

Please comment your results for each quiz. Thanks! :)


the emily said...

I am orange!

72.5% on the Harry Potter quiz. I couldn't remember the staircases or the icing color, darn it!

Kirsten said...

I got 100.00% on the birthday one, (DUH, you have my backwards birthday)I am blue on the color one, 72.5% or something like that on the Harry Potter one, and Flora (My fave... :D) on the Winx Club one.vick