Friday, November 16, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude- Days 14-16

Today I'm grateful for . . . Jim. He's our family's very, very, very close friend. He visits us a lot with our grandma in Massachusetts, but recently he decided to come visit us for the first time by himself. He came to see my dad, brother, and I get our black belts! :D Since he helped us get started with Tae Kwon Do, it was awesome that he came.

Me, Jim, and Maxim

Today I'm grateful for . . . Kim Studio. It is an awesome Tae Kwon Do studio with great teachers and students. My dad, brother, and I just got our black belts yesterday! :D I am so excited!

Black Belts!!!! :D

Today I'm grateful for . . . Maxim. My awesome, funny, thoughtful brother who loves to play with me and make me laugh. We have lots of fun together, whether we're plotting pranks at night or playing Minecraft during the day. One of his favorite activities to do with me is Yu-Gi-Oh!--a card game that involves lots of strategy and planning.

Maxim and Me


Dr. Mark said...

Those are all great! I'm especially glad that we have such great friends in our life. I'm also very glad that you and your brother are such good friends.

Emily Foley said...

Congratulations on your black belt! That is such a huge accomplishment. I loved watching the video on your parents blog.

I used to love playing with my brother when we were little but we also fought a LOT.

Cici Covet said...

:) Hi! I would love to know your email address so you could tell me your NaNoWriMo account username! I would love to be writing buddies!

Thank you so much!

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! :D

Thanks, Emily! :D I am REALLY excited!

Hi again, Cici! :D My NaNo username is sportakate. Hope to see you soon on the Young Writer's Program! :D

Boquinha said...

I love this post!! I am a big fan of friendship spotlights and posts like that. I think both of these are very special. I'm really grateful for Jim and I'm so very glad that you and Maxim are best friends. :)

Cici Covet said...

thanks! Adding you soon!