Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog Carnival

I read about this thing called a "Blog Carnival" and thought I would try it! This is how it works:

1. I am the host of this Blog Carnival, so I get to choose the topic. The topic of this Blog Carnival is "Fear".
2. Now each and every one of you can write a short story (fictional or true) about fear and post it on your blog. You must have a link to my blog at the end of your post.
3. After you have posted your story on your blog, give me the link to your post, either by e-mail or by commenting on my blog.
4. The end of the carnival is October 12. That's two weeks. You must have steps 2 and 3 completed by then for it to be entered in the Blog Carnival contest.
5. After I have read all of your stories and the deadline has passed, I'll choose the winner of the Blog Carnival contest. The winner gets their story posted on my blog. I am judging based on creativity and just good writing.

Maybe you can host your own Blog Carnival sometime. ;) Have fun! :D

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scout's Haircut

Scout got a haircut today and she looks super cute! :D Here is a before picture and some after pictures.

Before (She's sleeping on my stuffed cat, Menedy)

After (Eating a treat)

After (I was holding her treat up so she would focus for the picture)

After (Doesn't she look adorable with her bandanna?!?!)

Comment and tell me which picture you like best! :D

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Second Post Went Live!!!! :D

Sorry for not blogging much lately. Our family went on a week long beach vacation that was AWESOME! It was so much fun. Even the dog enjoyed it. :)

Anyway, this past Thursday my second post went live on! :D It's called "Six Ways to Make Your Readers Hate You." Click HERE to see it. It currently has 58 comments, so comment and make it 59. Or 60 or 61 or . . . ;)