Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Stuff About My Crochet Business

Hey everyone!
Thanks for the comments on "Crochet Business."
I have added two new colors for my crochet business.

Bracelet (Green): 55 cents
Necklace (Green): 75 cents
Scarf For Stuffed Animal (Green): 80 cents
Lucky Charm (Green): 25 cents

Bracelet (White): 15 cents
Necklace (White): 25 cents
Scarf For Stuffed Animal (White): 30 cents
Lucky Charm (White): 15 cents

I will be posting pictures as soon as my dad has a chance to upload them!

Again, comments, suggestion, orders, and questions should be posted in the comments section or e-mailed to me.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Great new colors. Please mix in some green and white charms with the yellow ones I already ordered. Actually, purple is fine, too. Mix it up for me, please.