Tuesday, November 19, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude--Days 18-19

Today I'm grateful for . . . late nights. Late nights are the best. Staying up until midnight and sleeping in the next morning. On Monday night, our family stayed up until 11:30 or so watching episodes of "The Voice" and writing our NaNo novels. Even Scout was happy to snuggle up next to us.

Today I'm grateful for . . . NaNoWordSprints. I've only done it twice, but both times I participated it helped me rid myself of terrible writer's block. I wrote 1,300 words in half an hour! I don't usually write that fast.

Updates From MV:

I am very proud of this post. This was my all-time favorite book review to write. :)
I woke up in the middle of the night a couple days ago because I'd heard a loud THUMP. It was pitch black and I was obviously terrified. Once I'd gotten out of bed, though, I realized that it was just my towering TBR pile. It'd fallen over and spilled all over the floor. I think I may have a problem.

I got a Twitter account! :D So far it is awesome. I'm having so much fun with it! Click HERE to see my profile.

(If you have something you'd like me to share in "Updates From MV" please send me an e-mail at themagicviolinist(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Thank you! :D) 


Lydia said...

Hahahaha! Nice TBR story. Pretty sure that's happened to me.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, your TBR pile tumbling over is a sign...I'm just sayin'...

Dr. Mark said...

Late nights are great, if you've slept enough the night before. I've got a post coming about that . . .

Boquinha said...

I love late nights and sleeping in.

I love "Updates From MV" - you should be proud of that post; it's a great one.

I didn't hear that particular THUMP, but I've heard them come from your room before, for that exact reason - TBR piles!

Your Twitter account does look like fun. Dang it.