Monday, August 18, 2008

My Week with my Grandparents!

My Grandma and Papa have been here so I skipped last week to have some time with them. I was really sad when my Grandma left. I was crying the whole afternoon.

I'm going to write about the week I had with my Grandparents!

My Week!


1. They get here.
2. We show them the house.


1. We stay at home.
2. We have a big farm breakfast!
3. We show them our toys.
4. We have a picnic in our backyard. (Corn on the cob, chicken, squash, garden salad, na'an (bread), and home-made ice cream! Mm-mm!)


1. We went to New York City!
2. We saw the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the United Nations Building, and Times Square!
3.We ate a lot of great foods! We went to the Magnolia Bakery. They had the best cupcakes in the world! We went to John's Pizza! They had really good pizza. And we went to Hard Rock Cafe.
4. We also went to a souvenir store to get T-shirts and pencils!


1. Another hang around at home day.
2. We went to a Japanese steakhouse! They have really good sushi! It's my favorite restaurant!


1. We went to our homeschool group.
2. We went shopping at 2 discount grocery stores. They have stuff really cheap there!


1. Vavo and Jim came!
2. We went out for an Irish breakfast.
3. My Baptism
4. We had a Luncheon afterwards.
5. We took a picture in our New York T-shirts.


1. We went to church
2. We went to the Japanese restaurant again
3. Grandma, Papa, and Jim leave


Boquinha said...

Wonderful recap, Honey! What fun stuff! And holy, you're beating me to the punch on blogging!! Amazing. :P

emily said...

Wow, it looks like a great week! Congratulations on choosing to be baptized Kate, that is a great thing!!

Dr. Mark said...

We did have a fun week, didn't we, Chiquita? Thanks for a great recap!

J Fo said...

What a busy week! Thanks for sharing with us. I'm so proud of you, Kate! You're one of the newest members of the church! Congrats!
(If you want you can see some funny videos of Emmy on our blog.)

Mom said...

We had a great week together, didn't we? It was fun to think about it all over again. I would also have to use 16 exclamation points to describe the week!

Love you lots,

Lindsay said...

So Fun! I love New York City. When we come up to visit one day, you will have to take us to your favorite restaurant! That sounds so good! And what is a Farm breakfast? Congratulations on your baptism...That is awesome.

Dad said...

What a nice summary of what we all did. What a great week!!! Thank you for doing this on your blog. It was fun to relive some of the moments. I really enjoyed going to New York with you.