Monday, May 20, 2013

An Interview With Celeste Smitherson

A while back I interviewed Cosmo Moonshine, the main character of my current WIP, Cosmo. I took a short break so I could finish up The Sorceress, but when I came back I found a new character waiting for me. Well, maybe she wasn't new, exactly, but her personality had changed. Cosmo's best friend, Celeste Smitherson, was no longer just the funny, goofy, new best friend for Cosmo. She still is, but then I realized that she had more depth to her. Her childhood was hard for her in many ways and I discovered some new hobbies of hers. She has quickly become one of the most interesting characters in the book.

Cosmo Moonshine, here, interviewing my new best friend (since Vanessa is no longer talking to me) Celeste Smitherson!

Celeste: Thank you, thank you.

*Celeste takes a bow*

Please introduce yourself.

Celeste: My name is Celeste Smitherson, I'm fourteen years old, and I'm a complete and total spaz.

We can see that . . . very easily, might I add. Tell us about your family.

Celeste: Well, there are my parents who I don't see very often because they're always working, and that's it. Unless you let me adopt Polaris. Pleeeeaaasseeee?

Absolutely not. That little, white fuzzball of a kitten is mine.

Celeste. Aww.

Can you tell us more about your hobbies?

Celeste: I like to read, but writing's not really my thing. I really like art: painting, coloring, sketching, pottery, anything that's creative and involves using your hands a lot.

Writing involves using your hands.

Celeste: You know what I mean. Oh, and I also like acting, but that's just a hobby, while art is going to be--hopefully--my career someday.

Who do you think is more in control: Yourself or Kate?

*Celeste laughs*

Celeste: Oh, so definitely me. My dialogue practically writes itself! I know what I'm going to say before Kate does. It's hilarious to see the look on her face when I say something.

Who is your greatest enemy and why?

Celeste: Anyone who is a bully. I've been transferred to fourteen different schools due to either bullying or having to move for my dad's job. Sometimes I've had to move to different states because of bullying problems. I've lived in five different states and I haven't ever lived in a house for longer than a year. It sucks.

Who (or what) do you think inspired Kate most when she was creating you?

Celeste: I honestly don't know--and I don't think Kate does, either--but I know that I inspired her to put a quote at the beginning of each chapter she writes. We have some pretty good quotes on there: lots of song lyrics, book quotes--including stuff from the Harry Potter series and stuff from The Wizard of Oz--, and quotes from people like Martin Luther King Jr and Neil deGrasse Tyson. The Wizard of Oz is my favorite book. Ever.

Mine, too. What is your biggest dream?

Celeste: To be a famous artist. I'd like to do book covers, I think. I should do the book cover for Halley's Comet.

It's not even finished yet!

Celeste: But it's awesome so far! You need to put up another blog post, soon. Your followers are waiting.

You're my only follower.

Celeste: Yeah, but did you check your stat counter? Your getting hits from places like India and Japan!

Yet no one has commented on my posts except for you, yet.

Celeste: Maybe they're just a little shy.

Kate: Okayyyy, we're getting a little off topic here. Sorry, guys, but I need to wrap up the post.

Celeste: Aww, just a few more minutes? Plleeeeeaaaassseee? This is as famous as I'll ever get when it comes to blogging. You have way more subscribers than I do (*cough* four *cough*).

Kate: Maybe next time. Now scoot!

Celeste: See ya'!


Let's spice things up on here. Do you have any questions for Cosmo or Celeste? How about Cassandra or Cornelia? Katherine or Kristen? Leave a comment and they'll get back to you as soon as possible! :D


Anonymous said...

Just sayin, Celeste is hilarious! And Cosmo reminds me of the way my boss talks. Haha :)

I have a question for Celeste; "What was your most embarrassing moment?"

Boquinha said...

Oh, she's funny! I love funny supporting characters. Also? I'm very intrigued by Halley's Comet. Tell me more!

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks! :D She makes for great, lighthearted conversation.

Celeste: My most embarrassing moment . . . hmm . . . that would have to be seventh grade in my middle school in Connecticut. I had the lead role in a play, but right in the middle of my monologue I froze and forgot my lines. The tree behind me ended up finishing it for me! Our family had to move soon afterwards for bullying problems.

Cosmo: "Halley's Comet?" It's just a book I'm writing. It's only in it's first draft.

Celeste: Tell her what's it's about! She OBVIOUSLY wants to know!

Cosmo: Okay, okay. It's about a girl named Halley whose dad joins the army. He goes MIA later on. Halley sees a comet and wishes that her dad would come home and the next day her dad surprises her at her school.

Celeste: I think she misses her dad.

Cosmo: Do not! He's a jerk!

Celeste: Whatever. *I* think you do.

Cosmo: Can we do this privately?

Celeste: Fine.

Thanks for the questions! :D

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! That would be embarrassing!

Halley's Comet sounds awesome!! :)

The Magic Violinist said...

Celeste: Yeah, and the worst part? The tree was--of course--the queen bee! She can't remember the homework assignment from two days ago but she could remember my whole monologue. Un. Freaking. Believable.

Cosmo: Thanks! :D

Celeste: Told you.

Cosmo: Will you please be quiet?

Anonymous said...

Ohh! Even worse!! I am sorry for you Celeste! (By the way, I adore your name. Celeste is the prettiest name ever. :) Right up there with Cosmo. ;)

You are welcome. :)

The Magic Violinist said...

Celeste: Thanks! :D You don't think it sounds like a name that belongs to a teddy bear?

Cosmo: I do.

*Cosmo winks*

Celeste: That's it. I'm naming my teddy bear 'Cosmo.'

Cosmo: Really? I'm honored!

Kate: Seriously, guys, you need to stop having these conversations on my blog. It's distracting.

Celeste: But the readers love it! I'm finally famous!

Cosmo: You're a fictional character. You're not going to get anything out of this.

*Celeste sticks her tongue out at Cosmo*

Kate: Okay, I'm posting the comment now.

Celeste: Wait, wait, wait! I have something else to say!

Kate: Too late.

Boquinha said...

* snort *

Out loud. Yes, I did.

The Magic Violinist said...

Celeste: LOL! I'm funny like that. ;)


Cosmo: Kate . . . Celeste's not in the story anymore.

Celeste: Hey, Cosmo!

Cosmo: Get back on your page!

Celeste: I like it here! Can we take a break from the whole being main characters thing?

Kate: Absolutely not. Get back in Chapter 8!

Celeste: Fine . . .

Dr. Mark said...

Wow! You have your hands full with those characters! Good luck! They do seem to give you good material, though.

The Magic Violinist said...

That they do! ;)