Thursday, February 21, 2013

The 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 18 A Time When You Felt Passionate and Alive

A time when I felt passionate and alive. I can think of multiple times where I have felt that feeling, but whenever I felt that feeling I was usually writing. In every single story I have ever written or am currently writing I have felt passionate and alive at least once. Every single story. That's a ton of stories. And some stories I feel that way in every chapter! My family can tell when I'm really excited about writing something because my fingers can't seem to type fast enough and I can't keep up with my thoughts! I feel that way in most every single NaNoWriMo story and the most recent story that I am writing: Cosmo. More about that later. (Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Cosmo Moonshine)! So, yeah, I'm slightly totally obsessed with writing!

How about you? When have you felt passionate and alive? Leave a comment! :D

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Jimmy said...

Canoeing. Can you believe I've only canoed three times in my life? but each time is one of my favorite memories. The last time I went canoeing was with my family and it got really scary. I think my girls were still too little for the adventure we went on. I'm going to wait to go again until my daughters are stronger swimmers.

Dr. Mark said...

I have a hard time thinking of you at a time when you didn't seem passionate and alive. Maybe that's because you are ALWAYS writing. For me I'd say it's hanging out as a family, playing games. It's one of my favorite things in the world.

Boquinha said...

This 30-day challenge is like a 30-day comment challenge for me! Thanks. :)

Loved reading this post. I love writing. I especially love when I'm writing and the words flow easily and feel like an extension of me.

For me, it's various things - hanging out as a family and playing games or watching stuff together, sunny days in the summer when I walk outside wearing sandals and feel the sun warm me, a great day with friends (I love a sense of community), helping others, writing, eating good food . . . life is great!