Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog Carnival

I read about this thing called a "Blog Carnival" and thought I would try it! This is how it works:

1. I am the host of this Blog Carnival, so I get to choose the topic. The topic of this Blog Carnival is "Fear".
2. Now each and every one of you can write a short story (fictional or true) about fear and post it on your blog. You must have a link to my blog at the end of your post.
3. After you have posted your story on your blog, give me the link to your post, either by e-mail or by commenting on my blog.
4. The end of the carnival is October 12. That's two weeks. You must have steps 2 and 3 completed by then for it to be entered in the Blog Carnival contest.
5. After I have read all of your stories and the deadline has passed, I'll choose the winner of the Blog Carnival contest. The winner gets their story posted on my blog. I am judging based on creativity and just good writing.

Maybe you can host your own Blog Carnival sometime. ;) Have fun! :D


Emily Foley said...

What a fun idea. You are so creative.

Boquinha said...

Awesome idea. I'm curious to see the winner!

Didi said...

I posted my story, It is on my blog.

I hope you like my story:)!

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! :D

Thanks, Didi for participating! :D

Julia M. said...

Here's my story! :D I was a little rushed at the end. XD

Thanks! :D