Saturday, February 16, 2013

The 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 13 A Guilty Pleasure

Being a kid, your guilty pleasures are just . . . pleasures. No guilt to them whatsoever. So here are some of my pleasures that would be guilty pleasures if I were a grownup:

1. Chocolate and peanut butter candies
2. Video games (mostly Minecraft).
3. Reading and writing all the live-long day.

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Leave a comment! :D


Boquinha said...

Believe it or not, I actually have a difficult time letting myself enjoy guilty pleasures. That's not good, mind you. Just something that doesn't come easy for me.

I do enjoy sushi, sit-coms, blogging, celebrity gossip, news/political articles, and dutch babies. How's that?

Dr. Mark said...

Why do they call them "guilty?" You shouldn't have to feel badly for enjoying chocolate and peanut butter, or video games, or writing.

If I had to pick a "guilty" pleasure I'd have to say sit-coms, James Bond movies, and onion rings, although I haven't had any onion rings for a long time (I'm sure my arteries thank me). I could go for some soon, though . . .

Boquinha said...

Ooh. Lisa's café! Let's go to there.

Add "eating out" to my list.

Boquinha said...

Great. Now I feel guilty that we fast forwarded the James Bond montage. But I feel good that we went and got good onion rings. :P

Dr. Mark said...

Don't sweat the montage. I'd rather see the movies, and the theme is indelibly imprinted on my brain, so I can enjoy the music any time I want.