Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Story

Hi everyone!
I'm going to post my entire NaNoWriMo story on the blog. Here is the first chapter:

Meet Me

There is no “once upon a time” in this book. No. This book tells you the truth about unicorns. Not those myths and legends you humans talk about.
Hello! My name is Cassandra. And, yes, I’m a unicorn. My best friend Cornelia is a unicorn too. Let me tell you a little about unicorns.
Unicorns control the magic of wind. We can make ourselves fly, control the breeze, and many other things. We are hurt by fire and water magic. Fire is hurt by water and wind magic. Water is hurt by wind and fire magic.
Unicorns live for thirty years. When a unicorn reaches ten, they are an adult. If they are ten and they are a female, they are an adult and their horn is fully grown.
A unicorn’s horn is very sharp. They are as sharp as what you humans call knives. When a unicorn is an adult, they can produce magic, even without a horn. Unicorns cannot produce very strong magic until they are an adult. Only female unicorns have horns.
There are three different types of horns. There’s the common white horn that almost every single female unicorn has, there is the rare silver horn, which there is always one or two unicorns in a herd that has it, then there is the super, ultra, rare, golden horn, which, almost no other unicorn has. I have that horn. In legends, a unicorn who has a full grown, golden horn, is destined for greatness. I am the third unicorn in the world that has ever had that horn. The first unicorn in the world had that horn and so did my long lost sister, Cindy. (She disappeared in the war. Some say she died, some say she got taken hostage. Nobody really knows.) Golden horns can produce gold out of water. This can be very handy when trying to persuade someone to help you.
UNICORNS ARE NOT SHY! That is an old myth that humans still believe. They also like boys just as much as girls when it comes to humans.
Now about where unicorns live, they live in a land called Fantasya. It is hidden in a different dimension. No human will ever find it. And if they did, the magic would kill them as soon as they touch the ground.
There are three parts to Fantasya. There is the good side named “Prosperity Border”, the bad side named “Miserable Margin”, and the middle is named “Elf Interior”.
Pegasi rule Prosperity Border. Pegasi are royalty. Prosperity Border is currently ruled by the queen Aleena, the king Adam, and the princess Abigail. Prosperity Border is where all the unicorns and Pegasi live.
In Prosperity Border, the unicorns eat grass, Unicorn Tree bark, and Unicorn Tree leaves. They also drink water.
Miserable Margin is where the evil Giants rule. The Giants rule the Trolls and they plan to take over Fantasya. The unicorns are trained in magic where they can help stop the Giants. The Giants look like Cyclopes in human myths except they have two eyes. The king, Gargamouth and the queen Gorgina rule Miserable Margin. The trolls do whatever they say. The trolls and Giants control the magic of water.
Elf Interior is ruled by elves. All elves are equal there. Although, there is one elf named Edward who is the Treasurer. When an elf is named Treasurer, they are in charge of who they work for depending on the amount of gold that is offered. Elves are not good, nor, bad. They are only mischievous and will only help different creatures if they get gold in the deal. The Giants currently control the elves since they have stolen almost all the unicorn’s gold. They control the magic of Fire.
That sort of wraps it up about Fantasya. I will let you know of anything important if it comes up.
Now about me.
I’m Cassandra as you know. I am ten, tall, and I have a full grown golden horn. I am friendly, Cornelia says I’m very pretty, but I am also funny and quick-tempered. My temper is my bad point. I’m skinny and I have a long white mane. I’m good at running and flying in races and my favorite food are leaves from a Unicorn Tree. A Unicorn Tree is a tree that has white bark and gold leaves. I’m good at magic and plan to fight in the war. Bullies make me angry, and one of my quirks is I stamp my hoof when I’m angry or scared. My eyes are blue and Corny’s (that’s Cornelia’s nickname) is green. My bed is a bed of leaves and grass. My pet peeves are dirty hooves. I also bite my lip when I’m scared or angry without realizing it. My lip has a lot of small cuts. My deepest darkest secret is that I have a crush on this unicorn named Caleb. He has a dirtiesh whitish coat and a long flowing mane. Cornelia doesn’t know this so shh!
I’m an orphan since my parents died in the war when I was two. A friendly and kind unicorn named Caroline took me in. My best friend Cornelia’s mom is named Catherine. Cornelia is ten like me.
Now about Cornelia.
She has a grayish mane with a silver horn. She’s very pretty, tall, and friendly but shy. I know I said unicorns are not shy, but every once in a while you get one that is. She’s mostly shy because people pick on her for having a silver horn and she’s scared easily. I’m scared of one thing. Water creatures. Water can really hurt a unicorn if used in the right way. Most unicorns die because of water magic. Unicorns are getting scarcer because of water magic. Anyway, Cornelia is brave and friendly. Just shy. Her favorite food is Unicorn Tree bark and she is scared of the dark. She has her horn light up as a night-light when it gets dark out. She also lights her horn when angry or scared when she doesn’t notice it. She can get easily scared or upset. The dark, bullies, and yelling upsets her. Her deepest darkest secret is that she’s afraid of the dark. I’m the only one besides you who knows that. Both of our dream vacations are earth. I’d really like to see what it’s like there.
I think that’s everything. On with the story!

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