Wednesday, January 15, 2014

27 Childhood Memories

My mom had the idea to come up with twenty childhood memories (I did twenty-seven, because I have a hard time narrowing things down). ;) These aren't necessarily the best things that have happened in my life (though a lot of them are). They're just memories that stand out in my mind. Some are simple while others are more extravagant, but they're all happy. :)

1. Taylor Swift concert
2. Harry Potter World
3. Disney World
4. Eating out as a family (or with friends)
5. Getting Scout
6. Park Days
7. The Johnson's moving here
8. Christmas
9. Themed birthday parties
10. Getting published
11. Reading, playing games, and watching movies as a family
12. Going to the library
13. My/Kirsten's surprise birthday party (click HERE to see my mom/dad's blog post about it)
14. New Year's Eve
15. The National Book Festival (in 2009)
16. Annual beach vacation trips
17. Writer's camp
18. Getting Menedy
19. The day I met Kirsten
20. Reading Harry Potter for the first time. (Five moments really stick out in my mind for some reason: Reading Chamber of Secrets in a hotel room with my mom and dad and trying to figure out which teacher Harry, Ron, and Hermione would get the signature from to go into the restricted section in the library; having Goblet of Fire read to me by my mom, finishing Order of the Phoenix on audio, Dumbledore dying, and Dobby dying. I cried when Dobby died, and then announced that if I were a witch, I'd go after Bellatrix first instead of Voldemort. I believe I was seven when I finished the entire series.)
21. Getting my position at "The Write Practice"
22. The first time I held the paperback copy of Fauxpocalypse in my hands
23. Goofing around with my brother when we're supposed to be sleeping
24. Stuffed animal adventures
25. When I first started blogging
26. Saturday night "Gilmore Girls" dates
27. Crazy Minecraft sessions with friends via Skype

What are your favorite childhood memories? :)


Boquinha said...

I love reading these!! Happy, happy childhood. I'm so glad.

Dr. Mark said...

Those are all really great. I'm so glad that I've been around to experience so many of them, too. I'm glad you're having a great childhood!

Rich said...

Again, been there for over half of those! :D "23. Goofing around with my brother when we're supposed to be sleeping" Man, gotten in trouble so many times doing that. XD

Martina Boone said...

Love this. And the goofing around with your brother is priceless. :) Hope he appreciates how much that means as well.

The Magic Violinist said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!

@Rich Yeah, I bet. ;)

@Martina Thanks for stopping by! :) I'm sure he does. We still mess around late at night a lot!

Cait said...

Aw, this is such a sweet list! Sounds like you have a TON of awesome memories. :)

The Magic Violinist said...

@Cait Thanks for stopping by! :) I definitely do have a lot of great memories!

Anonymous said...

So much fun! I cried when Dobby died, too. And the scene in the movie...well, there were some serious water works there!

The Magic Violinist said...

@seventytwofishes When we saw the movie, everyone else in the theater was sobbing and pulling out tissues. This old lady behind me wouldn't stop talking to her husband about how tragic it was and how could they just kill that poor little elf. I'm pretty sure she hadn't read the book before watching the movie. ;)