Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Day!

Instead of creative writing, I am going to write about election day!

We helped volunteer with my mom and dad's friend Laura. We were putting voting reminders on doors of people that supported Obama. We had to pick up instructions so we all went inside Laura's house and were greeted by friendly barking. There was a cute half-Yorkie and half-poodle puppy. It was really cute! It let me pet it and give it a tummy rub, and when I tried to pet it again it ran all over the place! Laura said it thought I was playing tag. My mom said she's never seen a dog play tag before! It was really funny. After we did that we went to the voting places and welcomed people going in and thanked people coming out. Finally, we got to see who was elected!

We went to our friends', the Gooden's, house! We watched the election there and some of our other friends, the Brights and the Salefskis, joined us. We played while we waited to see who the winner was! Almost everybody wanted Obama except the father of the Goodens. Also, while we were waiting, my friend Sarah and I went down to see her grandma's kittens. When my mom said "He won!" I didn't know who but then Sarah asked, "Obama won!?" My mom said yes! Then we watched the speeches and they were really good! It is really exciting to have the first black president! I was really happy! Then we went home. It was a really fun day.


emily said...

that DOES sound like a fun day. It seems like you guys are always doing fun things with friends!

Mom said...

Nice article. I especially liked the part about the puppy. I could just imagine you playing tag with him. I hear the Obamas are looking for a dog for the White House. What kind of puppy do you think they should get? What do you think they should name the 'First Dog?'


The Magic Violinist said...

I don't know what they should get? I personnally like yorkies and Poodles.

Boquinha said...

Such a fun day! I love sharing them as a family. :)

Zelia said...

There are few little girls that knew who was running for President. You are incredible.
I am glad you had fun. I voted for Obama because I feel he will be a great president.
I will see you soon and you can tell me more about the puppy. He sounds soooooooooooo cute.
Ilove you

Swawaeve said...

It sounds like you've had a lot of fun with this election. And that puppy you seen sounds so cute.