Monday, October 13, 2008

Training My Webkinz

I was reading an American Girl book called Nicki. It's about a girl named Nicki. Her mother is expecting twins, she helps with the horses and pigs on her farm, and she has homework from 4th grade, but she has a big problem. She can't say the word "no," so she says "yes" to almost everything. So when her mom asks her if she wants to help train a service dog, Nicki asks, "Won't I get attached and then I have to let it go?" But she says "yes" anyway. Then she agrees to help out with the school gala with the 2 most rich and popular girls in the school. When the service dog arrives he is a mixed breed, and he is called Sprocket. At first it's a lot of work but then he turns out to be lovable and cute. When she goes to plan the gala at Heather's house (one of the girls), she brings Sprocket along to see if he will act calm and quiet. Nicki tries to get along with the other girls. One of the girls, Kris, turns out to be kind of nice!

So when I finished the book I wrote down commands and anything else I could think of, and trained my stuffed animal dog, Cutie Pie (also a Webkinz). I put on some ribbon for a leash and pretended to train him. Then I read the next book and wrote down more commands. I had a lot of fun.


Boquinha said...

Wonderful post, Honey! I love it! You look adorable training your sweet doggie and I think that how you constantly learn from books is great. Nice job!

Chiquita said...

Thanks Mommy!
It's a lot of fun training it!

Zelia said...

My favorite blog yet. You are a great reader and I am so proud of you. I think you will be a write of children's books in your spare time from The Buffalo.
I wish I could be there to see your train your doggie.
Ilove you

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

How fun. What do you think of the Webkins website? I don't like it, plus we forgot our password and threw away our codes so we can't do anything anymore because they won't e-mail you your password. Isn't that crazy? Oh well. I hope you like it.

Dr. Mark said...

I always love to see what activities you'll get into after reading a book. What a great way to learn!

emily said...

How fun! I haven't been able to figure that webkinz thing out. Too sophisticated for me.

Chiquita said...

I like webkinz a lot! Next time you get a webkinz write down the password and username.

Chiquita said...

you can watch me train it when you come for thanksgiving.

Rebecca said...

I think your blog is cool!