Sunday, January 5, 2014

30 Reasons Why I Love "Gilmore Girls"


1. The theme song.
2. The feeling you get when you watch it/hear the music/think about it.
4. Kirk and all of his odd jobs.
5. Sookie's clumsiness.
6. Paris and anything she says.
7. Luke's backwards baseball cap.
8. Lorelai and her "cooking" (*cough* takeout *cough*).
9. Al's Pancake World, even though nobody's once eaten pancakes there.
10. Luke yelling at Taylor.
11. Town meetings.
12. Logan calling Rory "Ace."
13. Friday night dinners.
14. Paul Anka and all of his quirkiness. :) He reminds me of Scout.
15. The fact that the dog's name is Paul Anka.
16. Luke's diner and his "no cellphones" rule.
17. Lorelai ignoring Luke's "no cellphones" rule.
18. The reenactments and festivals.
19. Lane's loose floorboards and everything she hides under there.
20. Mrs. Kim interacting with customers (or with anyone, really).
21. Hep Alien.
22. Michel. Michel Michel Michel.
23. Kirk telling everything that Lulu is his girlfriend.
24. Babette and Miss Patty knowing everything about everyone.
26. Luke and April.
27. Lane and Zack's two different weddings.
28. Luke always being there for Lorelai, Rory, and pretty much everybody in Stars Hollow.
29. THIS scene.
30. The series finale and Rory's "Bon Voyage" party that made me bawl.

What are you favorite things about "Gilmore Girls"? :)


Dr. Mark said...

31. Hearing you and Mommy busting a gut while watching.
32. Seeing how cute you and Mommy look cuddling on the couch watching.
33. The way hearing the theme song makes everyone immediately sigh and mentally travel to Stars Hollow.
34. Paris telling that girl to get her tubes tied.
35. Everything, everything, everything Stars Hollow.

I'm so glad you loved it so much. I'm really jealous that the two of you got to watch it together. I think it's time for me to convince Mommy to watch it again with me. Think I'll have to work very hard at it?

Great scene! So awesome.

Boquinha said...

I dropped EVERYTHING to look at this post!! I've been WAITING for this! I love your list, that scene, and sharing a love of this show together.

I LOVE that we've enjoyed Gilmore Girls dates together as part of your 13th birthday present. And I love you!!

Boquinha said...

YES, Mark! I'm in!! Let's do it!!

Karoline said...

This might just be my favorite post of yours, simply because i love Gilmore Girls! While Lorelai and Rory are quite awesome by themselves, I do love any episodes with Luke and Jess :)Oh yes, and Lorelai's mother cracks me up with how unlikable she is.

Emily Foley said...

Funny, the only thing I don't like about Gilmore Girls is the theme song! Nails on a chalkboard for me. But my favorite of all is Logan calling her Ace.

Anonymous said...

Aww. Sweet. I haven't watched the show. So far behind on everything. I love your dad's comment. What an awesome dad!

Anonymous said...

I've never watched this show (or actually even heard of it before you started mentioning it here). What's it about? :)

The Magic Violinist said...

@Dr. Mark Great list! Paris and that line, YES! I think based on Mommy's comment below, you won't have to. ;)

@Boquinha Ha ha ha, I knew you would. ;) I was actually going to post it a day later, but a Gilmore Girls song came on my iPod. And you know what happens to me when I hear one.

@Karoline Ah, Luke and Jess. :) I love post-relationship Jess (sort of like Zack once he's married to Lane). Jess really matured when he and Rory were just friends.

@Emily Really?! I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't like the theme song. I love that, too! :)

@seventytwofishes I know, right? He and my mom actually watched it first. I watched it later with my mom. :)

@nevillegirl Ha ha, well now that you've gotten everything spoiled for you . . . ;) Simply, it's about a girl and her mom who are the best of friends, live in a small town with a simple life, and the story of what happens to them throughout the show. But it's so much more than that. :) There's a feeling about the show that makes you want to watch it again and again and again. I think you'd really like it. :)