Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have a book called, "Unjournaling" that I got for Christmas. Basically, it's a book with all these fun exercises that are challenging and make you write creatively. Here's a writing challenge that I'm doing:
What are the best reasons for doing nothing? List them.

Doing nothing makes you think, and thinking is good.
Doing nothing lets you notice interesting details you missed before when you were something.
Doing nothing lets you rest.
Doing nothing sometimes is good. After doing lots of something everyone needs to do nothing once in a while.
Doing nothing helps you realize that doing nothing can really be boring, sometimes, and helps you do something.

Here's another exercise:
Chris walks into the room. By describing only the reactions of others in the room, let us know something about him.

Chris walked into the room. Melanie flinched. Teressa whimpered. Cassie made big, puppy, dog eyes at him. You could almost see the hearts in her eyes. "Oh, brother," Sally mumbled, rolling her eyes.

What do you think Chris is like? Comment your answers please.


Boquinha said...

I LOVE your reasons!! Those are wonderful! I personally think people don't spend enough time doing nothing. It can be very healthy! You have some very mature insight there, young lady!

As for Chris, at first I thought he had a skin condition. Now I think that though Melanie and Teressa and Sally don't have crushes on him, Cassie certainly does!!

Wait! Or maybe Chris is a dog? And so are the others? (Except Sally since she talks)?

Zelia said...

Chris si so handsome that all the girls were going crazy.

Dr. Mark said...

Those are great reasons for doing nothing. But then again, by doing nothing, you end up doing something. Hmmm . . .

I thought that they are all dogs and Sally is the owner. Chris must be the coolest dog in the room.

the emily said...

I thought Chris was the cool kid in school that made the other girls nervous because he was so handsome (but Sally thought he was a dork because he gets bad grades).

Mom said...

What a great book! You have always been creative but these prompts will help you hone your skills. I like (and often use) your reasons for doing nothing :) About Chris: I immediately thought that Chris has 3 sisters who invited their friend, Cassie, to come to their house. They don't appreciate the interuption. I hope Cassie isn't using them just to see Chris.


The Magic Violinist said...

To answer what Chris is really like, he is a bully, he's stuck up, and he's also handsome. So, some people like him (like Cassie), some are scared of him (like Melanie and Teressa) , and some think he's ridiculous (like Sally).
Good answers, everyone! :)