Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Second Story

I hope you like this story! Please comment and tell me what your favorite parts were in "The Horse Who Won."

Puppy Love

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Annabeth. She REALLY wanted a puppy, but, her parents were allergic. They let her little brother, Max, get a Budgie though. Annabeth thought this was VERY unfair. She REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, wanted a puppy. Puppies were her favorite animal! After puppies her favorites were kittens and horses, penguins, dolphins, and swans and ducklings. Puppies were still her favorite though.

One day, Annabeth was going to the pet store with her best friend. Her best friend's name was Katharine. Katharine was super nice and generous. She loved puppies also, but her parents were allergic, too. Puppies were HER favorite animal just like Annabeth's favorite animal were puppies. They loved to go to Little Paws to play with the puppies even though they couldn't get one. Annabeth saw someone sneezing near the dogs. She thought she was allergic to dogs. But why would she be in a pet shop?

"Excuse me. Are you allergic to dogs?" she asked.

"Yes, but my daughter loves to play with them. There was one she played with I wasn't allergic to, though. "

"Which dog is that?" Kathrine asked very excitedly.

"It's a Shi-chon. Her name is Blurry. You HAVE to see her! She is SO cute! She could probably win the world record for cutest dog if you bought her!"

Annabeth and Katharine were thinking the same thing. Annabeth could probably get the dog!

"Thanks!" said Annabeth. They ran off to find Blurry.

"There she is, Annabeth!"

"She is such a cutie!" said Annabeth.

Blurry had a small, black, wet nose. She also had long, light brown fur. (Well, hair.) There were little bits of black mixed in the hair. And those ears! So small and furry! And those teeny paws. Annabeth was overjoyed at how cute she was! Blurry licked her hand through her crate.

They asked to play with Blurry. While they were playing, Annabeth and Katharine both noticed that she was very calm sometimes and snuggled up in their laps, and other times she was absolutely nuts! She grabbed toys and ran around with them and growled when they slipped from her reach. She was so funny and cute!

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Katharine said.

"Yes! Let's go tell my mom and dad!"

The store owner put Blurry back. As Blurry was getting put in her crate Blurry whimpered.


When Annabeth got home, she rushed up to her mom and dad's room. She was so excited to hear what they had to say! They just HAD to say yes, they just HAD to!

"Mom! Dad! I was at Little Paws with Katharine, and I found a dog that doesn't cause allergies!"

They smiled.

"Can I go show you? PLEASE!"

"Sure!" said her mom.

Annabeth grinned. She couldn't wait to have a pet of her own!

"Max!" her dad called. "We're going to Little Paws!"

They all climbed into the car and drove off.

Annabeth just couldn't stop thinking about Blurry. Those cute little ears that went up and down. And those teeny paws that she used to jump up on people's legs. She could just imagine it, coming home from school and Blurry jumping up on her, licking her, and just being so excited to see her home! Of course, she would have to clean up the pee and the poo. That didn't matter though.

"There she is!" said Annabeth when they got there. She was so relieved she hadn't been bought yet.

"Aww!" said her mom. "She's so cute! Don't you think Max?"

"Yeah! She's pretty cute." Max said with enthusiasm.

"Let's play with her." said Annabeth's dad.

They got her out and played with her. Immediately, they all fell in love with her. Blurry climbed into everyone's laps, played fetch with Max and Annabeth, and licked Annabeth's parent's faces and hands.

"So?" Annabeth asked. "Like her?"

"Like her?" said the dad. He was grinning.

"We LOVE her!" said the mom. She was grinning also.

"Yeah!" said Max.


At the check-out counter, everyone put squeaky toys, chew toys, a bed, dog treats, a litter box, dog food, a leash, a harness, and dog bowls onto the counter.

They took Blurry home and set everything up. Blurry jumped up and licked Annabeth's face like she had known her for years! Annabeth was grinning from ear to ear. She hadn't been so happy in YEARS!

This was the best day EVER for Annabeth.

The End.

Happy reading!

(Word Count: 748)


Dr. Mark said...

I really enjoyed this story. Is it based on a true story? ;)

Great illustration again. I've got to find out who's doing those! ;)

Boquinha said...

I love the brick wall!! And the detail coming out of these pictures is amazing! I'm really impressed!

I like this story, too. I can really tell that Annabeth really, really, really likes puppies! What a happy ending to this story (even if there is pee and poo for her to clean). :)

Alena said...

I really liked it! Was Scout and inspiration for this story?

Zelia said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Great story. I really could see Scout in this story.
Maxim great great illustration.

Jimmy said...

Love the line, "She could probably win the world record for cutest dog..."

And Max, love the illustration. Love the way the girl and the dog pop out at you as you're looking at the picture.

J Fo said...

What a great story! I love how you can take your own experiences and feelings and spin them in to a wonderful narrative.

Such good details in the picture: the pet store, the chimney, the girl, the dog, the bricks! I can tell that you really put a lot of thought and effort in to the drawing.

bythelbs said...

i really really like this story, No, I LOVE IT!!! :)
it`s very similar to the one you sent me. (and i loved that one too)

The Magic Violinist said...

Scout WAS an inspiration for the story. I put parts from how we got her into the story.