Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude- Days 12-13

Today I'm grateful for . . . Dungeons and Dragons. Or, to make it shorter, D&D. D&D is a role-playing game that involves paper, pencils, dice, books, and creativity. There is a DM (Dungeon Master) who creates the adventure and tells you what's happening around you at that very second. Then you have to role-play your character by saying what it does in that situation. From there on, you go on adventures, kill monsters, and try not to die. It's really fun and we have two groups that we play with regularly.

Today I'm grateful for . . . the Johnsons. Our family has so much fun spending time with them whether we're eating, playing games, or just hanging out. All of us kids have made up a few games that we love to play and are always inventing others. Whenever we leave, it hasn't been long enough. Here are a few videos we made with them last year on New Year's Eve.



Boquinha said...

I love the Johnsons, too. And I miss them when they're not around. These videos are hilarious. You guys are nuts. I'm grateful for good friends.

D&D is great, too. So much creativity and So. Much. Laughing. in our house.

Rich said...

I am glad we turned that first one off before we got the bozoka out...

The Magic Violinist said...

Ha ha! XD So am I, Rich. That might've disturbed some viewers. ;)

Dr. Mark said...

I think it's great that you love D&D, especially since your brother loves it, too. And the Johnsons? I miss them, too. I'm glad you kids are such good friends.