Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Thoughts and an Ode to Sandals

I have some random thoughts. Here they are!

-I just had a bowl of Cookies and Cream ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles! Yum!
-Scout just threw up. :( Poor puppy.
-I found this awesome new blog that belongs to a girl in Australia! :D She's really cool, nerdy, funny, likes Harry Potter, and believes in fairies. It's called Redpunzel. (She has red hair).
-I have a bunch of cute pictures I want to post on here soon. A few of them are pictures of Scout when she got a haircut. (Her second haircut ever. It looked a LOT better than the first one).
-I want sushi . . .
-We're going to start school tomorrow! :D I'm so excited!
-Our school room looks really neat. We've spent the entire week cleaning it. (With some Modern Family episode, Catchphrase, and Taboo breaks). ;)
-I found this old writing notebook I wrote in last year in March. There are some pretty funny poems and other things in it. Here's one I wrote using my first name: Kate's A Tiger Eating.
-Here's a song I wrote (It's to the tune of Happy Birthday To You) called Eenky Tinky Tee Chee: Eenky Tinky Tee Chee! Eenky Tinky Tee Chee! Eenky Tinky Tee Cheeeeeeeeeee! Eenky Tinky Tee Chee!
-Our family watched some of the 9/11 memorials yesterday. It was so sad. :( I cried after finishing one of them.
-How can someone be so full of hate?
-The I.N.C.H planning meeting was yesterday. Park days are almost over. But the plan for this year looks like a lot of fun! :D
-I love to roller skate and ice skate.
-Lazer tag is also a lot of fun! :D
-Especially unlimited lazer tag.
-I like to make up my own smiley faces. Here are a couple: =) :D ;D :O) (That one is a clown). :oP (That one is a dog).
-I'm going to test for my high blue belt in Tae Kwon Do. Wish me luck! :D

Ok, that's enough random thoughts.

In that old writing notebook I was telling you about, my mom found something titled "An Ode to Sandals." I wrote about my sandals that didn't fit me anymore. Here it is:

Farewell, dear sandals,
You were a good friend to me. You got wet in the morning dew with me. We went to the pool together. We ran through sprinklers and got hit by water balloons. But soon you got too small. My feet got sweaty and my toes cramped. Now as my dog chews you, I bid adieu.
You will always be in my heart. Good bye, dear sandals. I will miss you.
Love, your dear friend forever,
Kate:) xoxo

I'll be sure to post those cute pictures I was telling you about. Bye! :D


the emily said...

I LOVE Modern Family! So funny.

I watched a Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast about 9/11 today--I didn't think much about 9/11 yesterday--and I cried through the whole thing. I can't watch that footage without crying. It was such a sad, scary day. Isaac asked me today if I was alive when that happened--he wasn't.

Good luck!

Carla said...

Thanks so much for the many, many comments on my blog. I was so suprised when I saw all 23 of them. Here are the answers to your questions:
articulate is a board game, and it's really fun.
Emily the strange is a great series of books, about a little girl and her adventures.
Indie means independant, some people are indie which means they dress very originally and listen to music that isn't lady gaga and stuff.
Nightclubbing is for 18+ people unless you have a fake ID (which my cousins offered to make for me.) In a nightclub you basically wear short dresses, dance and drink.
And finally krumping is like hip hop, but sort of agressive. It's hard to explain.

Anyways, sorry for the ginormous comment. I really like your blog and thanks for mentioning mine in this post. That sandal thing is so cute, I've written something like that for my shoes. It's awesome you are homeschooled and wierd you've never been to school.

Bye, Carla

The Magic Violinist said...

It's ok about the comment. I LOVE getting comments! It means people have been reading my posts, and what's the point of a blog if no one reads it? Anyway, I really like your blog. I can't wait to read more! :D

Boquinha said...

Great post! So much stuff.

I love watching Modern Family together. I love seeing you guys test for your belts. I LOVE the ode to your sandals -- so, so cute. I love that you found a new blog friend in Australia who seems super cool. I love that we had breakfast on the patio this morning and read books together. I love that we're going to the park with friends today and that we get to enjoy such beautiful weather. I'm excited that Things 2's Scouts, your book club, my yoga, and our parents' nights out start tonight!

You are a sweet girl and I love you!

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks for the comments Emily and Mommy! :D