Wednesday, November 28, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 28

Today I'm grateful for . . . colors. Without colors, life would be so much more boring and depressing. I can't imagine looking up at the sky and seeing gray instead of blue. Some colors depress me, like black, but others I really like and make me happy! :D Here is a list of my favorite colors:

1. YELLOW!!!!! :D Yellow is so happy and bright. If I had to choose a color to describe my personality, it would be yellow.

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 (I couldn't resist choosing a few pictures for this one).

2. Blue. Blue is calm and pretty and is a good opposite for yellow. Blue also happens to be my best friend's favorite color which is why it's perfect that my third favorite color is . . .

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3. Green. Green is also a calm and pretty color. It reminds me of nature and flowers. Green is yellow and blue mixed together, so my BFF and I call it our 'Friendship Color.' Whenever we make cards or gifts for each other, we color it green.

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4. Purple. The name is fun and odd and so is the color. Purple reminds me of bubbles for some reason and is just a fun color.

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Hey, look! Purple bubbles! Photo by

5. Pink. Not hot pink, but a softer pink that's very delicate and pretty. One that's so light, it's almost clear.

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Dr. Mark said...

Very creative post. I didn't know that green was your "friendship color." Very cool.

Kirsten said...

I like these colors also. Mostly blue. :)

Boquinha said...

" Purple reminds me of bubbles for some reason . . . "

I *love* this line!! I haven't ever thought of that before and I really like it.

I knew about your friendship color. ;) I think it's great!