Monday, August 18, 2008

My Week with my Grandparents!

My Grandma and Papa have been here so I skipped last week to have some time with them. I was really sad when my Grandma left. I was crying the whole afternoon.

I'm going to write about the week I had with my Grandparents!

My Week!


1. They get here.
2. We show them the house.


1. We stay at home.
2. We have a big farm breakfast!
3. We show them our toys.
4. We have a picnic in our backyard. (Corn on the cob, chicken, squash, garden salad, na'an (bread), and home-made ice cream! Mm-mm!)


1. We went to New York City!
2. We saw the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the United Nations Building, and Times Square!
3.We ate a lot of great foods! We went to the Magnolia Bakery. They had the best cupcakes in the world! We went to John's Pizza! They had really good pizza. And we went to Hard Rock Cafe.
4. We also went to a souvenir store to get T-shirts and pencils!


1. Another hang around at home day.
2. We went to a Japanese steakhouse! They have really good sushi! It's my favorite restaurant!


1. We went to our homeschool group.
2. We went shopping at 2 discount grocery stores. They have stuff really cheap there!


1. Vavo and Jim came!
2. We went out for an Irish breakfast.
3. My Baptism
4. We had a Luncheon afterwards.
5. We took a picture in our New York T-shirts.


1. We went to church
2. We went to the Japanese restaurant again
3. Grandma, Papa, and Jim leave

Monday, August 4, 2008

Susan and the Woods


Susan Will raced home on her bike from school. She couldn't wait! Tomorrow she was going to the woods with her mom, dad, and her baby brother Michael who just learned how to walk! She zipped down the sidewalk, wind in her face, her hair flying back! She went faster because she remembered her sleepover for her birthday was at eight when Michael fell asleep. She checked her watch. It was seven! She was turning eleven so she could use the stove to make soup. She honked her horn.

When she got home her mom had food, decorations, cake, music, and pillows! She put tomatoes, broccoli, corn, chicken, celery, and hot water into the pot. She ate quickly. She heard the doorbell ring. Maria, Madaline, Josaphina, and Julia came in. They were followed by Hannah, Hellen, Sophia and Page. Then Kate, Katie, Kathren, Kelly and Anna arrived. Everybody followed Susan to her room. And they partied until they fell asleep.

The next day Susan got into the car. Finally they got to the woods. But when Susan followed a butterfly she got lost.

She walked onto the bridge and looked into the pond. She saw fish, tadpoles, and turtles. She heard wet bushes dripping into the pond with a plink! But she heard something else. Her mom! And she went home safe and happy!