Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blog Carnival Winner- Halloween

I only had one person enter this Blog Carnival, so Didi at "Didi Readin' in the Rain" is the clear winner. But I really liked her story. It was creative and fun. Here it is!

A Chill, a Thrill, and a Yard Sale

     I was getting ready to say 'Trick or Treat!' as I knocked on my last door for this Halloween night. As the door opened, I was greeted by a young hand of which seconds after,  pulled me into the unusual house. When I realized that I was inside, I decided to close my eyes, and turn around. Then I slowly opened one eye, then came the other. A witch! I knew it! Just kidding. Continue. It was my friend, Leila. She said "I've tried too hard too keep you safe, I can't leave you now. (still, in being prepared for saying trick or treat...) "Trick or treat....Ahem...I mean: What?! I don't understand."
(Leila mumbling: you know what! I am still working on understanding YOU.......) "Huh?"  "I said I don't understand." "Anyway, there's no time. lock the door, and you will be safe for now. Who knows what could be lurking about on a night like this, especially today. It's a perfect opportunity for the.... never mind. It's better for you not to know. Let's go." She grabbed my wrist and dragged me down to the basement. "I want you to run into that wall. Now! " I looked at her with a puzzled look.
"NOW!" She repeated. "I don't know what you're playing at." I said. "But okay." I started sprinting towards the wall. But instead of crashing, I wheeled around, and ran upstairs. Leila shouted after me "Wait! I was going to eat... I mean... help you! Come back!" After hearing this, I shouted back "NEVER!" The horrifying response I got was a chilling cackle coming from behind me. I knew that the person I was just talking to was definitely NOT Leila. I opened the door, and sure enough, there was something waiting for me...

AAAAAAAAH! Addison slammed the book shut.  She threw it on the floor, stepped on it, hid it under the stairs, sent it through the washing machine, tried to donate it to the library...but nothing could shake the truth; she couldn't bear the suspense.

"Fine," she said, as she slowly peeled open the back cover of the book.  "I'll read it.  I'll finish it."

 I opened the door, and sure enough, there was something waiting for me... my worst nightmare.  An angry mother! Worst of all... My angry mother. 

"Where were you?!" Mom asked me.

"In there," I said, pointing towards the house behind me.

"I told you to never talk to strangers, let alone to ever go into their HOUSES!"

"But Mom, It was Leila--"

"You know telling lies is not allowed!  You're grounded.  Forever!"

"But Mom..."

"No.  You lied. Groundation.  Forever."


That was not what Addison expected.  The thrill she had been seeking on this dark spooky night was over.  She dropped the book in the yard sale box at the foot of their stairs, and didn't think twice about her Mom hauling it away the next day.  She settled back into her bed sleepily with nothing left of her fears...until next Halloween.


Boquinha said...

Fun story. Unique presentation, too. Congratulations, Didi! Hope everyone is enjoying NaNoWriMo month!

Jimmy said...

Great writing. I love the line, "Groundation. Forever!"