Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Encyclopedia of Me - A

A Cherry Pie, an Iguana, a Silver Dollar, and a Spitball Fight: It is the third NaNoWriMo book I have written. This is the description written on the back of my bound proof copy:

Stephanie Finkle and Ivy Smith have perfectly normal lives and perfectly normal families . . . until they find out that Ivy's mom is a wizard. A series of events lead to the breaking of a treasured silver dollar that leads to an evil wizard getting his powers back. The world is in peril and it's up to Stephanie and Ivy to save it. Can they keep the world from disaster?

Join Stephanie and Ivy in a terrific, dangerous, and very random adventure to destroy Wizatar and save the world.

I'd be happy to e-mail a copy to anyone who wants one! :D (It isn't edited yet, though, but I will still send a copy)! :D

Alanna: Alanna is the main character in The Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce. It is one of my favorite series and I love Alanna's personality! :D Alanna has to disguise herself as a boy in order to train to be a knight. She has to keep her true identity a secret since girls can't be knights. I recommend this book to anyone. I also recommend any books by Tamora Pierce to everybody, but especially people who like strong female characters.

Annville: We live in Annville and I love our town! :D The picture above is a picture of our little ice cream shop. We know the owner and it's always fun to go there! :D

Adams Literary Agency: The Adams Literary Agency was the first literary agency I sent one of my books to. I sent Fantasya: A Giant Problem to them. They wouldn't publish it, but it was a good start. :D

Apple Pie: Apple pie is my favorite pie. I love eating the sweet apple chunks. I made an apple pie with my grandma for Thanksgiving from scratch. It was sooooo good. My other favorite pies are pumpkin, Toll House, and pink lemonade pie. :D

The Adventure that Started with Nuts: It was my first NaNoWriMo story. It's about a squirrel named Nutty and a chipmunk named Chippy who go on adventures together. I am writing the sequel (The Adventure that Ended with Nuts) right now! :D


Dr. Mark said...

Won't the Adams Literary Agency be kicking themselves when you become a best-selling author! I forgot all about apple pie. I love apple pie! Great post!

Boquinha said...

What a fun post! I love hearing all about your stories. :) It's amazing how many you've already written and I love that you keep writing and writing. It's so exciting! I love our town, too. I'm glad you like it as well.

Jimmy said...

I love hearing you guys talk about your town. It sounds like the perfect place to raise kids, ice cream shop and everything!

And I'd love an emailed copy of your book!

Julia M. said...

I really liked reading your book A Cherry pie, an Iguana, and a silver dollar. It was really awesome! :D I Also LOVE apple pie! :D (And taco pie. XD)

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! :D And I'm glad you enjoyed it, Ju. :D

PS: TACO PIE?!?! XD ;)

Vivian said...

I really enjoyed both ...Started with Nuts and Fantasya... so I'd love an email copy of A Cherry Pie... I'm sure it is a page turner as well. (or page *scroller* since it is on the computer :)
Thanks for the shout out on the Thanksgiving apple pie. Next time, less crust.
I love Annville, too. The only thing I would change about it is moving it closer to Benicia.

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks for the comment, Grandma! :D
I'll be sure to e-mail it to you once I edit it. And yes, that would be the only thing I would change about the pie: less crust. ;)

Emily Foley said...

I can't believe you have submitted books at your age. You are ambitious, that's for sure.

Annville looks like such a nice place to live!