Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Unjournaling

Here is another writing exercise:
What would "Blue" taste like if you could chew it?
Here is my answer:

Blue would taste delicious. It would be as fluffy as cotton candy, but not sticky, and it would taste like a mix of berries, a fruit slushy, and sunshine.

Here's another one:
Write a paragraph about winter by starting every sentence with the letter "W".
Here's my paragraph:

Winter is wonderful! Wonderful is winter! Wait, does that even make sense? Well, I love winter! Winter is a time for sledding, making snowmen, and snowball fights! Whoa, I almost forgot about drinking hot cocoa. Why, I just LOVE hot cocoa! Wheels of cars get stuck in the snow though, and that's not good. Well, I still love winter!
Post a comment on what blue tastes like and/or write the winter exercise if you want.


the emily said...

Blue would taste sour to me.

The W exercise is fun but way too hard for me! I love it.

Boquinha said...

Wow! I love this post! What great descriptions. And what a fun exercise, too. I LOVE that book!!

Zelia said...

I want a big bowl of blue, it sounds delicious. Youare such a great writer. i am a ver proud Vavo.

Mom said...

I wanted to take the what-would-blue-taste-like challenge, but you described it so vividly, it became fact and I couldn't think of it any other way.

Winter: While Benicia weather is very different than yours, I still have distinct seasons. Winter means fog here. Wispy banks of it greet us every morning and often remain all day. When the temperature dips below 30 at night, I lose some of my delicate plants to frost. Windshields sometimes have to be scraped before driving to work. Where is the sun?