Monday, September 1, 2008

Karate Kate

I didn't post last week because it was my Daddy's birthday.
I'm doing a superhero story based on me.

Karate Kate
Dr. Soccer Head

Chapter 1

Introducing Dr. Soccer Head

In Dr. Soccer Head's secret lair, Dr. Soccer Head was making an evil plan. "I am going to steal the golden trophy at tonight's game thanks to my special whistle! When I blow this whistle everyone will go crazy, even Karate Kate!"

Back at normal Kate's house, Kate and Menedy were in their room checking the superhero radar. Suddenly it started beeping! "Oh no! Dr. Soccer Head is going to be at tonight's soccer game!" said Kate.

"It's a good thing we are going!" said Menedy.

"We can pretend we are buying popcorn!" said Kate. And off they went to the game.

Chapter 2

At the Game

Dr. Soccer Head, Kate, Menedy, Kate's little brother Maxim, and Kate's Mommy and Daddy arrived at the game. Everybody picked their seats while the coach finished cleaning the golden trophy. The whistle blew and the game began!

Then another whistle blew and everybody started juggling, acting like ducks, and the children sang the ABCs. It was Dr. Soccer Head, but the whistle wasn't working on Menedy. So Menedy helped Kate transform since she was saying the Pledge of Allegiance very quickly. Then it started wearing off. The whistle had lost power, but the battle had begun!

Chapter 3

The Battle Begins

Dr. Soccer Head started throwing soccer balls at Karate Kate making her kick and punch them back. Then when Dr. Soccer Head wasn't looking Kate kicked him and Menedy tied him up and gave the trophy to Kate. Then she went home safe and sound.



J Fo said...

What a fun story! I love what Dr. Soccer Head's whistle made everyone do. Very funny! I think that you could do an entire series of Karate Kate.

Boquinha said...

I agree with Jessica. What a fun story! I love it! I love that Kate is a superhero and her faithful sidekick is a stuffed animal cat (Menedy). It's like Calvin and Hobbes as superheroes! :)

Zelia said...

WOW! WOW! THE BEST STORY YET.I think Menedy is so cool in this story. HURRAY for Kate. What a great heroine.

Lindsay said...

I really liked it when the kids were singing their ABCs. I have a question, though. Did Kate go home with that trophy? Or did she give it to the winner of the soccer game?

Lindsay said...

Whoops...that last post was by your Uncle Scott. Not Lindsay. And this post is by me, Scott, too.

Mom said...

Great story Kate. It had a well thought out beginning, middle and end. Nice job.

Love you lots

Dad said...

I loved your action story. I liked it when Karate Kate was doing all the kicking.


Dr. Mark said...


Great story as always. Of course, I got to enjoy it as your "editor" so it was fun to have a sneak peak!

Chiquita said...

Uncle Scott,
Karate Kate gave the trophy to the winner of the soccer game, If she kept it eople would think she was stealing.

Thanks for the comments!

emily said...

Love it. Especially the name!