Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Peeves

Here is another post prompted by "The Book Chewers."

Prompt: Book peeves. They're like pet peeves, but they're book related. What are yours?

1. When classics don't have the plot written on the back of the book and instead have things like, "Now with over 13 million copies in print and translated into ten languages, this regional story by a young Alabama woman claims universal appeal." (We don't all know what the book is about)!!!
2. When the author's name is bigger than the book title.
3. When I ask somebody if they've read a book and they say, "No, but I've watched the movie, and what's the point of reading the book now that I already know what's going to happen?" (Infuriating).
4. When I finish a book in a series and I still have to wait a year or two for the sequel to come out. (*COUGH* Divergent *COUGH*)
5. When authors are under the impression that teens swear all. The. Time.
6. When I have to read through three pages of unnecessary description to get to the good stuff.
7. When characters delete all of their photos because they're mad at their best friend/delete all of their stories because there's no way that they can become a writer. (This makes me cringe. As a writer, one of my worst fears is that my stories will somehow be destroyed. That's not something you can get back very easily).
8. When books have nothing but cliché characters in them. (I like a little more variety than "the jocks" and "the nerds.")
9. When fifteen (or so) characters are introduced right off the back. (They're hard to keep track of)!
10. When an author executes a poor love triangles. (Note to authors: They've been done to death and unless you can make them convincing, give it up. You're not fooling anyone).
11. When libraries block half of the title or the name of the library with a barcode or some other annoying sticker.
12. When books claim to be, "The next Harry Potter!" (They never are).

What are your Book peeves? Leave a comment! :D

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Boquinha said...

Oooooh, these are good! I agree with all of them. I especially like 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12!

Lydia said...

Totally with you on #1

Shelumiel said...

Definitely #1!

The Magic Violinist said...

Sounds like we all have issues with classics and their descriptions. We should definitely do something about this. ;)

musingsfromnevillesnavel said...

Ooh, definitely agree with #1!

George R.R. Martin is guilty of #3. It's really rather distracting, because I always think the book is titled "GEORGE R.R. MARTIN" at first!

Cassie said...

All of the above! I've nominated you for the Liebser award, by the way... Check out my blog for details :)

The Magic Violinist said...

@musingsfromnevillesnavel I know! Same thing with James Patterson. ;P

@Cassie Thank you! :D I just commented on your blog. ;)

Dr. Mark said...

Martin is also guilty of #4. Book 1 of The Song of Fire and Ice? Written in 1996. Book 6? Tentatively scheduled for 2014, but he had this to say: "Three years from now [2011] when I'm sitting on 1,800 pages of manuscript with no end in sight, who the hell knows." Lovely.

#12, totally agree.

How about books with covers designed to look like other successful book series? How about you be original and see if that works? I'm not much for knock-offs.

Great list!

Didi said...

Those are all SOOO true! ALthough I have a couple things to add.

1. Boring beginnings, but those are understandable. Beginnings are hard to write.

2. For Me #3 is a different story. I say "I have already seen the movie, so it kinda ruins the book for me."

But I totally agree with all of them. :)

Dave Johnson said...

Agree with all of these. Also:

*Books with no chapters. One of my favs, Terry Pratchett, has an entire series with no chapters, just breaks. Drives me nuts. A chapter is like a scene and I guess I'm OCD and want a clean open and close.

*4 pages of accolades from people I've never heard of in the front of the book. I've already bought the book. You don't have to keep selling me on it.

*A list of "other books by this author" in the front, BUT THEY ARE OUT OF CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Really? The publisher couldn't take the time to look up publication dates and arrange them in order. REALLY?

*Buying a book through Amazon or BWB and it arriving sans dust jacket. The jacket is the essence of the book (as the cushions are the essence of the chair...)

*When publishers change the binding design halfway through a series. Do they not know I am collecting these things and the same arrangement and font look really cool on the shelf all lined up?

*When a book I *kind of* want to read comes out in hardback at $30 and the paperback takes 8 months to be released. I will wait. You will not break me, George R.R. Martin.

Boquinha said...

"*A list of "other books by this author" in the front, BUT THEY ARE OUT OF CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Really? The publisher couldn't take the time to look up publication dates and arrange them in order. REALLY?"


Christine P said...

Haha love your list!! I have to agree with literally everything you've said. Books with no summary on the back drive me insane. Wow, that's fantastic it's received great reviews from famous authors or has great sales. Cool. WHAT THE HECK IS IT ABOUT?! Love triangles, cringe. I would not complain if I never read a love triangle book again.