Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 29

The last day of gratitude is tomorrow! :D Make sure you check it out!

Today I'm grateful for . . . The Hunger Games. It's my second favorite books series. My favorite book in the series was the first book. It was the most exciting and had my favorite character (Rue). I also loved the movie, which I got to see at midnight with my dad in the theater! :D The Hunger Games (along with a dream I had one time) gave me an idea for a book I'm writing, The Maze of Doom.


Dr. Mark said...

I had a lot of fun going to the movie with you, even if I was exhausted the next day! Another great thing for your list.

Emily Foley said...

I LOVE those books, and I thought the movie was very well done. I was nervous about the violence (and parts of it were awful) but I was glad they stayed so true to the books.

Cici Covet said...

My favorite character is Rue, too! I think the movie was great. Also my favorite book is the first—the second and third get worse. But nevertheless I love Rue and I wish they didn’t kill her off ! I was drowning in my tears.

Boquinha said...

I have SUCH a soft spot for Harry Potter that anything else pales in comparison, in my opinion. I enjoyed this series, though. I couldn't put it down!