Monday, July 7, 2008

The Scared Dog

Hello everybody!

This is my first time doing a creative writing post! I'm so excited! Daddy gave me a silly story starter that said write a story about a pet who is afraid of kids.

The Scared Dog

One beautiful spring day, the Armadillo family decided they wanted a pet. The youngest child (Milly) wanted a dog. Joan, the oldest, wanted a dog also.The second oldest, Harry, didn't care what they got as long as it wasn't a snake. The third oldest (Jason) wanted 2 dogs but they could only have 1.

Everybody got into the car to go to the pet store. When they got there, they went over to the dogs. They saw a yellow dog. Joan put her hand to the cage and the dog backed away.

"I like this one!" said Millie. She pointed at the dog. So they told the manager they wanted that dog. He said he was afraid of kids, but he would warm up to them. They took him home and named him Joey.

Joey warmed up to Joan right away. It only took 2 days! It took Harry a week, Jason nine days, and Millie 2 weeks. And they were happy he warmed up to everybody.

The End


J Fo said...

How great that you have your own blog now! (This is Aunt Jessica, byt the way.) Emmy and I are excited to see what you post. I loved this story; you are such a creative little girl! I can't wait to see more!

April Oaks said...

If I were in the story I sure hope I wouldn't be Millie!

Great story! Thanks for sharing!

Mom said...

I love children's stories, so what could be better than a children's story written by a child? Nice job.

Dr. Mark said...

I'm impressed with the story, Chiquita. I'm looking forward to Mondays for new reasons now.

terahreu said...

Nice Story Kate! How mature you have become. I hate to say it, but I remember you in diapers!

emily said...

Cool story. Do YOU want a dog?

Chiquita said...

I'm excited that you really liked the story!

Emily, I do really want a dog. I'm really hoping we get one!