Tuesday, November 26, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude--Days 20-26

Today I'm grateful for . . . Thanksgiving. A lot of people don't take enough time (myself included!) to think about what they're thankful for, but Thanksgiving helps us to do that.

Today I'm grateful for . . . John Green. That guy is a genius. The Fault In Our Stars is a work of art (and it was the runner up to the best YA novel of all time, according to Entertainment Weekly's poll--Harry Potter won) and his YouTube Channel (the Vlogbrothers) is not only nerdy and informative, but hilarious. He never ceases to amaze me.

Today I'm grateful for . . . Microsoft Word. Besides a notebook, that's basically all I write with. I think I'd go crazy without it.

Today I'm grateful for . . . sarcasm. It's the best kind of humor. Maybe that's why I like Chandler on "Friends" so much.

Today I'm grateful for . . . rainy days. Curling up on the couch with your laptop or a good book on a rainy day is the best. Especially when your dog comes to join you.

Today I'm grateful for . . . good book adaptations. "Catching Fire" was AMAZING, "The Help" was close to on-par with the book, "Harry Potter" was awesome, and "Divergent" looks promising. :) I can't wait to see the Fault In Our Stars trailer.

Today I'm grateful for . . . Katniss. Talk about an inspirational kick-butt heroine. But actually what I love about her isn't the fact that she's a kick-butt heroine, but that she's so much more than just a kick-butt heroine. She's diverse, she's empathetic, she's selfless (hello, she basically volunteered to die for her little sister), and most of all, she's human. A lot of dystopian female characters (with the exception of maybe Tris from the Divergent series) are just kick-butt. They're feisty, they're stubborn, they can wield a gun or bow like nobody's business, but they have no personality. They're a robotic soldier forced to choose between two "perfect" guys. Katniss is so much more than that.

Updates From MV:

I have a guest post up over at "The Bookish Daydreamer". Check it out! :D
I just took Veronica Roth's faction quiz and found out that I am best suited for Amity, Abnegation, AND Candor. I'm Divergent! YES! ;)

While we're on the topic of Katniss, click HERE to read an awesome article about how Peeta helps Katniss to break stereotypes by breaking one on his own. (Confused yet)? ;)

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Anonymous said...

Yay for Katniss! And yay for sarcasm! (Yay for Katniss' sarcasm?)

I love the article about Katniss and Peeta, thanks for linking to it!

Boquinha said...

GREAT list. I love all those things, too. And that is a GREAT article about Peeta and Katniss - wow. Thanks for sharing!