Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crochet Business

Hello everyone!
I've decided I'm going to start a new business. It's going to be called "Kate's Crochet Business."(Catchy name, huh?)
I'm going to sell crocheted necklaces, bracelets, lucky charms, and scarves for stuffed animals entirely by myself.

Here are the prices:

Necklaces (Yellow): 50 cents.
Bracelets (Yellow): 25 cents.
Lucky Charms (Yellow): 5 cents.
Scarves For Stuffed Animals (Yellow): 35 cents.

Necklaces (Purple): 60 cents.
Bracelets (Purple): 35 cents.
Lucky Charms (Purple): 10 cents.
Scarves For Stuffed Animals (Purple): 50 cents.

Suggestions, questions, orders, and just plain old comments can either be left in the comment section or e-mailed to me.



the emily said...

Good idea! I didn't know you knew how to crochet. Is purple yarn more expensive?

The Magic Violinist said...

Yes, purple yarn is more expensive. It would've been the same price, but I have less yarn that's purple than yellow.

J Fo said...

How crafty and smart you are! I tried to learn how to crochet in December and I was just terrible at it! You are such a little entrepreneur!

Zelia said...

Please send me 5.00 worth of whatever you think I would like.

Boquinha said...

You are a sweetheart and have gifted me several lucky charms that I love to use as bookmarks. I'd like to order 3 purple lucky charms, please. I like to have lots of bookmarks and I especially love homemade ones. :)

Mom said...

Is it possible to post pictures? I have a mental picture of what I *think* the necklace and bracelet would look like, but I'm not sure. I am also curious about the lucky charms. What are they? Apparently they can be used as bookmarks. I like that idea. Please send me 10 yellow lucky charms. They will make a fun give away item at my book club. No rush. And if you add new colors, feel free to substitute any color.


The Magic Violinist said...

Yes, I could post pictures. Thanks for the idea!
Well, the lucky charms can either be short for charms or long for bookmarks. So please tell me if you want short or long.
Mommy uses both as bookmarks, but the long ones are better.
Yes, I could add new colors if I can find more yarn. I'll make a new post with pictures and I'll tell you if I get new yarn.

Mom said...

thanks for the info!