Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude- Days 23-27

Sorry for not posting in a while. November has been a crazy month for us so I haven't had much time to write up a post. Thanks for waiting so patiently! :D

Today I'm grateful for . . . Grandparents. I love it when Vavó or Grandma and Papa come to visit. It's always fun. I love spending time with them, cooking, playing games, and doing pretty much anything with them!
Papa, Grandma, Me, and Maxim
Vavô, Me, and Maxim

Vavó, Me, and Maxim
Today I'm grateful for . . . The Wii. Some of my favorite games to play on there are, Order Up! (a game where you have to cook in a restaurant and please your customers), Mario Kart (one of the best racing games I've ever played with interesting courses), Horse Life Adventures (a game where you create your own horse and train it to race and do different competitions), and Harry Potter Legos (another lego game where you play as a Harry Potter character and defeat evil with different spells).

Today I'm grateful for . . . Fantasya. Fantasya is my favorite book series that I have written. Well, I've written the first two books in the trilogy. It is a series about unicorns who live in a magical land called Fantasya. They live amongst elves, giants, trolls, pegasi, and other creatures. Some of the creatures are evil and some are good, and it's up to the main characters to defeat the evil creatures so Fantasya can be at peace again.

The cover of Fantasya. I had the idea for the cover and my best friend drew it beautifully! :D

Today I'm grateful for . . . creativity. Creativity creates ideas, and ideas create stories, so creativity is important for writers. ;) Creativity is good for anyone, though, because it allows you to be imaginative and have fun.

Photo by foxforag.com

Today I'm grateful for . . . the Civil Wars. No, not the actual wars, the band! It's my favorite band that I discovered through The Hunger Games movie soundtrack and Taylor Swift's song "Safe and Sound," which featured them. My favorite song by them is, "Kingdom Come." They have a really cool, unique sound and have awesome harmony!



Boquinha said...

Yet another fun post! I'm enjoying these gratitude posts. I really like Fantasya, too. It's a story that stays with you long after you read it. Very creative! :)

Zelia said...

I hae trie to send this message 4 times. I love your post and vavo 's photo. It made me cry. You are very sweet. I hope this goes through this time.

Dr. Mark said...

Great post! I love seeing all the things that mean so much to you. I love your stories, too. You are definitely creative!

Emily Foley said...

I love the photos of your grandparents. What a sweet post.