Friday, November 9, 2012

Writing Prompt

I stole this from my mom's blog. ;) These are so much fun! :D

I love it when... our family spends time together, I get together with my friends, I get a story idea that's so awesome I jump up from whatever I'm doing so I can write it down. The list could go on and on. 

I can't sleep when... I'm excited for something the next day, I'm reading a really good book and I know I need to finish the last three hundred pages right that instant, I finished a really good book and I keep thinking about it.

I have a phobia of...nothing, really. Oh, yes I do. Having my stories lost or ruined in some way.

I wish I had... a video camera. That's the first thing that popped into my head. I don't wish I had a lot, but I do wish I had a video camera. And all of the non-evil magical items and creatures from Harry Potter. And a pair of wings so I could fly. XD

I always smile when...Scout does pretty much anything, I watch a funny TV show, I'm hanging out with my friends (I rarely have a frown on my face when I'm with my friends because when we're together it's utter, hilarious, nonsense), and so many other things. I love the little (and big) things in life. Lots of stuff makes me smile. :)

I need... nothing. If I have clothes, food, water, and shelter, I'm fine. If that's all I have it may not be the most enjoyable life, but there are people who actually need these things. Me? I'm lucky to have it all.

I want... the stuff I said up three paragraphs. 

I think strawberries are... yummy! :D And red. 

I think most people think I am... a good friend. I don't really know what they think, but I have friends so my friends must think I'm a good friend.

I think I am... thoughtful and creative.

My husband thinks I am... I don't have a husband so- My dog thinks I am ... a good owner and cuddler. 

My kids think I am...I don't have kids, either, so- My brother thinks I am ... a good sister who plays with him a lot.

I used to wear... Baby clothes. Since I'm obviously not a baby anymore, I don't fit into them. XD (Goo goo ga ga).

I wish I knew how to cook... MJ's tomato basil soup. And sushi.

I wish I didn't... have to take showers to be healthy and clean.

I'm glad I...decided to play violin and love to learn.

The last movie I saw in the theater was... "Brave" with my family.

It was... a really good movie and by far one of the better animated princesses I've seen.

The last movie I saw on TV was... "Sleepless in Seattle" as a family during Hurricane Sandy.

It was... a fun movie with really good, funny characters.

If I had a month off from everything I would... do what I normally do-read, write, play games with my family, play with my dog, do crafts, and have fun! :D

Today I... have stayed in my jammies and wrote, so far.

Yesterday I... wrote, read, went to a Tae Kwon Do class and a violin lesson, watched "Phineas and Ferb" and "Malcom in the Middle" with my brother (who was sick) and my mom, watched "The Voice" with my family, and didn't go to sleep until I finished the book I had started that day-Jake and Lily.

I like... too many things to count.

Now it's your turn to do this writing prompt! :D 



Boquinha said...

OMIGOSH. I absolutely LOVED reading this. Hilarious! And sweet. You are a great kid -- funny, easy-going, smart, WISE, thoughtful, creative . . . I really, REALLY loved reading this post. How lucky are we to have you in our family? VERY.

Zelia said...

No doubt you are a writer and a very good one. A very good dancer too. You look good as a blond.

Rich said...

There is a lot of nosince going on when I am there at least XD

Julia M. said...

KATE!!! WHY?!?!? I NEED to teach you how to make the best sushi EVER!!!!!! XD (And tomato basil soup too, I guess.) XD :D

Emily Foley said...

The part about wearing baby clothes made me laugh out loud. You're funny.