Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 22

Today I am grateful for . . . the movies. Today for Thanksgiving, our family was going to watch the parade, go out to eat for sushi, and then go and see "Wreck-It Ralph" at the movies. It turns out that no restaurants around here are open, so we are getting enchiladas and a couple pies from the grocery store. We are still doing the parade and the movies though. ;) Some of my favorite movies are:
1. ALL of the "Harry Potter" movies.
2. "The Hunger Games."
3. "The King's Speech."
4. All of the "Back to the Future" movies.
5. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

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Cici Covet said...

How was Thanksgiving? I hope yours was as awesome as mine! Tell you more later! XD


Cici Covet said...

In NYC (manhattan) a ton of restaurants were still open but instead my mom made a 10lb turkey! And it was the first time we had made turkey! YUM, I tell you!!!!

Boquinha said...

I really like this post! I think it's so cool that you have such a varied list of movies on there. I like all of those movies, too!

Cici, it's the first time you've had turkey? Were you vegetarian before? Glad you liked it!!

Dr. Mark said...

I agree--nice post! I like all those movies, too, and I'm glad I've seen all of them with you.

Emily Foley said...

What a bummer! I hope your enchiladas and pies were still delicious. I love those movies too, good choice!

Cici Covet said...


Well I had turkey before, premade but this was the first time we had homemade turkey! :-)

P.S. How did you like Wreck it Ralph? I saw that—it was so, so good! What was your favorite part?

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanksgiving was awesome! :D And now that I have seen Wreck-It Ralph, I can put it on my favorite movies list. ;) Thanks for the comments, everyone! :D