Saturday, February 16, 2013

Random Writing Stuff

Because I'm in a writing mood, here is a whole bunch of random writing stuff that I think all of my fellow writers out there will enjoy:

"Writer's block is when your imaginary friends won't talk to you." -- (I have no idea who wrote this).

Six Word Stories

5 Key Questions to Ask as You Write Your Novel

Click HERE to read why you should never delete 16 pages of your novel.

Identifying Your Characters' Strengths (complete with a list of possible strengths that I found extremely helpful).

Forget About Length, and Focus on Value (For all you writers out there who get down on themselves for not being able to write more than 20,000 words).

The Write Practice (the best writing website known to man--or woman--kind and why it's one of the first options that drops down on my Google page when I type in "t").

And last, but not least, a writing prompt! Freewrite for just five minutes without editing, post it in a blog post, and tag at least five people to do the same! Here's my work:

The explosion pierced the night like a knife. Cindy's ears started ringing as she ran through the woods, leaving footprints in the dirt. There was no time to wipe them away. The guards would be on her at any moment. She just hoped her little bit of magic would give her enough time to get away.
On and on she ran, sweat trickling down her face and her legs burning. She hadn't pushed herself like this in ages. There had been no need to. Not recently, anyway. How could she have read the signs so wrong? Again and again she felt the pang of guilt in her stomach. She, of all people, should've seen what was coming. Now her mother might never regain her kingdom.
Something pounded the ground not far behind her. The guards were coming. They were on horses. How could she ever outrun them now?
The barking began and she heard yells. Dogs? They had brought hunting dogs? Cindy groaned, but kept on running.
There! Just there! The bushes might offer her some concealment. She dove into the bushes and hurriedly began to smear her skin with dirt and leaves and berries. The dogs might not pick up her scent if she was careful enough.
There they were. The dogs began to sniff the ground and Cindy held her breath.
Dear God, she thought. Just let me live for one more day. That's all I need.

I will now tag Mommy at Sushi and Pizza, Daddy at Sushi and Pizza, Maxim at I Don't Eat My Drumsticks, Cici at Meredith and Callixta, and nevillegirl at Musing's From Neville's Navel. Have fun! :D

And be sure to read Day 13 of my 30-Day Blogging Challenge! :D


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